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Luis Abraham Argentina, General Pico, La Pampa. Luis Abraham, born in Fortuna (San Luis)and resides in General Pico (La Pampa). He has participated in more than 500 individual and group exhibitions in the country and in Poland (Majdanek), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Huelva, Terrassa, Tarragona, Ceuta, etc), Italy (Francavilla al Mare, Marostica, Milan, etc.) France (Paris andCherbourg), Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto and Kanagawa), United States (Iowa and Minneapolis), England (London), Chile (Santiago), Puerto Rico (San Jose), Mexico (Mexicali), Romania, Bulgaria (Varna), Norway, Netherlands, and Venezuela (Caracas), among others. He has won over 90 awards in painting, drawing,printmaking, sculpture, photography and graphic humor and references to your work or career have been published about 60 books and dictionaries..Personal Web

Acebuch Spain, Terrassa (BCN) Jesús Gómez Ortega, artist name Acebuch: higher education in fine arts and sculpture (1992). Faculty of Sant Jordi of Barcelona (UB). Teaching Experience:Municipal of Terrassa, teaching the art of drawing and painting techniques (figurative painting). Industrial graphic techniques (7) and graphic-plastic techniques term (5 years). Intaglio printmakingworkshop (8 years). From September 4, 1992 to the present Municipal School of Art in Terrassa, teaching the art of drawing and painting techniques (figurative painting). Facebook

Shila Acosta Peru, Lima. Born in 1986, Lima, Peru. 2004-2009. National School of Fine Arts ofPeru. Graduated from the Specialty Painting. Competition Finalist “Freedom Art in 2008.” Finalist inthe First National Painting Competition “Young Creators 2008” Honorable Mention in PaintingPromotion 2009 – ENSABAP. Finalist in the Second National Painting Competition “Young Creators2009” Blog

Peter Adler  Germany, 08.07.1941 – 17.06.1990.  1941 Born on 08/07/1941 in Budweis, Germany. 1960-64 study pedagogical University of Prague. From 1965 worked as a freelance artistin 1970 studied at the Art Academy Dusseldorf, From 1973, worked as an art teacher at the Faculty of Mathematics and Nat. School in Mönchengladbach, From 1980, ceramic and pottery classes. Died on 17.06.1990 in Mönchengladbach, Germany

Luis Arturo Aguiar Palacios Cuba, Havana. 1995-2000-National Academy of Fine Arts, SanAlejandro. 1997-house Master Course taught by Puerto Rican writer Antonio Martorell, Casa de lasAmericas, Havana, Cuba. Course 1999-B color imparted by the Cuban writer Ángel Ramírez, Instituto Superior de Arte, ISA Havana, Cuba. -Course 2003 Digital Art, University of InformaticsSciences, Havana, Cuba.Personal Web

Roberto Aguilera Vizcarra Argentina, San Miguel deTucuman. Roberto Vizcarra Aguilera,artist, born in Argentina, lives and works in Town. San Miguel de Tucuman, (RA). Studied at the Faculty of Arts at the National University of Tucumán Specialty in Painting and Printmaking. Alumnusof the Department of Science and Technology CIUNT National University of Tucumán. Scalealumnus AUGM Program (Association of Universities of the Montevideo group) Destination: FederalUniversity of Santa Maria (Brazil) Research Fellow Research Project: “Artistic Productions in the City and its contextualization in the XXI Century. Artistic Cultural Circuits “. He received awards and honorable mentions in Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Art Wear and Engraving.

Florence de Almeida Brasil (France) (born 1996 in France, moved to São Paulo in 2000). Student: Astrophysics at Univerity of São Paulo, photogra

Zernishan Alqayeva Azerbaijan, Baku. Zernishan Alqayeva was born 28th of June, 1985, Baku, Azerbaijan. She graduated from the Art Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan in 2007. She has exhibited extensively in her home country, and in group shows in the Netherlands, Greece, Argentina, Turkey and Spain. Member of the Artists Union of Azerbaijan.

Rafael Alvarado Spain, Malaga. Artist , painter, has developed various activities related to education , art and culture, a professor in the Visual Arts Studio in Madrid, invited adviser in the project painter in the classroom, ( Ministry of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía) paint workshops in the villages of Málaga ( Málaga Provincial Council ), has curated among other exhibitions, Fires of San Telmo in Malaga, promoter Centre Association of Contemporary Art and School of Fine Arts to Málaga, awarded the IV scholarship Picasso ( 1991). His work has been exhibited in Madrid , Washington ( USA), Sevilla , Granada , Dresden (Germany ) and Italy. He has made the monumental project in memory of those killed in Mauthausen, in Málaga ( Provincial ) . His recent work includes the papers of a series for all vital expressionism and social engagement, and busiest areas , where his latest loneliness of modern man is told. Alvarado ’s work is characterized by a deep tension devoid of ornaments. Peronal Web

Hector Alvarez Guerrero Cuba, 2006- Graduate “San Alejandro”, 2006 Academy of Fine Arts -A car, a house and a good woman, Academia “saint alexander”, 2003 – Mural for peace, collateral to the Eighth Havana Biennial. 2005 – post-rational gallery San Alejandro Rationalism.. 2006 – Project “San Alejandro” the 9th Havana Biennial.

Michael Amesbury USA, San Francisco. Mike Amesbury lived and worked in Mönchengladbach Deutschland.
He returned to the U.S.A. and lives now with his wife and two children in San Francisco (USA) (More information not available at this moment) Personal Web

Mirela Anura Rumania (Germany), Dusseldorf. Born in 1957 in Alba, Romania. Lives and works in Dusseldorf. Bélesta (southern France) and Bucharest. 1978-82 studied at the Art AcademyBucharest. 1992-93 Art Academy Dusseldorf. 1999 Working stay Cité Int. des Arts, Paris. 2009 Working stay in Ein Hod (Israel)

José Apaza (Peru) Mexico, León, Guanajuato. Hails from Arequipa, Peru, has been living in Mexico since 1977 and has shown his work individually and in group exhibits in Mexico, USA, Canada, Poland, Cuba, Peru, Holland, Argentina amongst other counties. His subject matter focuses on the human figure, as well as on the life and spirituality of the humble and working people; within a figurative format and in various media, principally watercolour and drawings on paper of large dimensions. Personal Web

Aramis Cuba, Havana. Comment: Young Cuban emerging artist, no more details available at this moment

Jorge Omar Argento Argentina, Jorge Argento, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on July 5, 1962. He studied at the National School of Fine Arts “Manuel Belgrano” from which he graduated in 1987 as national teacher of drawing, having as teachers Alicia Scavino and Caesar Fioravanti, among others. From 1986 to 1990 studied at the art workshop of the maestro Hector Manzo. In 1992 he began his participation in municipal, provincial, national and international events. Since 1993 he gives courses in cultural centers.etc. Blog

Francisco Arroyo Ceballos Spain, Cordoba. Spanish autodidact artist (Cordoba 1967).Member of Argentina´s Society of Plastic Artist, of the Cultural Association `Aires de Cordoba´ and of the International Federation of Plastic Artist ACEA´S, Barcelona. Member of the DIN A4 project, Holland.Director of Artist Promotion of FAIM 2005 (Independent Art Fair in Madrid). Independent Art Critic. Member of the jury in Artistic International events. Director of CIALEC (international Centre of Art and Literature `E. Cordoba´. Founder of the Artist Groups `Colectivo Cero´ and `conectARTE´. More than 120 individual and collective exhibitions in 20 countries. Member of the Art Group X_el_Arte. videos Personal. Web

Karin Auspitz Argentina, Prov Buenos Aires. ” I was born on January 13, 1958 early in the morning (I think I did that early start I like to sleep late … ) As a child ( 1963-1970 ) , went to the workshop Michi ( Aparicio ) and Irene ( Sadermann ) , I showed how imagination and fantasy are a formidable impulse to create . Then , already larger (1987-1989) , I worked with Ema Brandt who was helping me build on what I already knew and make it grow and contributed , with great generosity , new ideas and techniques. Many years later (2000-2002) , when I resumed my plastic activity , found Jesus Marcos. For a year and a half of hard work guided my search. I learned what the deep respect for the work of another , translated into concrete actions and words spoken . He taught me to look and see and better production itself and of others and capitalize seen . I was fortunate to participate in several group and solo both at home and abroad exhibitions, as it is in the eyes of others who are still completing my work … “Blog

Artists B

Pi Backus Netherlands, Roermond. Pi Backus, born in 1949, Roermond, Netherlands – 1976 City College Maastricht – 1976 – 1980 Royal Academy art design s’Hertogenbosch – 1979 1981 Gallery initiator flax Heythuysen – 1986 1987 Initiator gallery today’s roermond – 1988 2009 Initiator of the Art Initiative L5 roermond. 2000 Initiator Project Din A4 – 2000 2009 Project Coordinator Din A4.1995 1997 Commissioner of art of the Province of Limburg.From 2009 Member of the International Committee Project Din A4.

Muhamed Bajramovic Bosnia Herzegovina, Zenice. Born in Zenica in 1946. He has finished School of Applied Art in Sarajevo. He graduated from Sarajevo Art Academy in 1977. He has been a member of Painters Associacion of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1974.

Kostana Banovic Netherlands (Bosnia Herzegovina) Utrecht. Born in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia
Based in Utrecht, Netherlands since 1979. 2004 BIK, Professional Artist in the Class, post academic study, Netherlands. 1983-1988 The Academy of Visual Art and Design Utrecht, Netherlands. 1979-1982 English Language and Literature, University of Utrecht, Netherlands. 1988- now Visual artist and filmmaker. 2007- now Tutor Fine Art and Digital Media at the Faculty of Fine Art and Design Utrecht. 2007- now Curator ’t Hoogt 4, audiovisual projects, Film Theatre ’t Hoogt Utrecht. 2009- now Artistic Director artTrace Foundation

Manuel Barbadillo  Spain, Malaga. Manuel Barbadillo Nocea ( Sierra Constantina , Seville, 1929 – Málaga , 2003) was a Spanish painter. Artistically formed in Seville to study José Perea Harp , which enters in 1941 as an apprentice in the workshop of the sculptor Emilio García Ortiz , where he draws and works in clay modeling from 1944 to 1947, and the School of Arts and Crafts (1951-1953), first exposed in a class in the Ateneo de Sevilla in Seville, coinciding with the completion of his law studies (1953-1954). Wikipedia

Carlos Barceló Spain,  Malaga. Born in Malaga, Spain. Degree in Economics from the University of Málaga. Member of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, in Málaga. He studieddrawing and painting very young, but its formation is essentially self-taught. Personal web

Yossiel Barroso Almeida Cuba, Havana. Date and place of birth: August 10, 1982, Havana, Cuba. 2004 – Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts “San Alejandro” in the art of painting. He has worked on the set design for the play Santa Cecilia, the theater group The moon and the Closing Gala Pedagogy 2005 Congress. Currently teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro and works side by side in the Promotion Department of the school. Web

Kees Barten Netherlands, Berg en Terblijt. Kees Barten born in 1953 in Geleen, studied art andart history at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tilburg. Since 1985 he lives in his studio in Limburg near Maastricht. Personal web

André Gilles Bauthian France, Coudekerque Branche. Born at Chartres, France. Child Care 1946-1954
1954 Adopted. Living in Algeria 1954 till 1966. First baccalaureat 1964, second baccalaureat Philo 1965. Certificate for Superior Artistic Formation 1968. Superior Diplome of Sculpture ans Ceramics 1970. Designer Architecture 1972-1974. Professor Sculptuure at Supperior School of Fine Arts, Dunkerque since 1974. Certied teacher of arts in college 1975-1984
Roger Bassetto Brasil São Paulo (1964). Lives and works in São Paulo, visual artist postgraduating in Contemporary Painting at aculdade Belas Artes, São Paulo. Graduate degree in communication at ESPM and extension in Fine Arts (FAAP)continuing education courses in graphic design and Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts, New York and St. Martins School ofArt – London. His works moves between drawing,collage and painting, also expending to installations, books and maps.

Lello Bavenni Italy, He lives and works in Vico Equense (NA) (Italy). Since 1958 participates in the national artistic life by taking part in numerous events and getting major awards. His work is associated with a certain kind of surrealism, “…if ever that surrealism may still exist today ….”

Gisela Behrendt Germany, Neuss. Personal web

Lilian Berg Netherlands, Amsterdam. Born September 4, 1957, Utrecht, Netherlands. Gerrit Rietveld Academie, 1981/1984. 2009 window dressers training, Master D. decorador Escaparates, Malaga, Spain. 2000/2001 CMM, College of Multimedia, Amsterdam. 1996/1997 Practical Source Foundries Volkers, Geldermalsen. Rob Kley Utrecht. 1991/1993 CPDB, Cultural Pedagogical-Didactic Training, Visual artists Amsterdam. Personal web

Rüdiger Bergmann Germany , Wesseling. Rüdiger Bergmann was born in 1942 in MarieWerder love and lives and works in Wesseling on the Rhine. He received his artistic training in the years 1967-1973, with Professor Köster / Cologne, the Cologne Cathedral workshop – Finial for Cologne Cathedral – and Sculpture Symposium in Querceta / Carrara.Personal web

Hans van den Berkmortel Netherlands. At its 6th Hans van den Berkmortel had his first pony, since then his relationship with the horse has only grown stronger. As a rider, he participated in several show jumping, galloping on an Arabian stallion through the Sahara, playing polo matches in Zimbabwe, made long treksthrough the jungle of Cuba, the mountains of Vietnam, took part in hunts, made horse saddle and landed severaltimes by actions of the horse in the hospital … As a painter he knows through his strong lines, rhythmic compositionsand bright color contrast to depict. the essence of the horse with great feeling and a great accuracy He understands the art of omission and power of simplicity. These galloping horses with great agility, grace and speedon his canvases and they seem also so to walk again … from which they may, because only free the horse at its very best.

