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Artistic Residencies in The Netherlands 2018 – 2014 – Scrall down Information for Artists – Submit your candidature

Sept. / Oct. 2019: Artistic residence of the artist Juan Carlos Delgado (1979 Lima – Peru). The artist has been working at Museum location, in order to set his exhibition ‘I’m only doing Comics’. Also he realized a big wall painting of 6 metres width in Museum M.A.C. House Leusden. Also during his residence in The Netherlands, he has been working on another big permanent wall painting, together with Manuel Azaro and the Special Artists of the Jans Pakhuys, Amersfoort at location ‘Elleboog’ in Amersfoort.

The Peruvian artist Juan Carlos working at Museum location M.A.C. House Leusden, Sept.’19

Wall painting of Juan Carlos in Museum M.A.C. House Leusden Oct. 2019

Juan Carlos on the left, working with the Special Artists of Jans Pakhuys on a permanent wall painting at location ‘Elleboog’, Amersfoort, Oct.’19

Oct. 2018: Artistic residence in La Casa Holandesa of Ernst Kraft, Malaga. During his residence the artist has realized his Solo Exhibition ‘Hekwerk’ in Museum M.A.C. House Leusden. The opening was held Oct. 7th ’18, by Mayor Bouwmeester of Leusden. On same date was held the Catalogue Presentation because of the 2nd Museum Party and Celebration of ‘6 Year Cultural Foundation La Casa Holandesa – Terra dell’Arte’, The Netherlands.

Margareth Degeling – Founder and Art director of Cultural Foundation La Casa Holandesa – Terra dell’Arte and Museum M.A.C. House Leusden, The Netherlands. On the right: The artist Ernst Kraft (Spain).

Presentation of the Museum Catalogue by Art director, Margareth Degeling. On the left Mayor Bouwmeester of Leusden. On the right Ernst Kraft, Spain.

Augst 27th – Oct. 2nd.’18: Artistic Residencies in The Netherlands of the young and talented artists; Leonel, Luís and Lorenzo Torres Pacheco – Artistname ‘Trillizos Torres Pacheco’ (1996, Tijuana – Mexico). The triplet artists always work together on every artwork, therefore they present themselves as ‘one entity’, instead of being three different artists. They have participated in exhibitions in Mexico, Californië and Italy and in 2017 they have become prize winners of digital art constest ‘Ventipertrenta’, organized by Terra dell’Arte. During their Artistic Residencies in Museum M.A.C. House – The Netherlands, the triplets have been working on their exhibition ‘Cause and Effect of Human Emotions and Relations’.

Artistic Residencies, ‘Trillizos Torres Pacheco’ working at Museum M.A.C. House Leusden – The Netherlands

Press release Mexican Artists in The Netherlands

During their Artistic Residence in Museum M.A.C. House Leusden – The Netherlands, Los Trillizos have also created two workshops at Jans Pakhuys – Amersfoort and Multi Media Station – Hilversum.


2017 April: Artist Werner Klompen, The Netherlands and his artist friends from Ukraine and Germany in the kitchen of La Casa Holandesa and at museum location, Museum M.A.C. House Leusden working on the Art Project and Art Performance ‘Black light Installation Boxes’:


2016 April – May: Artist Mathieu Klomp, The Netherlands has been working for 6 weeks in residence, at museum location, in order to present and finish the Sculpture Group/Installation ‘Receiver’:

VIDEO Artistic Residence Mathieu Klomp – Museum M.A.C. House Leusden:  Press link on facebook:





Information for artists:

Who are we:

Cultural Foundation ‘La Casa  Holandesa  –   Terra  dell ’Arte’ is an International non-profit Cultural Organization in Leusden – The Netherlands and was founded in 2013. After working together, for

many years with Alfonso Caputo  and Laura Castanedo,  President and Vice-President of Terra dell’Arte and Project Ars Latina, we decided together to start our own Cultural Foundation in The Netherlands,  using the name “La Casa Holandesa – Terra dell’Arte”. The Founders of La Casa Holandesa have been working together with ‘Terra dell’Arte’ and ‘Project Ars Latina’, by setting up International Projects and Collective Art Exhibitions  in a.o. Italy (2006), Mexico (2007) and Cuba (2010).