Will van Berlo Netherlands, Mariahout. Born: Gemert 1949, The Netherlands. B.A. of Arts, Art Academy, Belgium. Libertas Nescia: “… My paintings are showing a powerful preoccupation with the existential dilemma of the human being: freedom and the fear for freedom. With oilpaint, acrylic or mixed media, I am looking for the colourful free translation of the inner world of emotions and feelings of authenticity of live fear, hope and sometimes desparation.  The mood of my passions has to be noticeable in the paintings and accordigly I am willing to respect and accept the language of the painting that arises. Because I am going with open-minded on exploration, I am out of control until I feel the intensity of the leading thread of my life. Only after that I am taking control again and I am deciding that the painting has been finished….”.Personal web

Karoline Bernesga Germany, Düsseldorf. 1949  Born in Kiel. 1973-1979 Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg. Personal web

Christiane Bethke Germany, Mönchengladbach. 1964 born in Mönchengladbach. 1986/94Studies at the Hochschule Niederrhein in Krefeld, object and sculpture with Prof. Hans JoachimAlbrecht, diploma 1994. June 98 study in New York. 1999 ArToll-art laboratory, Bedburg-Hau, scholarship summer laboratory.Personal web

Josine Beugels Netherlands,Tilburg. 2002 – December 2006 Academy of Fine Arts, Tilburg. Specialization three-dimensional autonomous and audiovisual. 2005 – present Lecturer Museum, Stedelijk Museum ’s Hertogenbosch. 2005 – present Lecturer at the Center for the Arts Roermond.Personal web

Dacio Bicudo Brasil São Paulo (Brazil) Actor/film director and Visual artist Graduated in art education from Faculdade São Paulo fine arts and complementary courses in the history of Brazilian cinema and film experimentation in ECA-USP in 1971 with Jean-ClaudeBernadet. Owner – Director of Bandeirafilms.

Henk Biesterbos Netherlands, Uden. Since 1985 Henk Biesterbos adheres specialized in art , in which he draws , paints, photographs and spatial objects and monumental sculptures make. However, the emphasis is on spatial working for several years . Content of the work is always a search for the limits of movement and sound , the progress of evolution and the place of the developing human herein . As the African culture with the ‘ tam tam ‘ transferred messages , so I now bring the messages through images full of eloquence . The Warp that a lot of work occurs symbolizes unrelenting development both personally and in the workplace. The constant movement as the natural elements wind , the waves of water , resonating sound , and the tiny Moving material by expansion or contraction , or the mental data as a perpetual motion giving an impetus to contemplation of the money , and serve as incentive for further progress. Personal web

Andrew Birch Great Britain (Spain), Malaga. Andrew Birch, born in Burton-on-Trent, England, 1952
He started off studying Biology at university, but changed his mind and became a cartoonist. Birch is widely published in the UK, appearing in Private Eye, The Independent and The Guardian amongst others. At the age of forty he went to live in Spain, first in Barcelona then in Malaga, where he stayed. He worked for a local paper for several years, and has had various shows, cartoon workshops and been a judge for Spanish comic competitions. In the mean time and presently he publishes daily his cartoons in British papers and writes about Spain in the British press. Personal web

Marion le Blanc Netherlands, Delft. Graduated in 1987 from the Academy of Fine Arts inTilburg. Ancient architecture, especially Italian Renaissance, Chinese Calligraphy, Harmoniouscompositions in musical notation, Silence in nature, Zen. Personal web

Alvaro Blancarte Mexico, Tecate. Alvaro Blancarte, was born in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico in 1934, currently lives in Tecate and Tijuana, BC He studied at the Arts Workshop at the University ofSinaloa. Studies done in 1971 Arts in Spain, England and France. Founder of the School of Arts and Crafts at the University of Sinaloa Maestro and the Arts Workshop of the House of Culture ofTepepan, State of Mexico, and also founder and current Master of Arts Workshop UABC in TecateBC. Personal web

George Blom Belgium, Hasselt. George Blom, Belgium artist, living and working in Hasselt.
Susan de Boer Netherlands, Den Bosch. 2001 Academy of Fine Arts in Tilburg, box drawingand painting. 1974 Act LO Drawing. Personal web

Barb Bondy USA (Canada)Opelika – Alabama.Born in Alberta,Canada. 2003 MFA, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL. 2000 Honours BFA, University of Windsor, Ontario. Personal web

Edel Bordón Cuba, Havana. Graduated in the Cuban Academy of Fine Arts “San Alejandro”. The works of Edel Bordón are aimed at the homo ludens, surpassing boundaries, but not in an aggressive way. They present a hybrid form that transcends thematic repetitions and explores form. His paintings, far from any blaring loudness to draw everyone’s attention, put forward a reflexive and discreet humor, an exercise of visual intelligence. His works reveal eroticism and seduction, as well as the existential frustrations of the artist. Personal web 

Graciela Borthwick Argentina, Buenos Aires. Born in Santa Fe, Argentina, (1941) graduated from the Superior “John Mantovani” School of Visual Arts in Santa Fe and Bachelor of Arts from the National Institute of Art. He founded and directed the Institute of Art in Pilar, (DIPREGEP 6085) and has been Professor of the Departments of Art and Sculpture of the School of Fine Arts, PrilidianoPueyrredón – IUNA and professorships art (Escuela Normal de Santa Fe and Rafaela).Personalweb

Karin Bos Netherlands. Born: Rijswijk, 1966. Lives and works in Amsterdam. At first glance, the picture work of Karin Bos evokes a pleasant world. Bright colors and motifs that refer regularly to childhood contribute to this. However, slightly absurd discords and frictions then raise questions that remain unanswered. The extras in her work are often knights errant and stray heroines or otherwise out of context dislocated characters. They reflect “The Search”, but the only evidence they put on the wrong track. Just as they think they have unraveled mysteries, solves the answer to a new question. So everything they embrace their journey only provides a semblance of certainty.Personal web

liliana Bos Argentina, Buenos Aires. She was born in Buenos Aires. Defined from a young age her artistic vocation entering twelve  in the Fernando Fader in school, from which she graduated. She attends the Bachelor IUNA, attended workshops teachers Carlos Cañas in painting, drawing and Raul Ponce Helios Gagliardi on engraving. She taught in primary schools and adults in the bloque Las Luces. She acted as a judge in provincial and private shows. Exhibitions since 1985.Personal web

Joke Braam Netherlands, IJmuiden. Joke Braam, 1953. The lJmuidense artist is originally from Nijmegen, attended the Academy of lndustrial Design in Eindhoven, has worked as a freelance textile designer and as a teacher of “textiles” at the Free Academy in Roermond and Venlo (1980-1988). Set up a studio for woven garments and dress, using waste textiles. Moved to New York and attended the University Diemen a Tehatexeducation signs.

Piet van Bragt Netherlands, Roermond. Piet van Bragt, live and studio in the Carthusian Lane 2, Roermond, Netherlands. Solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad. As exhibitions of Artists Initiative L5, Roermond, at Gallerie Free Field. In Giel Kirchen, along with Pi Backus and WalterVerwoert. Buggenum, a project with Jan Peeters at the Open Doors event. Participation ininternational exhibitions of the Project DIN A4, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico,Cuba, Argentina, and Peru. His work one finds, among other things, the collection of Akzo Nobel Netherlands, UNESCO, Paris, European Union, Brussels and private collectives.Personal web

Eefje Van den Brande Belgium. Born in 1978, Louvain/Belgium, she grew up in Antwerp and Limburg. At the age of 12, she began an art-school education in Antwerp. Several years later she continued this study in Hasselt/Limburg, where she received a ‘Master in Painting’ degree. Now she is a teacher and gives her knowledge to other people. In 2008, together with a friend, she started a small group of several artists with the name 10/10 (10Days10Artists). Later in 2009, they changed the name into K.ARK followed by exhibitions in several locations in Belgium. With her boyfriend, she created in 2010 Inner-Art. A place for workshops en photography. Personal web

Aidan Bremner Portugal (Great Britain), Lagos. Aidan Bremner was born in Edinburgh/Scotland. Studied at Edinburgh College of Art 1963-68. Aidan lives and works from Lagos all year round. He was born and trained as artist and art teacher in Edinburgh (Scotland). He is mainly working outdoors, directly from nature, choosing characters and selecting scenes which record the essence of the Algarve and its people. The strongest influence comes from the subject itself, it determines the mood and style of the picture, which can appear as a mixture of cartoon images and three dimensional studies, sometimes overlapping to give a surrealistic effect. He blends historical characters with everyday people and consciously distorts the perspectives. He also works in three dimensions, creating sculptures in metal and wood.videos

Joyce Brienza USA, Forest Oak Park, MI. Born in Plainfield, New Jersey, USA. Currently part time faculty at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, College for Creative Studies, Detroit; Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn. Master of Fine Arts, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1993. Bachelor of Fine Arts, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, 1991

Ragna Bruno USA, Hannock, Maine. Ragna Bruno Torkanowsky: “I was born in Madrid, Spain, into an artistic home.  My mother was Swedish – an amateur sculptor.  My father, who was German, started out as a poet and later on became a businessman.  Our house was filled with the paintings and photographs of my grandfather, Otto Bruno.  We had a great library with books in different languages, and access to classical music.  An uncle, Gunther Busch, was the Director of the Museum in Bremen. My sister Cristina Bruno is a pianist, and my son, Blas Bruno, is an architect in Blue Hill, Maine.  Friends of the house were mostly artists.”. My studies in Art History and French took me to Switzerland, other studies took me to London, and since then I have traveled in Europe, India, Mexico and South America. In 1975 I came to the United States to marry Werner Torkanowsky, an orchestra conductor of international renown.  Here we led, together, a life dedicated to each other and our Art until 1992, the year of his untimely death.  Maine has continued to be my residence, with frequent visits to Spain. Personal web

Liviu Bulea Romania,Turda. Born: 13-01-1989. “My last works are mostly about my experience with cancer, what I have seen, heard and understood in the time I was struggling with this problem. In my works I “speak” about how it was going trough this experience and in the same time how it was for the people I`ve had contact with in that period.I try to portray and speak about now days statistics, effects of what is happening in the environment.

Alan Charles Burden Great Britain (Spain), Mijas. Born in England in 1938, Alan Burden has lived in Mijas, Malaga since 1983. He studied Art and Design in Painting and Lithography. He then studied Art Education at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, receiving a Diploma in Art Education. From 1967 to 1983 he taught Art in the English Education System. Throughout this time he constantly exhibited as an artist. Since his move to Spain in 1983 he has been a fulltime professional painter. Personal web

Iris Burghout Netherlands. Iris Burghout, born January 6, 1976.  Education 2001 University of the Arts, painting Autonomous present 1998-1999 1985-1988 Anthropology University of Nijmegen University ‘s-Hertogenbosch Academy of Arts and Design Autonomous painting, drawing, graphics, monumental.  Personal web

Mario Burgos Corzo Peru,Lima. Born in Lima, Peru, June 25, 1977. He graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in 2002 with the gold medal in the specialty of Grabado.Antes entering school studied Advertising Design in the Peruvian Institute of Advertising and alongside its formation as an artist took courses in “Project Development of Contemporary Art” at the Cultural Center PUCP, “Art Criticism” San Marcos Cultural Center and digital design on iPad.

Peter Busch Germany,Tiefenbach. Born 21 06 1952. 10 years training & employment as a bookseller. 1982-1984 Study of Mathematics & the Sozialpädagogik. Diplom in social pedagogy. 10 years of professional activity in teaching, counseling & therapy. Peter Busch writes, paints and livesfor nearly 20 years in Neuss am Rhein. Personal web

Guido van Buuren Netherlands, Roermond. 1983 Gallery Veldstraat, Roermond. 1985 GalleryVeldstraat, Roermond. 1987 Apollo, Weert. 1990 St. Martin, Weert. 1993 Cover Gallery, Roermond. 2003 Housing Foundation, Roermond (eg “Time Landscape”)

Hanneke Buurman Netherlands, Rotterdam. Born July 31, 1974. 1997 – 2001 St. Joost Academy, Hogeschool West Brabant Breda. Specialization autonomous kunst.1993 – 1996 Creative Therapy, University of NSW to Nijmegen.1992 – 1993 1st Degree teacher draw, University Gelderland Arnhem.1986 – 1992 HAVO Rommert Casimir Eindhoven. “I am inspired by humanity and nature. 1k’m interested in the meaning of being human. Human exceptions, everyday life, as well as customs and traditions fascinate me. In here I looking for peace and security (harmony and beauty), I make my work visible and tangible. “

Artists by C

Anto Cabraja France, (Bosnia Herzegovina), Zenice. St. Etienne. Bom in 1957 at Zenica (Bosnia). Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts at Sarajevo in 1986 with high distinction. From 1983 to 1986 makes caricatures published in weekly magazine “Nasi Dani” at Sarajevo. Becomes member of the Regional Visual Artist Association (DLU) in 1988 (selective admission). Member of the jury of the International Fine Artists in residence at Pocitelj in 1989. Elected member of Bosnia-Herzegovina Fine Artist Association (selective admission) in 1990. From 1990 to 1992 participates to several art projects. Fine Arts profesor at Zenica Classic High School from 1986 to 1992. Creates and realizes costumes and stage setting for Zenica National Theater in 1990 and 1991. Publishes essays on contemporary art from 1987 to 1992. Prepares and animates a culture radio broadcast concerning Fine arts for CD Radia-Zenica in 1992. videos

Dini Calderón Argentina, Santa Rosa, La Pampa. Born in Casilda, Santa Fe, Argentina, in 1967.National Professor of engraving. National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón. University Professor of Arts in Visual Arts. IUNA.  Professor of Printmaking Workshops Regional Center for Arts Education. Santa Rosa. La Pampa. Blog

Mónica Canzio Argentina, Buenos Aires. Born on March 11, 1959 in Buenos Aires. 2010 Sculpture in the Gardens of Larreta Museum. 2009 Sculpture Biennale of Architecture Recoleta.Instalación ARSLATINA Cultural Center, Havana, Cuba. Individual drawings and sculptures Gallery Empathy. 2008 Group Show Empathy Drawings Art Gallery. Exhibition of sculptures and drawings Museum of Fine Arts Santa Rosa La Pampa Sculpture Lounge Lounge Rose Manuel Belgrano.Escultura Sculpture Holy Pampa. Blog

Alfonso Caputo Italy, Tolentino. Born in Foggia in 1961.  “I have started my artistic way from teen-ager. The emotion that I have tried seeing the photos realized by my father has pushed me to express me. I have understood that I had to build my artistic life to small steps. My deeper desire is to reach the heart of the people that I meet and that meet my artworks. My effort is to give form to the light, to make to live the emotions over the barrier of my human limits.Very important, for me, it is also promote the artworks of other artists because I love the art, not only my art…”.videos Personal web

Javier Carra Argentina, Santa Rosa, La Pampa. Born in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina. (Cut to the interview published by the newspaper in Santa Rosa, December 2010) … Javier Carra isSantaroseño. Makes approximately 15 dedicated to design in general, emerges from other art, tattoos. From this emerged what you currently do, they were many years that there were hostile and difficult for the activity carried out but today won an important place in this society. And he tells us howthis project was to develop. “The intention was to decorate recover this space was abandoned long ago and theyundertook the project to pure lung. They are Mario Barrera, Nicholas Guest Cork Gimenez, Pablo Salazar, and I … ” slideshow

Laura Casamitjana de la Hoz Mexico, Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. Born in Mexico City. Currently living in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Study Graphic Design at the Universidad Iberoamericana. She is the recipientof several awards at state and national level in Fine Arts, Design and Literature. He has won two scholarshipsworking: FONCA 1997 and 1993 PACMYC. A date has presented 43 solo exhibitions and has participated in over100 group

Antonio Casares Palma Spain, Malaga. Antonio Casares Palma, born in Malaga (Spain) Travel through Morocco and Moroccans subjects performed works, resides and runs in PalenciaCastilla studying the monuments of Romanesque route. He settled in Málaga. continues his training in the workshop of the sculptor F. Palma Burgos where modeling, wood carving, etc. polychromeworks. Her first pictorial production develops without committing to a particular style, evolved from figurative to other forms of free expression, being in 1983 when flows into abstraction. In his work a permanentresearch working with different materials transpires. His work in large formats has been complemented by other work of medium and small format that has led to a more minimalist painting, getting the same explosion of color andmaterial.Personal web

Pedro Casermeiro Spain, Malaga. Pedro Casermeiro, eclectic artist. His work in various art disciplines are reflected in its thematic series along nearly 25-year career. He has received numerous awards and has 15 solo exhibitions and 60 group shows. His works are in numerous public andprivate collections.

Silvia Castagnino Argentina, General Pico, La Pampa. Castagnino Silvia was born on May 17, 1959 in Pellegrini, Buenos Aires. Resident in General Pico, La Pampa, Argentina. He graduatedfrom the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in the city of General Pico, graduated with the titles of Master of Visual Arts and Professor of Drawing at the specialty of Painting. She is Professor in charge of theimage Càtedra Production and Visual – Painting, career in the Faculty of Arts Institute of Fine Arts.General Pico. La Pampa. Is Professor of Arts in cycle I and II General Basic Education, where he presented acreativity workshop working with children from 6-12 years. (The art in low-income schools). Personal web

Laura Castanedo Mexico, Tecate, Baja California. Laura Castanedo, born in Mexico City in 1967. She has lived in that city, and in Monterrey, NL and Orizaba. Currently she lives in Tecate Baja California, Mexico. She studied at the Autonomous University of Baja California. She has received several awards and recognitions, among them an honorably mention at the Biennial of St. Petersburg, Russia, Dell Terra Art Prize of Italy and honorably mention at the Third Biennial UABC. She has mounted solo exhibitions, among which include De fugas y temperancias; Para Lorca: estímulo y fuerza; Of Love and discretion: Sor Juana visual entertainments, and Templos. videos Personal web

Mar R. Castilla Spain, Malaga. Born in San Roque, Cadiz, studies in Madrid. Personal web

Felipe Catalan Argentina (Bolivia), Salta. Felipe Catalán Terrazas, born Pulacayo, Potosi, Bolivia, in 1943. Currently paints and teaches painting workshops in particular Tucuman, Salta, Cordoba (RA), La Paz, Santa Cruz (BOL), Buenos Aires – The mouth (RA). He studied at the Ecole Normale de Bolivia. Graduated as Master of Fine Arts in 1976. Graduate courses in Technology in Audiovisual Media at the International Training Centre in Turin. Make internships in Italy, Lyon (France), Madrid (Spain), and Geneva (Switzerland) from 1979 to 1980. He teaches Creative Graphic Design in the Faculty of Architecture and Arts at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, La Paz, Bolivia, 1982. Personal web

José Antonio Cepeda Spain, Malaga. Antonio José Cepeda García, born in Ciudad Real, Spain, 1953, resident in Malaga (E). Creator multimedia, image and sound technician, a founding memberof the group “The Gryphon” Founding member of “Blue Space”, founding member of “ThreeSpace.”Personal web

Victor Ceprián Cortés Spain, Madrid. Born in Aldeaquemada, Jaen (Spain) in 1946. His workrevolves around various artistic endeavors: painting, drawing, prints, sculpture, ceramics, and digitalphotography. From geometric patterns and textured forms creates a very personal work.Personalweb

Sassan Chaffi Belgium, (Iran), Moresnet. Sassan Chaffi, born and grown up in Iran, living and working in Belgium.

Adriana Chavarri Argentina, Santa Rosa,La Pampa. Adriana Chavarri born in the Federal Capital, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Recide in Santa Rosa, La Pampa. Since 1990 he has had solo and group exhibitions in the Municipal Cultural Center, Circulo Italiano, Foundations, National University La Pampa. School libraries and art galleries in the city of Santa Rosa. Participate in national, regional and lounges Provinciales.Participo INADI samples.

Juan Pablo Chipe Spain (Mexico), Madrid. Visual Arts, Mexico (Nogales Sonora Mexico 1980-). Painting, Installation, Performance and Fashion Design. Member Gallery “Hill Top” and “Rootstaller/222” (1998-2000), Arizona So ¬ cio Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid (2000), Spain. This Fundmay Fellow ¬ for Culture and the Arts of the State of Sonora (2001-2002), Mexico. Uni ¬ versity ofArts in Visual Arts Northwest (2003), and Tijuana Mexico Program Sonora Municipal CulturalDevelopment (2007-2008), Nogales Son. Mexico ¬ co. Artist in residence at the Cultural Center “Art in the park”. (2004-2005), Los Angeles CA. U.S. Creator of the fashion brand with RECIO recyclable material. videos Personalweb

El Chirri Spain, Madrid. Jose Antonio Martinez Porras, artists name El Chirri:Over the past years, the topic of my pictures has gone around our ancestors´ reminscences represented inside the old rooms. Here, the human element appears in a latent way. In the recent ones, however, this element is clearer with the emerging of faces (sometimes formed by animals) among stones or cobwebs, shaping, at the same time, other faces “where the single one is linked with the everything”. We are looking through the window of life that separates the outside from the inside but, for some reason, we only see what we have within.The study of the lights (as I see it) emerges as an ambicious, but not impossible, challenge. The game consists of catching the atmosphere of a certain instant of the day.” Personal web

Angelo Marco Cicoria Italia. Contemporary Italian artist. Painting, drawing, and digital image. Ars Latina, Tijuana (Mexico) – Tecate (Mexico) – Leon (Mexico) – Tolentino (Italia) – La Habana (Cuba) – Ventipertrenta, Tolentino (Italia), Project Din A4, Roermond Netherlands – Passau (Germany) – Malaga, (Spain)

Fia Cielen Belgium, Berchem. “The dissonant colors and hard lines in Fia’s children’s portraitsstab through you and make you shudder. They are neither children nor elderly, everyone is terrified of death. Thousands of books that deal with the trauma of death. Marcel Broodthaers even goes a step further, you there, who diligently every artwork signs, which you are trying to protect you “(Eva Kerremans, inauguration 2/7 – 19:00)?

Adela Cifuentes Spain, Malaga. As a child changes residence, but remains within Andalusia. Is grounded in Málaga, where he studied at the University, being a degree in Spanish Philology.Exercising his profession for more than a decade in Córdoba. Currently lives and develop their artistic work in Malaga. I always was drawn to the arts, especially painting and architecture. Start by painting with watercolor, acrylic happened later continued with the oil, I took a course in “drypointRecorder” in Gravura workshop, taught by José Faria and Paco Aguilar in Malaga in 2007. Finally, begins in the technique of encaustic workshop Ernst Kraft.

Violeta Cintas Gómez Spain, Madrid. Born in 1979 in Badajoz, Spain. Presently living in Madridwhere he works as a graphic designer combined with the realization of his personal work. Diploma of Advanced Studies. University of Fine Arts in Madrid. From 2010 to 2011. Master of Design and Graphic Production. TAI School. Madrid. 2004-2005. Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Fine Arts in Salamanca. 1998-2003.

Lis Cofré Argentina, Santa Rosa,La Pampa. Date of Birth: October 6, 1974 (General Pico) Argentina.

Stefan Cools Netherlands, Bunde. Date of birth: March, 28 1981. 2003 Master Floral Art Den Bosch, the Netherlands. In his latest exhibition the work of Stefan Cools presents us with an ecological paradigm. Stefan’s practice is focused around a peculiar ‘meta-science’ or ‘metaphysical-theory’ that takes into consideration the way life systems are interrelated and connected. This includes awareness of the origins of materials, the way objects and products are constructed and the physical and psychological purpose that art serves in the production of meaning. Personal web

Mariano Cornejo Spain, Malaga. Born in Melilla and lives in Malaga since 1977. 1977 – Bachelor of Fine Arts. Specialty Shops. 1972 – Graduate in Applied Arts, Decoration section. Since 1977 he is Professor of Drawing and Color in the School of Art “San Telmo” Malaga. Personal web

Gloria Corral Argentina, Santa Rosa,La Pampa. Date and Place of Birth: Santa Rosa, La Pampa,Argentina, March 7th, 1957. Blog

Carmela Corsitto Italia, Canicattì. Carmela Corsitto born in Canicattì (AG), in 1958, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Agrigento and subsequently attended a painting course in Conegliano Veneto. Game in the 80’s experiences of figurative painting, she continued herresearch moving in the Informal Conceptual and then passed in the 90s at a definitive stylistic maturity, making the leap to the three-dimensional. Since 1983 she has embarked on an intenseexhibition activity in Italy and abroad in public and private spaces in various cities in Europe, including: Liege, Huy, Gent, Paris, Rome. He currently lives and works in Bologna and Canicattì

Regien Cox Belgium, Stoumont.

Miguel Angel Crego Spain, Madrid. Born in Madrid in 1987. Completing a degree in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid in the specialty of Image Arts, defined himself as “a restless soul who needs to have his feelings expressed in all possible ways, anytime, anywhere. ” Blog

Fran Javier Crespillo  Spain, Malaga. Senior Technician at p. a. design, f. Birth November 1968.Member of contemporary art entropy. Stamp Advisory support for artistic esartec 3d.

Pál Csaba Hungary / Magyar Köztársaság, Budapest. 1993 Academy of Applied Arts, Budapest (graphic, typography). 1991 Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest (interdisciplinary painting – prof. Dóra Mauer). 1993 Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest (postgraduate painting).video Personal web

Roger Cummiskey Ireland (Spain), Malaga. Roger, from Blackrock, County Dublin, in Ireland is a full time painter. He also lives and works for over half the year in southern Spain. He exhibits widely on the world wide web, in solo and group exhibitions as well as in Galleries. Roger has had paintings representing Ireland in London (1999), Stockholm (2000), New York (2000) and at the Florence Biennale in 2003 to which he has been invited again to exhibit in December 2005.I am a full time visual Artist Professional Member of Visual Artists Ireland – VAI.Member The Artists’ Resale Right (ARR) (Droit de Suite) In Ireland – IVARO. Personal web

Rafael Alonso Cumplido Spain, Cordoba. “I’m a visual artist and I turn in the Geometric abstraction. By its aesthetics and its complications. ” Blog

Deserée Custers Netherlands, Den Haag. Born in 1993, Leiden, Netherlands. Grew up till herninth year in Africa, and since then living and studying in the Netherlands.

Artists D

Eugénie Dammer Netherlands, Eindhoven. Academy of Fine Arts St. Joost, Breda, the Netherlands. Painting / Monumental design, 1976-1982. “The fragile crazes in our supposed reality are the bridge to ‘different’ point of views: new openings: movements and interpretations, struggled out of what is being held as true. This starting point forms to me also the essence of my quest. This is translated in firm, well chosen strokes onto the canvas with the line as a guideline playing a dominant role. The themes I am occupied with ask for a flexible approach. Over the past years my work had gone through a determining development. After having worked abstractly for a long time the emphasis has now come to focus on a figurative image. Apart from the eventual form, in which my paintings give an account of my personal working process, they have become more and more ‘readable’ in their advancement…” Personal web

Waltraud Danzig Germany, Passau. Waltraud Gdansk, born in 1945 lives and works in Pfarrkirchenm in Tiefenbach and Passau (D) 1987 Intern. Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg with Prof. Radovani. from 1993/94 printing with earth on paper / lithography. Since 1995 member of the Produzentengalerie Passau. 1995-2004 Board member of the BBK Lower Bavaria. As of 1996, working with children and young people, course management and teacher training for lithography.Personal web

Camelia Davidescu Belgium (Romania). Born in 1949, Boekarest, Romania. 1971 Licentiateeconomy Bucharest, Romania. Bucharest: youth workshop: drawing, painting, modeling, classical ballet Belgium: 1980-1989 North Limburg Innstituut Overpelt visual arts: drawing, painting andsculpting. videos

Tamara Dees Netherlands. Born: 8 december 1971, Terneuzen. Post st joost Breda, vrije kunsten, afgestudeerd in 2001. Januari tot en met maart 1998 Erasmusstudie aan kiad in Canterbury, U.K.. Academie beeldende kunsten Maastricht, beeldhouwen/plastisch vormgeven, afgestudeerd in 1998. Video

Margareth Degeling Netherlands, Utrecht. Born in 1960 Hoorn, Netherlands. Since 2014 general coordinator Project Din A4. ”After working for 10 years in Trade and Industry, in 1990, I decided to make works of art and to become an artist. In order to understand the meaning and importance of Contemporary Art, I studied history of art for 4 years, from 1990 until 1994. Also, in that particular time, I have been working together with another artist from Utrecht, who was my teacher, in order to obtain the necessary skills in drawing, painting, etching, and other disciplines, and to develop my own “pictorial language”. My admiration is for the narrative art and technical proficiency of Rembrandt, especially because of the Brilliant light/dark aspect in his work, for the renaissance artist. “Michelangelo”, because of his Brilliant colours and for the baroque art of Rubens, because of his phenomenal compositions. More modern artists who I admire, because of the dramatic aspect in their work, are Anselm Kiefer, Enzo Cucchi and Sigmar Polke”.  videos Personal web

Juan Carlos Delgado Peru, Lima. Born in 1979, Lima. Graduate: Diploma in Philosophy, with a minor in Mysticism and Humanism. Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, 2009
undergraduate: Bachelor of Science in Communication. Private University San Martin de Porres.National School of Fine Arts of Peru – ENSABAP. PDF Personal web

Marianne Delmee Netherlands, Herkenbosch. Marianne Delmee, Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht
graduated in 1995 – Department monumental design, painting and drawing. Open University Heerlen, Arts and Culture 1985 -1987. Personal web

Dré Devens Netherlands, Maastricht City Academy of Applied Arts (dept Edelsmeden) 1963-1968. Maastricht: Jan van Eyck Academy (dept Chart) 1979/1984 to 1985.