Since Terra dell’Arte believes in  ‘ Cultural Exchange of Artists all over the world’, we try  to realize this goal by  working from our own  Foundations and from our own Countries, to the benefit of  National and International Artists by organizing Art Actions, Exhibitions, Art Projects and  Artist in  Residence  Programms in  our own countries. In 2014 our Cultural Foundation “La Casa Holandesa – Terra dell’Arte”, has founded a Museum of Contemporary Art:  “Museum M.A.C. House Leusden”, The Netherlands.

Target group for artistic residencies: National and  International Artists, working in various art disciplines, o.a. drawing, painting, digital art, photography, poetry, textile art.


2015 Oct. – In residence: Artist Guillermo Inchaurreguí – Argentina: 

7.foto Hans Beijer2.foto Hans Beijer - kopie (2)4. foto Hans Beijer7. .foto Hans Beijer - kopie

 1. Krantenartikel Guillermo okt. 2015

Photographs of Guillermo and Margareth Degeling, made by journalist Hans Beijer of Leusder Newspaper at Museum location, oct. ’15.


Curators of Artistic Residencies  – Museum M.A.C. House Leusden – The Netherlands    

Left: Robert Poelstra, Margareth Degeling and Manuel Azaro                 






Margareth Degeling, born 1960 in Hoorn,  The Netherlands:  Founder and President of  ‘Cultural Foundation La Casa Holandesa  – Terra dell’Arte’ and  ‘Museum M.A.C. House Leusden’, The Netherlands, Honorary Member of Terra dell’Arte;  Curator and  International Committee Member of  Ars Latina Project; she has worked in Italy (2006), Mexico (2007) and Cuba (2009) together with the other international committee members of Terra dell’Arte and Project Ars Latina, in order to realize Collective Arts Exhibicions of Ars Latina Project in same countries. Jury Member of International Digital Art Project ‘Ventipertrenta’, organized by Terra dell’Arte, Counsellor and Supervisor of W-Afpiaap Project (World Wide Artists for Peace Project), Member of Committee of Artistic Quality of Museum M.I.D.A.C., Belforte del Chienti – Italy, New Coordinator of the international art project “Project DIN A4”, Art Director of of Museum M.A.C. House Leusden, The Netherlands.  

Margareth is also Visual artist:  Highlights in artistic career: Participation in 5 international Biennales : 2005: ‘Biennale of Contemporary Art’,  Arad –  Romania;  ‘Biennale of Contemporary Art’,   Florence – Italy;   ‘Artists Biennale of Hongkong’ – Rep. of China, 2007: ‘Biennale of Contemporary Art’,  Adana – Turkey, 2008: “ Biennale of Miniature Art”  Czestochowa – Poland.  Solo exhibitions: 2007:  ‘El Jardín del Edén’ (The Garden of Eden) ‘“Galería de la Ciudad’  Tecate – Mexico, 2008: ‘The Garden of Eden’,  Museum MIDAC , ‘Museum of International  Dynamic and Contemporary Art’ –  Italy,  sept. 2015  : Solo exhibition ‘Cultural Heritage – From Another Perspective’, Museum M.I.D.A.C., Belforte del Chienti – Italy.                     

Robert Poelstra , born 1965 in Leeuwarden – The Netherlands: Treasurer of  ‘Cultural Foundation La Casa Holandesa – Terra dell’Arte’, The Netherlands, Team Member of Project DIN A4,  Assistant and collaborator  of ‘Museum M.A.C. House, Leusden’,  The Netherlands. Robert has been working as Assistant of Ars Latina Project and Terra dell’Arte in Italy (2006), Mexico (2007) and Cuba (2009).                                         

Manuel Azaro, born 1995 in Zeist –  The Netherlands : Plastic Artist, also Secretary of  ‘Cultural Foundation La Casa Holandesa – Terra dell’Arte’, The Netherlands: Team member of Project DIN A4,  Assistant of ‘Museum M.A.C. House Leusden’, Membership as artist  of W-Afpiaap Project (World Wide Artists of Peace project), Membership as artist of Project DIN A4, 2015: Jury Member of National Art Competition ‘Special Art’. Manuel Azaro is also Visual Artist: Highlights in artistic career: He has participated in group shows  in Germany and The Netherlands and with W-Afpiaap Project in Turkey, Romania and The Netherlands. He has become  2nd Prize-Winner of Art Competition organized by ‘Idea Cultura’,  The Netherlands in 2012. As from 2014, he has also participated in group exhibitions in a.o. Jans Pakhuys, Amersfoort,  Museum Dolhuys, Haarlem, Museum M.A.C. House Leusden and Museum Nairac, Barneveld. In 2015 Manuel also participated in his first Biennale of Contemporary Art: ‘Art Brut Biennale’, Hengelo.