Mouhamadou Dia Senegal, Dakar. Date and place of birth: May 17, 1957 in Dakar. 1979 Ecole des Beaux Arts in Dakar. 1980-1981: Royal Academy of Brussels (Belgium). 1983: National Diplomaand 3rd Inter Price (18 countries competing contests BIAO)

Juan Jorge Díaz Rivera Mexico, Chapingo, Texcoco. He was born in Mexico Capital,
Presently living in Texcoco, State of Mexico. A tireless creator, explore and discover through experimentation new languages that lead by unpublished trails of plastic. His work is full of symbolism depicted in pre-Hispanic gods, animals and mandalas, among others. Since the first exhibition that has been in constant search of his own universe. Aee PDF

María Xosé Díaz Spain, Catoira, Pontevedra, Galicia. María Xosé Díaz 1949. Studied Fine Artsin Barcelona where I lived 12 años.Aunque my training was painting, I was always attracted by the volume and space. I like to explore the qualities of materials: expressiveness, endurance, combinatorial possibilities … find, manipulate and mix. Harmonize in geometric structures, sometimes static, sometimes in movements. Video Personal web

Jacques Dieteren Netherlands, Sittard. Born: Heerlen, 23-01-1957; deceased: Sittard, 20-12-2002. Co-founder of Contrast 85.

Rogier Dirkx Netherlands, Roermond. Rogier Dirkx, Duitch multimedia artist

Tomasz Domański Poland, Wrocław. Born: March 25th, 1962, Poland. 2003 Ph.D, Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw, Pl. 1995-96 Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India. 1988-93 MA, Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Pl. Personal web

Hernán Dompé Argentina. Hernan Dompe, born in Buenos Aires in 1946. By his twenties, hetraveled to Europe studying in Spain, France and Italy. Years later visited other countries such asDenmark, Holland, Switzerland and Germany. But the biggest influence on his sculptural vision will indeed be his work referring to the pre-Columbian world combining elements (bones, nails, cloth, guns, locks) that today are universalized.. Personal web

Pablo Dompé Argentina. Born in 1976 in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she lives and works.2009 XII Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura en Buenos Aires. 3er Premio en la categoria Arte Y Esculturas. 2008 Premio Paradigma Digital MacStation -Mencion en Video Instalaciónes. 2007 Premio Tecnoescena-Mención del Jurado. Blog

José Doña Spain, Torremolinos. José María Fernández Doña (J.Doña) Benalmádena (Málaga).1964. To date he has made a total of 125 group and solo exhibitions between inside and outside ofSpain. His works are developed within the field of painting, sculpture and graphics and have been widely selected and awarded in various projects

Chantal le Doux Netherlands, Maastricht. born: March 9 Geleen, Netherlands. Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht September 1997 – July 2001

Jürgen Drewer Germany, Tönisvorst. The foundation my architecture-related work is theconceptual employment with the particular architecture in their room condition as well as thesubstantive issue of the use of space. In the works incurred as complement space and art bysuccessive Refer. This reference space and art open the user a different way of seeing. Personal web

Henk Dronkers Netherlands, Grathem. Henk Dronkers, born in1931 in Rotterdam, lives and works in Grathem, the Netherlands. Training at The New Academy of Utrecht (1981-1985).
Work purchased by the municipality Waddinxveen (NL) and various institutions, companies and private collectors. Nature of his work: drawings and paintings in mixed media (matter-paintings). Ceramics, sculptures and objects, often in combination with other materials.

Swen Dudek Netherlands, Roermond. Born: February 6, 1972 in Roermond. Education: Academy for Visual Arts, Tilburg autonomous drawing, painting, printmaking 1992 – 1996. Personal web

Irma Dugelby Mexico, León, Guanajuato. Irma Dugelby was born in Mexico City on June, 1961. Worked as a professional artist for 15 years. She had 3 solo and 17 group exhibitions and completed 35 art works for individual and corporate clients. Nowadays is the Head Director of Lithops, Art in your Space in Leon, Guanajuato; Head Director of Ehrenzweig Art Division, Rotec International in Tampa, Florida and Head Director of Lithops Gallery in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. Worked in special projects since 1996 with the visual artist Antonio Ehrenzweig. Personal web

Margot Dullens Netherlands, Rotterdam. 1992 – 1995 Art History, University of Nijmegen.      Propedeuse: July 8, 1993. 1996 – 2000 Audiovisual Design, Academy of Fine Arts. Fontys School of the Arts in Tilburg. Graduated inthe courses Photography and Video June 22, 2000.

Artists E

Titia Eggen Netherlands, Maastricht. 1978-1983 Academy of Fine Arts – Maastricht – ABKMMonumental Design, painting, printmaking – day course. 2004 Multimedia / computer training WMIXP Scheidegger Training 80 percent Imaging – Digital photo editing. PowerPoint, Multimedia. 2005 Digital video editing – additional course. Personal web

Felipe Ehrenberg Brazil (Mexico),Sao Paulo. Born in 1943 in Mexico City, Felipe Ehrenberg counts on an extensive curriculum that is hybrid and difficult to define. His artistic activities for the most part focus on drawings, paintings, and sculptures. He is known for his affirmation of conceptual nature. He has also made literary contributions as an essayist and specialty columnist. He boasts over a hundred international exhibitions. He was co-founding publisher of Beau Geste Press/Libro Acción Libre in England where he has also published works. Personal web

Antonio Ehrenzweig Mexico,Leon,Guanajuato. Antonio Ehrenzweig was born in Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico on August, 1962. He studied Architecture at the Iberoamerican University in Leon, Guanajuato (1984-1988). Ehrenzweig worked as a professional artist for 25 years. He had 23 solo and 40 group exhibitions since 1980, and completed 37 murals for individual and corporate clients. Presently, He lives in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico.
Ehrenzweig is influenced by a desert place called “The Silence Zone”, near to his native city Torreón, at the Central North of Mexico. He was drawn to the natural colors of this area and the fossils prevalent there. Later, living in a coastal city, Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, he was fascinated by sea life and the movement of water. Those three themes—fossils, sea life and the movement of water became his artistic language. Personal web

Mary Eisman USA (Spain),Mijas. Born in Florida, USA . She came to Spain 23 years ago after living in South America, Greece and the Caribbean. She studied printmaking at the Taller de Grabado with José María Córdoba in Fuengirola (Malaga/Spain) She lives and works in Mijas Pueblo. You can visit her studio by making an appointment. Personal web

Romana Ekelmans Netherlands.  Academy of Art and Design in ‘s-Hertogenbosch Graduation30-06-2000

Gabriela Escárcega Mexico, Tecate, Baja California. Date of Birth: November 28, 1967. Birthplace: Tijuana,Baja California. Personal web

Luis Alberto Espinoza López Peru,Lima. Born in 1983 in Lima, Peru. National School of Fine Arts of Peru 2003 – 2007. Update Program for obtaining Title – National School of Fine Arts of Peru2008. National University of San Marcos Postgraduate Unit (Faculty of Arts and Humanities) -Complementary Bachelor of Arts – 2008. videos and Blog

Carmen Esplá Espejo Spain,Madrid. Born in Córdoba (Spain) in 1978, takes his artistic studies of dance, painting and video in Córdoba and Málaga and its further between Madrid and Barcelona. Develop a multidisciplinary work between dance and painting and combines his doctoral thesis research by participating in festivals, exhibits and displays of visual arts worldwide. Presently living in Madrid. Blog

Edgar A. Eubel Germany, Recklinghausen. Edgar A. Eubel , born in 1958 in Essen, Germany, 1980-1985 Study of Special Pedagogy in Dortmund (Department of Art) – 1991 Starting in the Vestischen Künstlerbund Recklinghausen. 1995 Märkisches scholarship for painting, Lüdenscheid – 1997 Inclusion in the West German Association of Artists. Lives and works in Datteln and Recklinghausen. The drawings are not “pure” graphic pages, they contain many pictorial element. The open form of composition, the visible area of the page, transformed to something less obvious, the mysterious depth to the color space scenes. .. Personal web

Artists F

Soheyla B. Fahimi Iran,Germany, Mönchengladbach. 1981-1989 engineering study Textile /Clothing. Technology, specializing in design education in painting and design with Prof. Brown, Prof.Fritze, in silk painting with Prof. Pöllmann, at the FH Niederrhein Mönchengladbach. Starting from 1984 model presentations and exhibitions. Publications in various fashion magazines. Since 1988,Free graphic artist / designer 1997-1999 Co-founder of K & KO art workshop in Meerbusch. Since 1997 freelance artist and designer. Video / Personal web

Alejandra Farias  Argentina, Mar del Plata.
Jorge Feitosa Brasil

Victor Femenias von Willigmann Chile. Victor von Willigmann Femenias plastic is a Chileanartist. He was born in 1943 in Punta Arenas, Chile. Dedicated exclusively to the Engraving and bestknown for his work in large employing various methods and techniques of both traditional and modernengraving to associate and achieve complement figurative elements with abstract elements. Habil artistsince childhood neglect their secondary studies at age 13 to devote entirely to the practice of drawingthrough a correspondence course in Buenos Aires. Started in the basic structural aspects of drawing: composition, perspective, chiaroscuro and anatomy, as well as the technical in graphite and ink with Argentine comic artistsAlberto Breccia and Luis Salinas. Later attended the Winter School of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University ofChile (UCH) in his hometown. Blog

Inmaculada Fernández Duarte Spain, Marbella (Malaga). Law degree from the University ofZaragoza. She studied drawing at the Art School of Arts and Crafts in Málaga. She has attendedseveral workshops in drawing and painting and modeling, and other courses as traditional printing. Study with Professor Aurelio Rodriguez. Personal web

Florencia Fernandez Frank Argentina, Buenos Aires. Florence Frank Fernandez, Buenos Aires, 1975. He graduated as a teacher of engraving ENBA “P.Pueyrredón” in 1998. Since thenperforms contemporary artistic practices that cross the boundaries of disciplines. Personal web

Raúl Fernández López Spain,Madrid. Degree in Psychology, University of Oviedo.Commercial Art director from 2001 to the present. He has attended various workshops in drawing and collage. Currently lives and develop his artistic and advertising work in Madrid and is responsible for the graphic image of Gallo Nero editions. web

Raúl Fernández Olivi Argentina, Santa Rosa, La Pampa. Raul Fernandez Olivi was born in 1954 in Santa Rosa, La Pampa in 1954 and deceased in 2014.He was formed as a painter and graduates at the Institute of Fine Arts in 1984. Granted by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation for a Pre-Columbian Art Seminar “The Augustinian society Sculpture” at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá. Began to dedicate himself exclusively to sculpture since 1990, serving also as a teacher. He is the responsible of the restoration Department of the Provincial Museum of Art, Santa Rosa, La Pampa, since 1987. Lives and works in Santa Rosa. Awards: (among others) XII Honor Grand Prix Hall of Plastic Arts Pampeano Sec. Recorded Single Award Section Terrain LXXXI National Salon of Plastic Arts Salon Grand Prix Pampeano Honor of Art. (1991) See videos

Cecilia Fernandez Quintana Chile, Santiago. Born in 1965 – Santiago de Chile. 1982-85 Licensed in Plastic Arts, Mencion in Scultpture. University of Chile. web

Rosario Fernandez Argentina, Santa Rosa, La Pampa. Higher Teacher Training Museologa. Instituto No 8.1997. la Plata, province of Buenos Aires. Provincial Master of Fine Arts ProvincialVisuales.Instituto Artes.1987.Santa Rosa.provincia of Pampa. Teachers for TeachingPrimaria.Escuela Normal Superior “Gral Julio Argentino Roca TTtte” 1978. Santa Rosa, provincia ofPampa. Bachillar – Perito Mercantil.instituto private instruction “Domingo Faustino Sarmiento”..1966.Calchin. Province of Cordoba.

Ekrem Fetic Bosnia – Herzegovina, Zenice. Born 1956 in Zenica. Los Angeles Center for digital art, 107 West Fifth Street, Los Angeles, California U.S.A. Second Annual Snap to grid, The UN juried show, 2005. Lily in star, symbol of his website Personal web

Ingrid Filipczyk Germany, Kempen. Ingrid Filipczyk , born 1955 in Hagen, Germany. Studies and seminars in tailoring / costume making. High school in Kassel (SC Arts and Mathematics).Numerous trips in Europe, Africa and Asia. Extensive documentary photography. Instrumental training on the saxophone with Klaus Hack game, Ute Mansel and Ludger dam in jazz and improvisation. Member of the Kempen Big Band. Interdisciplinary studies of work with Stephan Paul Schneider and Nicola Schrudde and photography by Thomas Zika at the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Essen, Germany. Studies and seminars on aspects of synesthesia in music and fine arts / trend of inter-media concepts
Master class with Stephen Paul Schneider. Establishment of producers ‘gallery’ atelier gallery three four “. Member of the Association of Visual Artists (BBK Niederrhein) Member of producers ‘gallery’ studio – gallery artedos “. lives and works in Kempen, Germany. Personal web

Pilar Florén Bueno Spain, Malaga. Florén Pilar was born in Madrid in 1951 and in 1978 when the world shows an approximation of the tapestry being self-taught in the implementation of this technique. Getting the work done with a thick web of textile elements, giving volume and dimensions to your work, developed with different materials, with ropes, cotton and jute, builds frames acquiring various thicknesses that make genuine relief. videos

José Florez Nale Argentina, Santa Rosa, La Pampa

Violeta Fortes Spain,Malaga. Web

Setsuko Fukushima Japan (Germany) Personal web

Claudia Furlani Brazil, São Paulo. Claudia has participated in many national and international exhibitions, worldwide and has won 4 international awards (photography / digital art) Claudia Furlani creates dynamic urban images by mixing different media such as photography, digital work, painting and collage. His landscapes, characters and urban rhythms, resulting in scenes that seem to encapsulate a film made to provoke the viewer to discover a playful world that exists only in your imagination.Gene Johnson moved to South America, works in Mexico and Brasil.