Coördinators of Artistis Residencies: Margareth Degeling and Manuel Azaro Poelstra

Logistic, Artistic and Cultural Support: Cultural Foundation La Casa Holandesa – Terra dell’Arte,  Museum M.A.C. House Leusden

International Committee:

Alfonso Caputo, Italy, Laura Castanedo – Mexico, Verónica Romero – Spanje, José Vivieira – Portugal, Yossiel Barrosso – Cuba, Safa Bute – Turkije, Cecilia Fernandez – Chili, Juan Carlos Delgado – Peru, Artan Balaj – Kosovo, Yunaika Martín – Cuba,  Joaquín Rodriguez – Argentinië, Ernst Kraft – Spanje, Hubert Huber – Duitsland

Residencial Period: 

Your residencial period may be ONE OR MORE WEEKS.    

Since  La Casa Holandesa – Terra dell’Arte is an independent  nonprofit cultural organization, which receives no money,  from the government or any other cultural organization,  we have to ask a fee to cover expenses.  Application fee for each participant artist is 30 euros for each day.

We accept onetwo or three artists at the same residential period.

Services include:                     

  • Guestroom:  We accept 1, 2 or 3 artists, at same residencial period. Artists will be sharing a guestroom with 3 single beds. In the guestroom for artists is also available a small refrigerator and a television.
  • Shower and toilet: Artists can use or share their own private shower and toilet.
  • Breakfast and Dinner : Family can prepare daily a simple breakfast and dinner.  (Lunch we do not serve, supermarket and restaurants nearby).
  • Laundry Service: Family will do your laundry
  • Studio: Artists can work at museum location. One of the museum walls, which measures approx. 6 m. width and 2.40 height,  can also be used for making a Wall Painting or light-weighed hanging Art Installation
  • Guide / Tourguide: Family will show you around by walking tour in the Historical Cities of Utrecht and Amersfoort. Ask family for any advice when you want to make trips to other cities.
  • Key of La Casa Holandesa : You will get your own key of La Casa Holandesa.
  • Wire less internet connection, available.
  • Assistance: Visual artists Margareth Degeling and Manuel Azaro can assist you, with realizing your art project.
  • Art Materials available : We do have available some basic painting materials, like acrylic and oil paint, some canvasses and easels, which you can use,  during your residence.  In case you want to buy more working materials, these extra materials will be at your own expenses.

Why Residencial Period in The Netherlands?

Experiencing an artistic residential period in La Casa Holandesa can  give you a lot of opportunities:

  1. Experience the Dutch Culture in and outside la  Casa Holandesa.
  2. Make trips in The Netherlands and experience more about the Dutch Art and Culture by visiting our beautiful Historical  Cities and  Famous Museums.  ”Rijksmuseum”,  “Het Stedelijk Museum”, “Van Gogh Museum”, “Het Rembrandthuis”, “The Hermitage”, “De Nieuwe Kerk”, are all  located in Amsterdam. Also in Amsterdam is located the famous Museum “Foam”,  showing contemporary art of Photographers.

In the the city of Utrecht you can visit  “Het Catherijne Convent”,  “Centraal Museum”. In the historical centre of the city of Amersfoort are located “ Museum Kunstkade”, “Museum Flehite” and “Mondriaan Museum”. Ofcourse you can also visit any other  museums or galleries in different cities all over the country.

  1. Getting out of your comfort zone and working on a project or exhibition in La casa Holandesa  can give your work an extra dimension.
  2. Living  together by sharing same Casa with artistic environment with the Dutch Family and Founders of La Casa Holandesa will be a wonderful experience.
  3. Opportunity to meet other artists from different countries with various backgrounds, working in different art disciplines.
  4. Besides making art and working on a project or exhibition, you can make a nice holiday in our beautiful Green country surrounded by water.
  5. Nearby our Casa in Leusden, there is a beautiful lake, surrounded by trees and beach,  called “Het Henschotermeer”, where you can swim, relax or have a pick-nick.
  6. During your residential period in La Casa Holandesa you will considered as one of the family members.