Artists G

Dragan Gacnik Bosnia – Herzegovina, Zenice. Born in Zenica in 1957, University artistic expression with prof. Dr. Milan Thighs in Lubljana

Pierre Galic Germany, Cologne. (D), the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht completed in 2004 as an artist. Hefocuses on graphic work, making use of both classical and printing techniques which are connected with the street as spraying with templates. Drawing is and will be based, in the work that can be. Seen as Street Art

Pierre Gallais France, Voiron Born 17/05/50 in St Aubin d’Aubigné (35). Bachelor E 1967 -Engineering Ecole Centrale de Lyon in 1972. Diploma of Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics1977. Has taught at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Aix-en-Provence in 1989: “Scientific Approach arts”. Artist residency in L.E.P. The Martellière Voiron (38) in 1994. Personal web

Jürgen Gansweid Germany, Mönchengladbach. 1946 born in Hervest-Dorsten, Kreis Recklinghausen. 1960-63 apprenticeship as a surveyor, 1963 completion. 1963-70 Work as a surveying technician. 1970-73 studied at the art school in Krefeld, since 1972 Fachhochschule Niederrhein. 1976 freelance artist, in Mönchengladbach. Personal web

Jaak Geerits Belgium, Hasselt. Born 17 Januari 1954 in Sint-Huibrechts-Lille. “I aspire in myminimal images and words to a maximum content. All materials and media that I can express myselfcan help me in this area and I do not. Confine myself I go into the development of an idea and the use of a new medium, intuitively and steadily learning to work and trying my thinking and lead. Theconsequences of my images in a demanding process to an essence “. Personal web

Jolanda van Gennip Netherlands, Den Bosch. Born in 1965 Wagenberg, Netherlands Training: 1988 – 1993Academy of Art and Design, ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Johannes Christopher Gerard Netherlands, Den Haag. School for Graphic and Design, Cologne, Germany, 1975-1977.  Academy of Fine Arts, Dun Laoghaire School of Art and DesignDublin, Ireland, 1977-1981. Personal web

Godelieve Geurts Netherlands, Roermond. Training Institute: Academy of Art and Design in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Specialization: Sculpture, Beginning / end of study: 1971-1976.Personal web

Cecilia Graciela Ghiraldo Argentina, Buenos Aires. Born in Argentina 17 Diciembre de 1971.1990 – 1994. University of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of Buenos Aires, Title Graphic Design
1996 – 1997 Workshop Perez Celis. 1997 – 1998 Workshop Sergio Moscona. 2006 – 2010. workshop Florence Frank Fernandez. Personal web

Eduardo Giacometti Uruguay (Spain), Mijas. Born in the Oriental Republic of Uruguay. He has his studio in Mijas (Malaga) Spain. 1968 Studied drawing with Lincon Presno in Montevideo. 1969/70/71 studied art at the e.n.b.a. University of the Republic, Study tempera, oil on art schooluniversity UTU 1973/74/75/76/77 / studied painting and silkscreen with the teacher Miguel AngelPareja. Studies Cinematheque film technique in Uruguay and Montevideo Film Degree. Personal web

Karin Gielen Belgium, Hasselt. Karin Gielen, born in 1963, Studied art history in Ghent, followedsubsequently a degree program at the academy in Chapels and works as an independent artist. Personal web

Hans Helmut Giesen Germany, Korschenbroich. Borm 1964. 1983-1984 course of drawingand photography. 1985-1989 Studied philosophy in Dusseldorf. 1989-1996 training as a textile technician. 1998 resumption of artistic work

Hubert Glaser Germany, Passau. born in 1952. Painter and sculptor, studied architecture in Cologne, 1977-83 employed architect in Leverkusen, Germany, from 1976 to experiences in freesculpture with Albrecht Klauer – Simonis, Weißenseifen / Eifel, from 1984, residing in Passau and onlyfreelance artistic and creative activity work focuses on painting, sculpture for discussions of existential questions, no general definition of a representation or technique-specific appropriateness of thetopics treatment – also with regard to the material. Orders for glass window designs as well as for design of chapelrooms and art and architecture, most recently also installations for several international symposia of the GermanLudwig Wittgenstein Society at the University of Passau on issues of globalization. Personal web

Sylvia Gnatz Germany, Aicha vorm Wald. 1987-92 studied interior architecture / design
1987-92 wood sculpture with Prof.Dr. Rudolf Endriss. 1991 Academy of Arts, Berlin seminar with Jürgen Böttcher (Strawalde) Department of Film and Media Arts. 1992 Thesis Film Architecture”The Man in the Elevator” by Heiner Müller 1992 Ing (fh) interior architecture / design. 1993independent artist. 1999 multimedia designer drawing and wood, photography and film, new media-digital art. “Art is an international language that does not need words and letters.” . Numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. videos Personal web

Pit Goertz Germany, Düren. Born in the Lower Eifel, Germany, 1955. Getting artistic touches by the father and later by Walter Recker 1968. Actual Orientation: Musk. Knowledge years later: “too labor intensive”. Turn to buldenden art: “Studies in Cologne”. Then seven years desperate attemptsto escape the nightmare and to reach their own ways. breakthrough in 1987. After 3 years workingas a carpenter and roofer finally the self-discovery as an artist.
The materiality of wood, slate, lead and zinc found me. Personal web

Annet Goetheer Netherlands, Utrecht.Born in 1962 Den Haag. Art Academy Utrecht. The works of AnnetGoetheer are very diverse.She uses different disciplines and materials. The works have a look at the everyday reality.

Joaquin Goldstein Peru (Argentina), Lima. 2005. Member of the Caminal Cultural Association inBarcelona, Spain. 2003-2004. Member of the Mina Cultural Association in Barcelona, Spain. 2001-2002. Works as free in the Albarran workshop in Barcelona, Spain. 1998-2001. Work and study inJuan Astica Workshop, which ventures into drawing and painting with various techniques. Personal web

Esperanza Gómez Carrera Great Britain (Spain), London. Born in Malaga, Spain, lives and works in London. BA in Psicology.Granada University. Drawings, Gilt and Polychrome painting. Malaga Art and Trade College. Professional Development Sculpture. Kensington and Chelsea College. London. HNC in Fine Art . Kensington and Chelsea College. London. Personal web

Eunice Gómez Cuba, Havana.

Jesús Gómez Ortega  (See artista name: Acebuch)

Jormay González Monduy Cuba, Havana. Graduate course 2000 – 2004 at the National Academy of Fine Arts “San Alejandro” specialty painting, and participating as a student in the International Meetings of teachers and students 2004 and 2001. He currently works at the Academy of San Alejandro as Curator and Professor of Painting and Drawing for foreigners.

Bibiana Gonzalez Argentina, Santa Rosa, La Pampa. Bibiana González was born on January 8, 1973 in Victoria (La Pampa, Argentina), from five years old and lives in Santa Rosa (La Pampa).En 1994 egresó del I.P.B.A (Instituto Provincial de Bellas Artes) de La Pampa, egresó como Profesora en artes visuales en el Centro Regional de Educación Artística (CREAR) de La Pampa. Blog

Paco González Spain, Malaga. Francisco Alberto González, Spanish artist born in Malaga in 1952, died in Malaga  in 2008. Desde edad muy temprana, su actividad está relacionada con el dibujo y la pintura, principalmente. Realiza desde muy joven encargos pictóricos, especialmente centrados en el retrato. Prácticamente toda su trayectoria artística ha sido autodidacta.Ha desarrollado su actividad profesional como profesor Técnico de Formación Profesional en la Rama de Imagen y Sonido. Dentro de su actividad artística, ha destacado una amplia trayectoria en el mundo de la Fotografía, habiendo participado en numerosas exposiciones y actividades relacionadas con esta disciplina, así como en el campo del diseño.

Mariela Gonzalez Argentina, Toay, La Pampa. She was born on January 1, 1974 , in Relmo province of La Pampa, Argentina . In 1995 she graduated from the School of Visual Arts ” Martin A. Malharro ” Mar del Plata , career illustration . Integra Project team teaching ” comprehensive workshops Malvonas Art The Scarlet ” which makes a community work in the suburbs of the city of Santa Rosa , La Pampa.She participated in various salons in group shows and solo exhibitions in various artistic activities : events , murals, plays, street interventions

Charlotte Gordon USA (Spain), Mijas. Charlotte Gordon was born in the United States andgraduated from the College Museum of Art and the University of Pennsylvania (BAA) of Philadelphia.She has taught art at the University of Arkansas. Her work has been developed in the sculpture.Since 1990, she is also making prints. She first came to Spain in the year ’59. In ’64, with her husband, a house and two studies in Míjas were built, and since ’73 has lived exclusively there. Web

Lydia Görlich Germany, Wegberg. 1967 training for techn. Drawing. 1979 Start of the artistic work. 1997-2001 Studied painting / graphics at the Fine Art Academy Rhein / Ruhr, Essen StephanSchneider.2001 completion of the course painting / graphics. 2001-2002 Postgraduate studies Fine Arts Academy AG Essen, a master student of Stephan Schneider.

Ilona de Graaf Netherlands, Odiliënberg. Born in South Limburg Brunssum, 1942. Training:      Art Academy Maastricht, monument. 1961-1962 . Pedac. Heerlen 1960 to 1984 teacher for Crafts. Academy of Fine Arts Leuven (B) 1990-1994. Personal web

Ria de Graaf Netherlands, Den Helder. Born: 30-11-1941 at Beverwijk. Education: Fully Qualified Schoolteacher 22 years of teaching experience in secondary education (school board). Course Counseling and Student counseling at the University of Utrecht. New Academy of Fine Arts in Utrecht. Training and Therapy Mandala Drawing Zutphen.  Study trip to New York in 1988.

Claudio Grandinetti Italy, Cosenza. Claudio Grandinetti was born in 1952, April 27th in Cosenza, Italy where he lives. From 2001 he works at Magna Graecia University in Catanzaro, Italy. In 1975 he had his first solo exhibition and than many contemporary art exhibitions in many Italian cities. He participated also to the fifth edition of the Expo Arte in Bari, Italy, to the Biennale Silarte and to the Sud & Sud Fair. Personal web

Granville Great Britain, Liverpool. Granville, painter, born as Granville Atherton, in Liverpool, UK, 12th July 1945. Attended Northwich College of Art, 1962 – 65. Studied Art History, Painting, Textile and General Design. Attended Southport College of Art, 1980-81. Studied Photography. First exhibition of paintings held at the Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool. Early works were inspired by the images of the Northern Industrial Landscape. The imagery was simplified using flat areas of color, surrounded with a black line. An obvious influence at this time in his development was, amongst others, Patriok Caulfield. By 1979 he had moved away from this rather omber,  grey imagery of factories and street scenes to develop an understanding of the human form. Although the style remained much the same, these figurative paintings became pure fantasy. It was in 1984 that he made his first visit to Spain and was immediately engulfed by the immense beauty of the country. It was inevitable that this encounter would have a profound effect upon his work. Abandoning all that had gone before,  he began to develop a vigorous and more spontaneous approach, which he believes the subject demands. Present day influences must include, David Bomberg and Howard Hodgkin. First Spanish exhibition was in Madrid 1991, with another group show in 1992. This was followed by a solo exhibition in Malaga, 1993. He continues to travel between the U.K. and Spain, exhibiting in both countries. Facebook

Ulla Grigat Germany, Mönchengladbach. Ulla Grigat , born in 1943 in Freital, Germany. Lives and works in Mönchengladbach (D). 1958-1961 Apprenticeship as ceramic painter – staatliche Majolika Manufaktur, Karlsruhe. 1963-1965 Arts and Crafts School Pforzheim with teachers Rothe and Seidel. 1965-1968 National Academy of Arts in Karlsruhe with Professor G. Meistermann. 1968-1971 State Art Academy Dusseldorf master student of the Professor Joseph Beuys and R. Geiger. Personal web

Joelinho Jaime Guerra Jara Peru, Lima. Born in 1978, Santiago – Ayacucho (PE). Visual ArtistVisual Professional, Project Manager for art, culture and social. With a second career in business and management allowing you to have a comprehensive view of reality. Since 2002 collaboratesproviding advice to various public institutions – private and participates as a judge in various artisticand cultural activities. Currently he is a founding member (President) of the Association CulturalVillage Peru. . Also devotes his time to teaching and artistic production, his works are in private collections. Blog

Ronald Guillén Cuba, Holguín. born in Havana, Cuba, on January 14, 1968. Painter, printmaker, graphic designer
Member of the UNEAC (Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba). Independent Creator of FCBC(Cuban Fund of Cultural Goods). Web

Artists H

Christa Hahn Germany, Mönchengladbach. Born in 1955 Mönchengladbach. 1974-1978 Studied Business Administration. Since 1978, working in an advertising agency. Independend artist. Since 1995, sculpture, painting, photography. From 2001 Studies of the Free Academy of Art, Food: painting / printmaking, photography and media, interdisciplinary work.

Paul Hajenius Netherlands, Roermond. “The “small things” have always fascinated me. The music is precisely the minor differences through understanding and peace are vital: they make a persisting soul. That I find this now especially in terrestrial, older, West African music. It encourages me, through its trance, ancient wisdom, teamwork and twinkling raids to find corresponding images..”

Joanne Handley  Australia, Thirroul NSW. 2004 Master of Fine Arts (Research), College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Sydney. 1982 Bachelor of Art Education, City Art Institute, Paddington. Personal web

Michael Hausberg Germany, Düsseldorf. 1948 born in Hausach / Schwarzwald, lives in Wangen i. Allgäu. Personal web

Rolf Hausberg Germany, Vaihingen. 1949 born in Hausach. Apprenticeship as a Graphicartist.1970-1975 studied at the Staatliche Akademie Stuttgart. Free Graphics at Prof. Gunter Böhmer. First prize in the annual competition of the Academy Stuttgart. Artist Member of WürttenbergischenKunstverein. 1977-1979 Participation in the copper printing workshop of V. Sammet. Co-founder of the LeonbergerClub “glass box”.

Al Hebert USA, Clinton Twp. Michigan. Al Hebert is best known for his installations and sculpture using cars and automotive parts, but this website offers a closer look at other facets of his work. The philosophical outlook inherent in his work unfolded in the 70’s, with issues involving dualism and the play of opposites. Materials and surfaces attempt to bridge differences between painting and sculpture, art and craft. His content mends the rift between logic and intuition, spirit and matter. Found objects are added onto flat planes and 3-dimensional constructions often have flat-planed surfaces. Personal web

Carmen Heemels Netherlands, Herkenbosch. Education: College of Arts, Sittard / Maastricht.
Study and travel inspiration: Many travels through America, Asia, Africa and Europe. “I like to involve the space at my work, there were, created a whole new image whose spaciousness is part. My work consists of installations, paintings and drawings. Installations may be temporary. Sometimes I incorporate photos of your own work to a new image.”

Peter Heeser Germany, Krefeld. 1938 Born in Krefeld. 1953-62 Worked as Schritsetzer. 1953-62Travel by Süeuropa and North Africa. 1962-67 Free Kuststudium at the art school in Krefeld. 1968Worked as an art teacher.      Exhibitions since 1975

Serioshka Hellmund Mexico, Mexico city. Hellmund Serioshka, born in Mexico City in 1968, where she currently resides. Formally begins her studies in Visual Arts in Florence, Italy and later joined the National School of Fine Arts in Mexico. Between 21 and 24 years old she travels the 5 continents, inserting courses in Italy. From then she begins to diversify into different disciplines of Visual Arts, always giving more emphasis to painting. Attending the CNA courses at the University of Cape Town, in Lesheba, South Africa and in Barcelona, Spain. For 12 years she has taken specialized courses in Florence, Italy by Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky. Personal web

Karl Heinz Heming Germany, Erkelenz. Karlheinz Heming was born in 1948 in Gladbeck,Germany. 1969-1975 Studies, National Academy of Arts in Dusseldorf Beate ship and HeerichUniversity of Dusseldorf work stay in Borghetto, Sicily (I). Personal web

Tammy Hendrickx Canada. Tammy Hendrickx, born in Morden, Manitoba, Canada 1964. Has lived and worked in Passau, Germany, recently back in Canada. 1982-85 Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Manitoba. Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Photography, Silkscreen and Video

Nol Hennissen Germany (Netherlands), Bochum. 1964 born in Roermond Netherlands. 1983 – 1988 H.K.L. Sittard art education and sculpture II. 1989 – 1991 Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht art education and sculpture I.1992-1996 Academy of Fine Arts & Culture Munich with Prof. BenWillikens.1995 master student. 1996 Diploma – Debutant rice.     1997 Project promoting the Erwinand Gisela von Steiner Foundation.1997 – 2004 Assistant at the Chair of Prof. Ben Willikens. 2000Karl Schmidt-Rottluff scholarship

Sonja Hentschel Germany, Essen. birth 26-01-1977. Before drawing Tribal Flash (tattoo templates), since the on-line publications. 02-06-2005 exhibition Knisterkiste. Art performances in conjunction with bondage and Body Painting. Personal web

Juan Carlos Hernando Spain, Malaga. 2009 Comisario del ciclo de conferencias sobre arte contemporáneo LUNES CON ARTE, FNAC Málaga plaza.Comisario y participante de la exposición colectiva itinerante DIBUJOS DE PINTOR, Cortijo de Miraflores, Marbella. Mareas, Exposición individual de pintura, Echegaray 3. El Taller, Exposición individual de fotografía, Sala Denis Belgrano,  Junta de distrito Centro, Ayto. De Málaga. IX Certamen Provincial de Artes Plásticas, obra seleccionada, Diputación de Málaga. Blog

Katrien van Hettema Netherlands, Boxtel. 1966-1970 Teacher deed Nd, drawing and textiles, Tilburg. 1971-1972 Art Academy in Den Bosch Monumental Department, 1972-1973 Academy of Fine Arts in Tilburg. Web

Mat van der Heyden Netherlands, Panningen. Born October 3, 1964. Education: City CollegeMaastricht (1983-1986). videos / Personal web

Heiner Hinrichs Germany, Krefeld.

Hella van ’t Hof Netherlands, Den Bosch. Academy of Art & Design ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Autonomous Section I: Drawing, Painting and Graphics 1989 – 1994. Personal web

Pieter Hogenbirk Netherlands, Huizen. Pieter High Bink (1957) is a cartoonist and illustrator. Inhis studio in the Rookerij he is mainly concerned with his commercial work: making cartoons and comics for assignment. However, he also spends a lot of time making his own work. That free work is figurative character and his background as an artist is always recognizable. Peter works with pastels, watercolors or uses mixed techniques. At this point he makes, among other series of nudes, African masks and Frenchfacades.Very nice also the pastels of landscapes hidden in villages. Pieter works mostly on smaller sizes. Personal web

Norbert Hompesch Germany, Grevenbroich. 1963 Born in Dusseldorf. 1981-88 studied visual communication, technical school Dusseldorf. 1986-99 Lecturer at the Youth Art School Grevenbroich and VHS. 1988 Assistance in the painting of the octagon, Old Hospital, Aachen. 1990 stained glass window for new chapel, nursing home, Sullingen, Niedersaksen. 1991 line of “Children’s Museum Workshop” etc.

Arja Hop Netherlands, Amsterdam. Born September 30, 1968, Hierden. Education: University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Philosophy, 2010. PPCH, Analytical Drawing, Amsterdam, 2003 – 2006. AHK, Art Education DBB, Amsterdam, 1993 1994 AKV St. Joost, Visual Art, Sydney, 1987 – 1992. Personal web

Rosemary Hornak USA, Michigan. Rosemary Hornak, born in 1951 in Detroit, Michigan (USA). 1993 Associates degree in fine arts Macomb Community College South Campus, Warren Mi (USA). 1978 B.F.A. Center for creative studies, college of Art and design, E. Kirby, Detroit, Mi (USA)

Ulrike Hornung Germany, Passau. Ulrike Hornung Academic. Painter, seminar leader and a freelance artist. Master student of Prof. J. Reipka. Diploma of the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich(1979). Studies at the University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz (Austria). Member of the Federal Association of Artists (BBK) and the International Association for Hand Papermakers toPaper Artists (IAPMA). Personal web

Barbara Hovens Germany (Netherlands), Berlin. 1991-92: Media production (AVP), Sittard (NL) 1992-98: Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ABKM), Maastricht (NL). 1997-98: Raststaette Aachen, Aachen (DE) (Internet café / Cultural Centre). 1999-till now: Web design and development, graphic design, photography, fine art.

Hubert Huber Germany, Passau. 1956 born in Gurlarn in Passau. 1978-1981 woodcarverteaching. Since 1981 freelance, since 1987 1 Chairman of the Association of Fine Artists of Lower Bavaria eV, Since 1988, participation and consultant at “Art in Public Spaces”, Since 1992, the initiator and driving force behind the “culture model Bräugasse” in Passau, since 1994 member of the group”Art and Building” BBK LV Bavaria. Initiator and founding member of Produzentengalerie Passau. Conception and organization of numerous national and international exhibition projects and symposia. Personal web

Sandra Huber Germany, Passau. At 20, she finished first school, vocational training, and has worked for 18 years as a freelance-self-taught as a painter in Passau. Most arise paintings in oil on canvas, 90×90, in clear motives, such as landscape, city, flora, or free forms, bold colors. Over the years, has developed a visual language that breaks away from direct reality. It’s about lines, colorsand shapes, and the integration of a fictional reality in an overall ornament. Numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. Personal web

Carlos Iván Huerto Zamora Peru, Lima. Born in 1964 en Lima, Peru. National School of Fine Arts of Peru 1989 – 1994 (Specialty paint).

Adri Huisman Netherlands, Maasdijk.  Born 1954 in Maasdijk. Academies of The Hague and Rotterdam. 1979 – 1989. Web

Artists I

Ute Illig Germany, München. Ute Illig draws, paints and has come up with object art, Animation and lighting installations concerned. In abstract painting it is their essential to express the dynamics of current affairs. Video / web

Ion Isaila Germany (Romania),Düsseldorf. 1953 born in hermannstadt, Romania. 1979 graduate of fine arts institute, Bucharest.1984 -90 studies at the art college duesseldorf. 1984 -86 daad postgraduate scholarship for the college duesseldorf. 1985 master of arts and tutor. 1985 arts award from hedwig & robert samuel found.1987 establish dadaimportexport ltd. lives and works in duesseldorf and bélesta (france). Personal web

Jose Ignacio Iturburu Peru, Lima. 1981en Born in Lima, Peru. He studied at the National School of Fine Arts of Peru (1998-2004). Blog

Artists J
Alexandru Jakabhazi  Romania, Timisoara. Born: 20. 03. 1954 – Dej, Romania. Education: Institute of Fine Arts “Ion Andreescu” Cluj – graphics department. Member of the Union of Plastic Artists from Romania – Timisoara Branch. Professor. Ph.D – West University – Faculty of Arts and Design Timisoara, Romania. Travel-Documentary: Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Portugal. Blog

Der Peter Janssen Netherlands, Venlo. 1981-1986 Bass player and vocalist of a punk band, playing across Europe. 1981-1986 Writing lyrics, designing posters and record sleeves.1984-1990 Political activist, designing posters.1990- present: Writing poems and prose in Dutch, English and German, and painting series in oil and acrylic on subjects that fascinate. Personal web

K.A. Janßen Germany, Kempen. 1937 born in Goch / Lower Rhine. 1955 – 1959 studies at theart school in Krefeld with Professors Fassbender and Kadow. Major fields of study: Free graphicsand book design. 1959 state exam / graphic grad. 1981 since 1981 Chairman of the CommunityKrefeld artist. 1997 Ferdinand Langenberg Award of the city of Goch: Graphics cycle / Artists Books”Pluck the Day”. Personal web

Silvia Jimenez Esteban Spain,Malaga. Born in 1981, Málaga. 2007. Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Granada. 2003. BA in Art History from the University of Málaga. 2007. Calvinscholarship for International Project, the mode of Photography, in Urbino, Italy. With five international exhibitions in Lithuania, Poland (Poznan and Lootz), Urbino and Granada. 2007. Collaboration with the Secretariat Exhibition Area Visual Arts, Performing and Music at the University of Granada, in theexhibitions held in the Royal Hospital Cruise. Developing coordination in the assembly, dismantling exhibitions and conducting tours. 2006. Scholarship to attend the IV International Forum of Contemporary Art experts, ARCO’06. 2004. Award Alonso Cano, New Modality Imaging Technologies for the work entitled The Scream. Personal web

Juan José Jiménez Molina Spain,Malaga. Born in 1967 in Ronda (Malaga) Spain Resides in the city of Malaga since 1981. Just eleven years old, he makes his first contacts with the world of art. He studied painting and drawing with various techniques and modalities, and used oils, etchings, wood, glass, china ink, charcoal, pastel and watercolor. Currently his works appears to be the result of his professional and personal history, which highlights the China ink with watercolor and acrylic, in contrast with the lines and originality. His work approaches what is known as the abstract field in contemporary art, full of feelings, expressions, emotions, thoughts and moving lines, to relate the scientific world with abstract art. Personal web

Gene Johnson Brasil (originally from New York City), lives in Brazil for 20 years. He currently divides his time between his studios in Brazil and Mexico. Johnson is interested in developing geometric-based, abstract work, while still maintaining the sense of the artist's hand through his own unique textured surfaces, balanced with color and form.   His works have been shown and collected in the US, Canada, Europe and Latin America.  He has recently had solo exhibitions in Mexico, Madrid, Paris and Sao Paulo.

Ko de Jonge Netherlands, Middelburg. Jacobus Cornelis (Ko) de Jonge was born in Middelburg, the Netherlands, in 1945. He lives and works in Middelburg/Vlissingen. From 1970 to 2006 he was teaching art in secondary education. His multidisciplinary work includes drawings, collages, objects and installations. He is designer of the literary periodical Ballustrada and curator of the wALLofsmALLart in the artcenter KipVis in Vlissingen (www.kipvis.com).
He organized numerous projects. A well know project is the ARTis STARTplus, a library of contemporary art consisting of artists books. Over 1300 books are now included in this project. This collection will be part of the archives of the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven. Wikipedia

Ismet Jonuzi Kosovo, Prishtina. Was born on 9th February 1961 in Rahovica, municipality of Presheva. 1983 Graduated from Academy of Figurative Arts-the Branch of sculpture in Prishtina in the class of prof.Agim Cavdarbasha.1986 Travelled to Paris as a fellowship holder of M.Pijade Foundation.1996 Travelled to Germany as a Fellowship holder of Heinrich Böll Stiftung. Personalweb

Estela Jorge Argentina, Santa Rosa, La Pampa. Jorge María Estela, born July 22, 1958, Santa Rosa – La Pampa. Lecturer in Visual Arts (IUNA). Current position: since 2004 Director of the Museum of Arts Santa Rosa La Pampa.

Jovan Jovanovic Germany (Serbia, Yugoslavia ), Augsburg . Born: 1949 in Šašinci, Serbia, Yugoslavia. In Germany: since 1971. 1964-1967 electrician apprenticeship. 1992-1998 Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, 1999 Diploma. videos / Personal web

Irene Judong Belgium, Hasselt. Irene Judong born Veldwezelt, June 26, 1953, deceased inHasselt, August 28, 2011. Visual artist, teacher liberal arts, Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg. “My work results from a tremendous desire to flow out into the world and to be present in a curdled form, ethereal or maybe like a butterfly in its perspective. My works of art are pieces of extension from this desire, that also exists in a physical desire : to make the body longer with exact objects, or in a philosophical way : to do the same in day-dreamy thinking…. “

Paco Jurado Spain, Malaga. Paco Jurado, born October 24, 1944 in Malaga, Spain. He began his artistic career in 1959,  starting with modeling clay and roots of reeds, he tries to make occasional intuitive sculptural movements, starting a convincing self-taught art, to which he always remains faithful throughout his career. From 1964 until today he did countless solo and group exhibitions throughout the Spanish peninsula and in Germany, Argentina and Peru (among other countries) and he participates in fairs and international art Biennales. During the period 95-96, he created with a group of artists from Malaga, the Association of Visual Artists of Malaga (APLAMA) of which he functions as its president. Web

Manuel Jurdao Spain, Malaga. born in Barcelona in October 1959. In 1974 he moved with hisfamily to Málaga. In 1979 he enrolled at the School of Arts and Crafts in that city, where he remainedfive years. In 1993 he along with other painters Obelisk Group, which conducts the project among other artistic activity “Street Art” in the Plaza de la Merced Malaga, opposite the birthplace of Picasso.Two years after leaving the group. In 1998 the collective Espacio Tres is a founding member along with Antonio Casares is created. During the years 1999-2000 involved in the creative design of the series “HighPlace” and subsequently to “Bayberry” during the 2001-2005, both of Canal Sur TV. Personal web

Artists K

Caroline Kabrin USA, Dearborn, Michigan. ABC Network News 1900-present, Senior courtroom artist: Artwork shown nationally on World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, Good Morning America and Nightline.WXYZ-TV, Southfield Michigan 1980-rpresent, Senior courtroom artist for television news coverage. Detroit Free Newspaper 1980-1990, freelance use of courtroom artwork. WDIV-TV, Detroit, Michigan 1975-1980, Senior courtroom artist for television news coverage. Walt Disney Studios, Orlando Florida, Internship in Feature Animation 1994.

Marianne Kalsbeek Netherlands, Amsterdam. Born in Utrecht, resident of Amsterdam since 1978.
Decided to become an artist after finishing a Ph.D. in Mathematics. Writes and translates poetry. Personal web

Michael D. Kalso USA, Jacob East Pointe Michigan.