What to expect in The Netherlands?

People:  Since The Netherlands is  Multi-Cultural,  besides Dutch people, many people with different backgrounds live in our Country. Most People  understand or speak various languages like Dutch, German and English.  In general  people on the street are friendly and willing to help you, if you have any questions. 

Public Transport: Very good. Since The Netherlands is a Small Country and because of the fact that La Casa Holandesa – Leusden, is located in the Province of Utrecht, which is  the Centre of The Netherlands, many cities, like Amersfoort, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, a.o. can be reached  easily by Public Transport.

Working Experience/Holliday: During your Residency Period,  besides a Working Experience, you can make a Nice Holliday by visiting our Villages, Historical  Cities with a lot of Interesting Museums. In Amersfoort, Utrecht and Amsterdam, you can make Trips by Boat with Tour Guides and experience these Historical Cities also from another point of view.

Green Country: Also, The Netherlands is a very Green Country, surrounded by Water, with beautiful Lakes, Meadows and Villages.


How to submit your candidature: 

Each artist has to send us the following documents by sending an e-mail to :

  1. Copy of your passport ( or other national identification document )
  2. A resume with your c.v.;  work experiences,  educations, exhibitons
  3. Description of your art ; what does your art represent, what themes do you use in your work?
  4. In case of visual artist, three recent photos/images as JPG files of recent artworks, made in the last three years
  5. In case of video-artist a link where we can see two recent videos, made in the last three years.
  6. In case of writer/poet, documentation of a recent production
  7. A small description of what project or exhibition you want to work on during your residential period.
  8. Your e-mail, website and Phone number.
  9. Dates of your residential period – arrival date in our residence  La Casa Holandesa – Terra dell’Arte , Leusden – The Netherlands, as well as  date of leaving our residence.

Application Fee:

Since our Cultural Foundation “La Casa Holandesa – Terra dell’Arte” is a non-profit organization which receives no structural money from our government nor from any other Cultural Organization, we have to ask an application fee for your residential period in order to cover expenses.

For each Residence artist, the fee is Euro 30 for each day, including simple breakfast and dinner.

The artists, of which the candidature has been accepted, have to pay THE FIRST PART of the application fee, being 20% of the total amount NO LATER THAN  10 days, after having received our official invitationletter by e-mail. Immediately,  after having received this First part of payment, we will make the official revervation for the residence period. The remaining sum has to be paid NO LATER THAN  one week, before starting the residence.

How to pay Application Fee?


Beneficiary :

Stichting La Casa Holandesa – Terra dell’Arte

Beneficiary address:

Dalmatië  5

3831   EE   Leusden

The Netherlands


ING Bank

Bank Agency:  Leusden


NL11 INGB 0006 3442 04                                          BIC/SWIFT:       INGBNL2A



Margretha  Catharina  Maria  Degeling

Dalmatië 5

3831  EE  Leusden


In case you will pay the fee by Western Union, send an e-mail to: with the following information:

  1. Artist name 2. Address 3.Amount 4. Phone Number 5.City (From U.S.A. also State), 6. MTCN number, so we can collect the fee.

Location:  La Casa Holandesa – Terra dell’Arte, The Netherlands is located in the Province of Utrecht, being the Centre of The Netherlands. Leusden is a very relaxed small village with  green environment,  swimming pools, various restaurants, 2 small shopping centers and Tourist Office,  which resources can all be reached by walking 10 minutes from  La Casa. Leusden is very near to the Historical Cities of Amersfoort and Utrecht, which cities can be reached very easily,  by taking a bus near La Casa. Also other Dutch cities can be reached very easily by public transport.

Find La Casa Holandesa / How to get here: Upon arrival at any airport in The Netherlands,  take a train to the direction of Amersfoort. Get off the train at Amersfoort – Central Station. When you have arrived at Amersfoort – Central Station, call us on the phone 033 88 73 256  ( + 31 (0) 33 88 73 256 ) and we will collect you from the train station.                       

Contact / How to Take up Artistic Residence in The Netherlands: Send e-mail message to and send your proposal to the attention of Margareth Degeling – Art director of Artistic Residencies in the Netherlan