Juan Kalvellido Spain, Fuengirola (Malaga). videos Personal web

Maria Kapteijns Netherlands, Eindhoven. Born: July 30, 1965, Eindhoven. Education: Royal Academy of Art and Design in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Diploma in 1991, nominated for the Price Luca, ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Since 2010, working on a Master of Arts and Culture at the University of Tilburg. Personal web

Ankica Karacic Germany (Croatia), Iserlohn. Born: July 6, 1951 in Indjija Vojvodina.Nationality:Croatian. Marital status: married, 2 children. web

Rob Kars Netherlands, Weert. 1946 Born in Rotterdam. 2002 – PRESENT :W ork consists ofcollages of analog images, drawings (tracings) and texts edited with paint, markers, pencil andcopier. Personal web

Horst Keining Germany, Düsseldorf. 1949 Born in Hattingen. 1968 High School in Bochum. 1969 Studied engineering in Bochum. 1970-76 Studied painting at the Art Academy Dusseldorf at Heerich. 1994 Scholarship in Slovenia lives and works in Dusseldorf. Personal web

Martin Kidd Australia, Nounton Crescent. Martin Kidd was born in Western Australia. He lectured in Fine Art at Claremont School of Art and Central Metropolitan College of Art and Design in Western Australia for some seventeen years, teaching painting and drawing . He was formally trained in Fine Art at Perth Technical College, Claremont School of Art and the W.A. Institute of Technology. He returned to Australia in February 2004 after living in Spain for ten years.

Fanny Kiezenberg Netherlands, Huizen. Fanny Dial Berg (1943), sculptor. She prefers to work directly in stone (waist direct), for example marble, alabaster, serpentine, French and Belgian limestone marble. In herpictures she deliberately plays on the drawing, shape and texture of the stone.

Werner Klompen Netherlands, Roermond. School of Visual Arts, Utrecht. Staatliche ArtAcademy, Düsseldorf.

Rainer Knaust Germany, Düsseldorf. 1947 born in Oberhausen. 60’s – Training as a precision mechanic / electronics technician journeyman. 70s – Cologne / Dusseldorf: Continuing educationschools. Maastricht / NL: Academy of Applied Arts, studying Plastic molding and free sculpting.80erJahre – Dusseldorf: development of disused factories as labor and Venues. Art projects in collaboration with the cultural authorities in Dusseldorf, Wuppertal, Stuttgart and Berlin – with ChrisReinecke. 90s – conceptual engagement with everyday life, architecture, photography, piano Architecture,presentation systems and dwarfs. Personal web

Jessica Knoot Netherlands, Den Bosch. Born in Schiedam, 1962. 1984 internship with photographer Wim Noordhoek, then from 1986 Art Academy. 1991 graduated from the Royal Academy of Art and Design in Den Bosch, Department Painting, drawing and graphics. Personal web

Heinrich h. Koch Germany, Mönchengladbach. 1964-67 Training as photo engraving artist.1969-74 Studied at the Dusseldorf Art Academy with prof. Rolf Sackheim and prof. Joseph Beuys.1974master student.Since 1989 artistic director of the Fine Arts area in the Arts Centre of the Ruhr-University Bochum.Since 1970 numerous solo and group exhibitions in Germany and abroad, study and work stays in Provence, Tuscany, Liguria and Slovenia.

Truus Koopmans Netherlands, (no further information available.)

René Korten Netherlands, Tilburg. Born 1957 in Horn, Netherlands / born in Horn, The Netherlands.1975-80 Moller Institute NLO Tehatex, Tilburg.1980-82 Academy of Fine Arts,Tilburg.1995 work period / work period in Nova Zembla, ‘s-Hertogenbosch.1998 period of work /project work period Translacje 98 Piotrków Trybunalski (PL).1999 period of work / project workperiod Translacje 99 Piotrków Trybunalski (PL). 2001 period of work / project work period ThupeloCape Town International Workshop 2001, Good Thought Centre, Malmesbury (RSA).2007 work period Guest studios / work period Guest Studios Graphic Studio Daylight – Artists Workshop Iconoclasm, Eindhoven. Personal web

Peter Kos Netherlands, Huizen. Peter Kos (1964) is a designer and design furniture, lamps, artwork and interiors, both for his own “line” as commissioned, which he thinks freely within manufacturing technical limitations. He also advises on design and composes works from found materials. He also does work using combined techniques.

Kardo Kosta Argentina (Switserland, Spain). Ricardo Costa Mule. Nationality: Argentina-Spanish. Birthplace: Morón, Province of Buenos Aires Argentina. video Virtual gallery

Norbert Kostka Germany, (Poland), Wegberg. 1960 born in Prudnik / Poland.1980-84 studied civil engineering at the Technical University Wroclaw.1984 Moved to Germany.1985-91 studied architecture at the RWTH Aachen and at the Vienna University of Technology.Since 1991, architect and artist in KöIn, freelance work in the office Thomas van den ValentynSince 1995 own architecturaland art studio in KöIn.Lectures at the RWTH Aachen, TH Wroclaw, Krakow Architecture Biennale, FH Detmold, FH Mainz, University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, University of Applied Sciences Trier.1996-97Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Detmold.2000 City Water Tower Uevekoven.2001-03 Project Manager at HPP in Dusseldorf.Since 2003 architectural firm in the water tower Uevekoven. Personal web

Ernst Kraft Spain, (Netherlands), Malaga. Born in 1952, Bloemendaal, Holland. Since 1989 studio in Malaga, Spain. His extended professional CV includes exhibitions, installations and projects in  Germany, UK, Holland, Rumania, Italia, México and Argentina. His paintings show a gestural drawing against a spacious and semitransparent background, like bringing alive the abstract drama. Kraft was coordinator president of the Din A4 project from 2008 till 2014. videos / Blog

Christel Kremser Germany, Kempen. Born 1945 in Braunschweig.Training in the photographerscraft, Braunschweig. Studied photography with Professor Detlef Orlopp, Krefeld.Study of artistic photography with Prof. Arno Jansen, Cologne. freelance photographer.Lives and works in Kempen /Ndrh. Personal web

Lilian Krikhaar Netherlands, 1998 Web Design, Computerij Amsterdam. 1984 – 1989 Art Academy Minerva, Groningen. Fine Art, painting / drawing
Anja Kutzki Germany, Pocking. Born 24 9.1973, Bad Griesbach, Germany. 1996 – Master’sdegree at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Passau, Major: Art Education, Minors: Art History and Psychology. Since 2002: Member of Association of Fine Artist Lower Bavaria eV. 2004 – 2006Educational museum and administrative activities at the Modern Museum of Art – FoundationWörlen. Since 2006 worked as a Freelance painter and graphic artist. Since 2007 Member of the producers Galerie Passau. Personal web

Louk Kuys Netherlands, Helmond. In 1951, I was born in Helmond . At an early age I had been interested in art . After meeting to have some drawing rooms and printing processes ( Vlisco and Panhuizen ) I started in 1965 as an autodidact keep drawing , painting and organizing artistic projecten.Eind sixties in this illustrious youth center REVOLVER my first steps on artfully me more focused working grounds put . Early 80s came to me the need for broadening, deepening and structure about art and artists . To give this idea shape in 1984 , I took the initiative for the foundation. Channel 84″ to set . Personally, I functioned herein as chairman and organizer of exposities.In 1993 I was involved in the creation of ” Foundation Visual Artists Kring Helmond ” where I functioned in the working group that the board selected and was responsible for drafting the statutes . The foundation ’s name from it in 2000 , the Dutch Cacaofabriek here, I function as a board member until 2001.

Paffard Keating-Clay (See artist name Paffard)

Artists  L

Carlos Langone Argentina, Buenos Aires. Carlos Langone, was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1945. Draftsman, painter, illustrator and graphic designer. Also a teacher in different artistic fields. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in his country (Argentina) and abroad. earned numerous awards in drawing such as: 1st Rosary Hall, museum Castagnino, 1st Coca Cola in the Arts and Sciences, BA, 1st Biennial BULL V Maldonado, Uruguay, 1st and 2nd monoprint. Show Belgrano, Sivori Museum, 1st Hall of Santa Fe, Museum R. G. Rodriguez, etc.. His works are in museums around the country and in national and foreign collections.Member of the Argentina Association of Price Winners, APA of the City of Buenos Aires.

Jea Yun Lee Germany, Kassel. Born in 1977 in Seoul, South Korea, 1996-2000 Studies – Freine art and painting, Uni. Dongguk, Seoul. Degree: Bachelor of Liberal Arts / best graduate of the vintage. 2001-2003 study -painting, Uni. Dongguk, Seoul. Degree: Diploma in liberal arts. Written thesis: “Study for human figures in my paintings”. 2005-2007 studied Philosophy and Art History, University. Regensburg in Germany. Without financial statements. Since 2007, studying – Free Art, Art Academy checkout. Base class of Prof. Stefan Demary. Since 2008 with Professor Jürgen Meyer. Blog

Ben Leenen Netherlands, Maastricht. Born in 1949. Painter, printmaker, assembly and mail artistsince 1983 and manager of “The Elephantine Press”, a one-man publishing on their own initiativepoetry books (14 x 20) spends. Picassa web

Michèle Lehmann Spain, (Switzerland), Mijas, Malaga. Born in Switzerland, Michèle Lehmann has lived in Mijas nearly 30 years. She began doing pencil drawings that eventually became more complex, sometimes taking weeks to complete. Now she them produces with oil paintings based on many layers of glaze. She has won several awards in Spain and her works are exhibited in galleries worldwide. Michèle Lehmann, who is self-taught, credits Mijas and its artists by providing encouragement and resources for all that she has learned. “The artists have helped me open my eyes. I have provided a comprehensive training and lots of encouragement. “. Personal web
Lucas Leite Brasil São Paulo (Brazil). born in 1975. Graduated in Law School and Marketing, works as international sales man and photographer in many countries, f.e. Brazil, Nigeria, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia. Of all different places and cultures, most important  are People. The photographer always walks along the sales man. Images are always there, its just pay attention that the moment demands.WEB

Jeremy Lennon Great Britain (Spain), Ojén. Born in Lancashire, England, 1957. The son of a doctor, he was educated at Jesuit schools where he first began to show his artistic talent.In 1978 during a visit to Amsterdam, he felt profoundly affected by seeing the works of Vincent van Gogh. In 1980, following graduation from the University of Sheffield he went to Dublin; thinking of attending medical school there, but soon gave up studying and moved to London to frequent the museums and galleries and to study art. In May 1981 he visited Paris and then travelled to the south of France remaining there for three years and coming into contact with the sculptor César and the writer Anthony Burgess. During this time he worked at Sothebys in Monte Carlo and became linked with the Forum Art Gallery and attended the Arts Fair in Bologna. In Lucca he visited the artist Antonio Possenti. videos Personal web

Martin Lersch Germany, (France), Goch. Martin Lersch (a grandson of the working class poet Heinrich Lersch) studied from 1971 to 1973 design at the Fachhochschule Niederrhein in Krefeld and thereafter until 1976 illustration at the Folkwang School in Essen (both in Germany). Lersch now lives and is working in Goch, Germany, but also in his studio in La Flèche (France). He received several scholarships (for example, in 1980 by the German-French Youth Office, creativity and scholarship in 1986 of the Regional Council of Pays de la Loire and 2006 Tower Scholarship Funds). Lersch has lived in France for longer periods and worked alongside his main artistic work as an illustrator and in design, book production and music performance (clarinet, guitar, electronic instruments and toys). Martin Lersch leads since long art and music projects in libraries, museums, prisons, French and German schools, sometimes together with, for example, the mezzo-soprano Gesine van der Grinten in Ensemblia 2007th. From 1994 to 2007 he worked on the Journal for Literature and Graphic Middens, edited by Erik Martin.

Eva Lewarne Canada (Poland), Ontario. Born and raised in Poland and living presently in Canada a graduate of OCAD, I have always painted. In the last couple of years, I have received a Medal from France in a Painting Festival in Avignon. (Grand Prix). Not my first there. Also I have shown at the Grand Palais in Paris, before that. Photography is a second passion.Most recently I have been pre-occupied with shooting abstract photos. Besides painting, I teach art and lead Creativity and Health Workshops at Universities and private boardrooms.videos Personal web

Jorge Lindell Spain, Malaga. Born in 1930 in Malaga, Spain. Attending drawing classes at the School of Arts and Crafts in the city, (Málaga) with Don Luis Almagro Bono and teacher.
His first exhibition with two works presented at the Economic Society of the country in the contest ofEducation and Leisure in 1942 and won first prize in an exhibition of SEU. Travel to Madrid with the intention to enter the School of San Fernando, but due to an administrative error can not be registered, so choose get to work on small jobs as a painter of fans, restorer of porcelain and art objects several, with order to see exhibitions and contact with the world of art in Madrid. Web

Christian Lippuner Switzerland, Salenstein. 1947 born in Grabs / SG and grew up in the Principality of Liechtenstein. 1964-1969 Arts and Crafts School St.Gallen, professional-class graphics, painting with Kobi Lämmler and Alfred Kobel.1970 training in business management and marketingmanagement at the University of St. Gallen.1971 working as a graphic designer and art director ASGwith longer stays in St. Gallen, Folkestone, London, Constance, reuzlingen, Munich, Berlin, Ulm, Memmingen.1999/2000 start of free artistic work work. 2003 Initiator / editor of “Leaves from the back alley,” Edition Signathur, Mishawaka. 2006 Professional Association of Fine Arts; visarte.schweiz, bvk.  Personal web

Jolande van Lith Netherlands, Den Bosch. Jolande of lith (* 1966 ‘s-Hertogenbosch) studied photography and creative design, in 1986, she established herself as a freelance photographer. Her interest then went forward to capturing the experience of death, decay and simplicity. This resulted insuccessful exhibitions at home and abroad. In 1994 she retired from photography back to look for a different art form. Now she has chosen a different form of expression; abstractions in acrylic on canvas. Jolande “builds” her paintings in layers, it also makes use of various disciplines and techniques. Personal web

Dariel Llerandi Torres Cuba, Havana. Polytechnic civil construction and craftsmanship “Pablo de la Torriente Brau. Illustration Workshop “From the written to the visual metaphor metaphor”, by Colombian artist Pedro Villalba, Casa de las Americas, Cuba. Currently completing the three years of the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro in the art of engraving. Web

Jos Louwes Netherlands, Den Bosch. Jos Louwes (1957) was born in Venlo and raised inWeert.
Poet and artist (training autodidactic) (After high school he worked for many years with contactdisturbed children.) Since the early nineties, he lives and works in Den Bosch. In Den Bosch and inAmsterdam he has at literary festivals and openings of exhibitions to read from their own work. Since 2000 he works as an artist (drawing / painting).
Regina Lucas Gross Spain, Malaga. Born in Madrid, residing between Madrid, Cologne (Germany), and Málaga. Started her career at the age of 13 years using paper holder, with pen andink formats of about 30 by 20 cm. After a while using this technique in black and white, enterwatercolor and pastel. Attracted by the color experiments with different types of paint brush to apply them, continuing with the same tiny stroke in older formats. Spend fluorescent colors to use in support of everyday objects, pervirtiéndolos through color and presenting them with black light. In 1998 begins to incorporate into yourwork and add holographs halogen light. Personal web

Sesti Di Lucca Cuba, Havana. CV not available at this moment.

Lilia Luján Mexico, Mexico city. Lilia Luján (Mexico City) Visual multidisciplinary self-taught artist, with more than 150 exhibitions in different countries in America and Europe, has an extensive oeuvre that includes painting, alternative sculpture, murals, graphics, illustration, art-object, jewelry design, textiles, gifts for boutique and business, plus various pieces of art for residential, corporate, institutional and commercial decoration utility.She has published four books, “Lujan Contemporary Art” (Mexico, 2007), “Mexican Huichol Art and Mandalas” (Spain, 2008), “Aztec World” Modern designs for coloring (Spain, 2011) and “Minimal Art Lujan “artistbook (Mexico, 2011). In the process: “Lujan” special retrospective edition. videos

Alejandro Luna Cuba, Havana. CV not available at this moment.

Christians Luna Peru, Lima. Technical Designer Advertising, Research in Visual Arts. 1997 – 1998 Instituto Superior Public Design, Advertising Design. 1996 Superior Metropolitan Institute of Technology, Advertising Design. Blog

Luis Eduardo Luna Argentina, Yerba Buena, Tucumán. Place and date of birth; Yerba Buena (Tucumán) 14/02/1986. Education: Completed Secondary. Student of Bachelor of Fine Artsspecializing in painting, Faculty of Arts UNT.
Nelson Salazar Luna Chile (Spain), Canary Islands. Born in Maitland, Chile. From 1980 to 1987 living in La Pampa, Argentina. From 1988 to 2001 in Stockholm, Sweden. And in 2001Agüimes. Canary Islands. Blog

Karin Luner USA, (Germany), New York. Karin Luner , born in Düsseldorf, Germany, studied under the tutelage of Professor K. H. Hödicke at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin where she received a Master of Fine Arts degree. She moved to New York City after graduation in 1983 and has been living there ever since. Personal web

Magdalena Luque Spain, Malaga. Magdalena Luque Gallego began her training in Málaga,birthplace and where she lives, supplementing it with trips to Spain and other countries. A significant number of solo exhibitions of her work in Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville, Dussseldorf, Munich, Toronto, Chicago, New York, Caracas … testify to the consistency of a proposal that theLarousse encyclopedia defines as ” Courageous, emotionally balanced, colorful and yet austere, with great power of synthesis, “a judgment that share prominent critics of Spanish art.

Hedwig Luykx Belgium, Zoutleeuw. 1959 Study on Provincial Institute of Art Schools (PHIKO), Hasselt (B). 1963 Ceramics stagebij Koramic-Pottelberg, Kortrijk (B). 1965 Persecution EmailCourse on ‘Higher Fachakademie’ Prof. Lili Schultz, Düsseldorf (D)

Jacky D. Ly Senegal, Dakar. Jacky D. Ly, born in Senegal. Established artist works in studio in Dakar, Senegal.(At present date only one work in collection)

Artists M

Marga Madama (Adama) Netherlands. Birthdate: April 12, 1950, Jakarta, Indonesia. ’68 – ’71Rietveld Academy visual arts and photography, Amsterdam. ’71 – ’73 Various year studies at the University of Amsterdam, East Asian art history, cultural anthropology and philosophy. 1994 year training: textile arts, University of Amsterdam. Personal web

Helga Mader Germany, Passau. 1949 born in Passau, lives and works in Passau, autodidact.1974 Founding member of the “MAGRAPLA” in Passau. Member of the Kunstverein Passau. Member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists of Lower Bavaria. Member of AGON, artists’ association in the Old Town of Passau. Board member of the BBK Lower Bavaria. web

Fred Maës Belgium, Ostend. Born in 1939 in Ostend, Belgique (Belgium) . Engraver, painter and installation artist, Curator of contemporary art exhibitions. Studies at the Academy of Art, Bruges, Belgium. videos Personal web

Dagmar Mahlstedt Germany, Hamburg. Born in Brunsbuttel, a small town in Northern Germany. Studied education and art in Kiel and Hamburg. Lived and worked until 1998 in Hamburg. Since 1980, several solo exhibitions in and around Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Estepona (Andalucia) andSarvar (Hungary). Works since 1998 alternately in Manilva (Málaga) and in Hamburg. Malt is currently mainly with acrylic paint and felt-tip pens on cotton or cardboard; besides experimenting indifferent ways with plastic films. Personal web

Enrique Malia Spain, Malaga. Born in Barbate, Cádiz, Spain. July 31, 1966. 1985-1990 Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Sevilla. St. Elizabeth of Hungary School. 1990-1993 First, second and third year of Graphic. Communication at l’Ecole National d’Art Visuel de La Cambre. Brussels. Belgium.1993 First Course Specialist Graphic Design-Screen Printing. Ixelle d’Art School. Brussels. Belgium.

Concha Mamely Spain, Malaga. Escuela de Artes Aplicadas de Málaga. Estudios de Abstracción, Materia y Grabado en Casa de la Cultura, Fuengirola. Slideshare

Ismaila Manga Senegal, Dakar. smaïla Manga was born in Kamoya, in 1957. He studied at the Senegal’s national fine arts academy between 1977 and 1982. He lived for 13 years in Montreal (Quebec) Canada. He currently lives in the Village des Arts de Dakar, Senegal

Beatriz Manzanares Araque Spain, Madrid. Born in Madrid in 1986. Bachelor of Fine Arts inCes Felipe II (Aranjuez). In the 3rd year won honors in painting, his works were I exposed severaltimes to several ongoing Elizabeth Farnese. Flickr

Setyo Mardiyantoro Italy (Indonesia), Naples. Setyo Mardiyatoro was born in Java, Indonesia the 13/04/64 and got a degree in Agricultural technology at the National University of Jember, Indonesia in 1990. In ‘91 he came to Italy to follow his real vocation which is artistic. At present he lives in Naples where he is studying architecture and works as a painter.
Barbara Maron Poland.

Yunaika Martín Martinez Cuba, Havana. 1999-High in the Experimental Center of the Visual Arts: José Antonio Díaz Peláez.2000-2003-Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro. She currently teaches drawing and specialist galleries of the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro. web

Lope Martinez Alario Spain, Malaga. Born in 1957 in Humilladero (Málaga). He spent his childhood alternating Andalusia and Castile and some years living in Alcaucín, where he built hishome and studio. Bachelor of Valladolid and Malaga, during which already carries iron and woodstructures. Develops projects sculpture, furniture, and architecture …. in the latter field that is designed to Alcaucín: Memorial Ride and entrance to the town, … Source of the five pipes, stairs and… garden square yard, facade … Town Hall, … Restorations in church and former barracks, … etc. Participate incourses taught by the engraver engraving Oscar Manessi in the workshop 7/10 Malaga. Collaborations with magazines: Axarquía,…La mosca,…El Faro,…La Comarca,… and El Avance.

Jose Antonio Martinez Porras (See artist name El Chirri)

Ángeles Martínez Spain, Malaga. Born in Malaga in 1964. From 1987 to 1991 course in drawing and painting and various painting techniques (oil, watercolor, pastel). From 1992 to 1995general course in drawing and painting with Manuel D. Moreno monitor. Manufacturing specialized courses various painting techniques (textures, low relief, linocuts, etc.) Preparation of support (material). videos

Julio Martínez Peru, Lima. 1995 – 1998 – Retrato y Dibujo de la Figura Humana. Escuela Nacional Superior Autónoma de Bellas del Perú. Especialidad de Pintura. 1995 – 2000 Escuela Nacional Superior Autónoma de Bellas del Perú. Egresado Titulado de la Especialidad de Pintura. 2006 Fotografía, Centro de la Imagen. videos / Blog

Jean George Massart Belgium, Tienen. Tienen, ° 03/24/1953. 1970-1977 Urban Tekenacademie Tienen, teacher Jef Vaes. 1978-1983 E.N.S.A.A.V. (La Cambre), Brussels, Ieraar Roger Dudant. Internships: JoIy M. and S. Vandercam-J. Glibert

Radovan Matijek Germany (Croatia), Krefeld. Brn on 31/01/1962 in split , Croatia.1979 – abitur at the university college for arts in split.1981 – sculptor study at the national college for fine arts in zagreb.1982 – jazz dance at tihana skrinjaric.1983-6 – training, dancing in ensamble milana bros in Zagreb ( graham, laban ).1986 – diploma accounts as a sculptor at prof. stipe sikirica. 1986 – scholarship to the dance school in ljubjana (modern , african ).1986 workshop be Susanne Linke. 1986-9 – study tours : berlin , paris , london.1988 – various exhibitions in Croatia.1989 work with jose ferez in london ( limon ).1990 – film ” cej ” script , choreographer , director (with lj.mikulcic and a. acev). 1991-9 – exhibitions in Germany and Holland.1997 – scholarship in ” moving academy for performing art” amsterdam. 1998 – workshop at Sabine Seume.1999 – choreographic atelier do be lina carmo. 1999 – workshop at Sabine Seume. 1999 – 2nd international butoh and related arts symposium and dance exchange project.

Ivica Matijevic Germany (Bosnia Herzegovina), Moers. Born in Maglaj, Bosnia 1968 – Herzegovina.1985 – 1990 studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo (painting, sculpture, and art history).Then worked as a professor (teacher) of art education.Additional contract work in various churches, including the representation of Bosnian history of 800 until 1989.Since 1990 exhibitions and exhibitions including in Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Holland and France.Member the common switching Krefeld artists.Working since 1998 as a independent artist.

Elisa Mazza Italy, Avenza Carrara (MS). In the 90s she worked as a curator at the Art weekly column for the newspaper “The City”. From 1993 to 1998 he taught courses in watercolor technique, decoration and restoration of wood for the workshop: “The Art and Decor” in Milan.

Ian McCulley Great Britain, Castleton, N. Yorkshire. He studied Basic Design at Winchester College of Art, 3-D Construction at Southampton College of Art and Trent Park College, London. Began painting in 1980, initially applying paint to constructions, he had made, and then constructing paintings in 2-D on canvas and paper. Personal web

Harald Meisenberg Germany, Düren. Born in Düren 1957. 1977-82 Degree in Business Administration, University of Cologne. 1989-92 Literature Studies, University of Cologne.1998 Art Prize of the City of Düren. 2000 Art Prize EURO-World, Frankfurt am Main.

Stefan Meisl Germany, Passau. Born in 1976 in Passau, Germany. 1997-2003 Studies at the Department of Art / University of Passau. 2004-2006 Lecturer at the Johann Riederer-RealschuleHauzenberg. 2008 debutant promotion of Bavaria. since 2007 independent artist.

Juan Carlos Mejía Peru, Lima. Born in 1975 in Lima, Peru. Toulouse Lautrec Institute 1996 -1999 -. Bachelor in Advertising Design. Center of Photography – Professional Photography Course1998 – 1999.National School of Fine Arts. Academic training as a professional artist. SpecialtyPainting 1999 – 2005. National School of Fine Arts. Academic training as a professional artist.Specialty Drawing 1999 – 2004. Integral Workshop Course Intervention in urban space – Universidad Ricardo Palma. 2002.

Ana Melano Argentina, Buenos Aires. Ana Melano, Argentinian artist, born in 1963 in Rio Cuarto, Province of Cordoba. She lives in Santa Fe, Province of Rosario, Argentina, since 1982. Professor of Fine Arts, degree from College of Fine Arts, Faculty of Humanities and Arts of the Universidad Nacional de Rosario in 1989. Since 1985 teaching assignments of Engraving and Etching. Currently professor in the department of Engraving. She also works as assistant in Etching, a position reached through national competition in 1992. Her works consists mainly of Prints and Drawings.

Nilton Melgar Carrión Peru, Arequipa. Born in 1980 – Arequipa, Peru. Qualifications: Professorof Art Education in the specialty of Plastic Arts. Superior Public School Art, Carlos Baca Flor, Arequipa, Peru. Blog

Franco Mendez Calvillo Mexico, Tijuana. Franco Mendez Calvillo, born in San Luis Potosi, SLP Mexico, 1948. He lives and works in his studio in Tijuana, B.C. Mexico. Education: 1965-1972 School of Medicine, San Luis Potosi, SLP 1976-1977 National Medical Center, DF Endoscopy 1977-1978 Nippon University Tokyo, Japan. Cultural Extension Endoscopía1986-1988 Painting, University Iberoamericana, Tij., BC Workshops 1988-1989 UABC Tecate, Baja California. Video

Antonia Mendoza Cea Spain, Malaga. “… I am, Toni Mendoza Cea, born in Malaga in May of1958, my relationship with art dates back to the period of study at the Institute of Torremolinos, fromthat time I’ve moved into the world of art through friends, that similar concerns. My work is done withdifferent techniques, rope, sand, wood, etc.. Trying to reflect that I feel at all times during the execution of the work, capturing the colors and strokes according to the feeling of the moment, not strictly define the shape of it. Always surprised me the end result, …”. videos

Marilena Mercogliano Italy, Naples. Lives  and works in Naples ( teaching in secondary school.). Several exhibitions in Naples and surroundings and one of the works was published in the book 13×17 edited by Philippe Daverio.
Christina Messora Italy, Ancona. “From the exhibition Working out progress of Rome, the staffTangles and signs of a desire to Venice, the art of Cristina Messora  arrives at Ancona and takes care of the difficult task of giving us a ‘art made to think’. What ‘most striking of her work’, in fact, ‘rooted in the abstractgeometric shapes, which tends to suggest a search for symbols, directions, clues.” (out of press release: Francoise Calcagno Art Studio)
Nuria Metzli Montoya Italy, Olvia. 1986-90 Degree: Graphic Design, ISCYTAC, Gomez Palacio, Dgo., Mx., she participated in some courses, the most important: In 1993 * MultidisciplinaryLaboratory, University José Vasconcelos de Durango, Mexico. 1994 * Summer Teacher WorkshopsPhotography, the Art Institute of Dallas, Tx., USA. 1994 * Art History, University of Juarez in Durango, Mexico. 2000 * hacking course, Studio Poliart, Cagliari, Italy. 1994-96 * Course “painting, sculpture and inscisione,” in the Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving of Juarez University of Durango,Mexico.

Ute Meyer Germany, Flensburg. born in December 1957, freelance artist.1984 State Examinationart for secondary schools, PH Flensburg with Prof. Uschkereit.1987 state exam teacher forsecondary schools. 2006 art therapist, training in the workshop of art and therapy, Münster. Personal web

Adam Michnia Germany (Poland), Krefeld. Born in 1970 in Cosel (Poland) / Obersclesien). 1992-1999 Studied art for teaching at the University of Essen. 1994 studio in Krefeld. Summer of 1995 and 1996 stay in the apartment of the German narrator, Lykers and painter Stefan Andres (1906-1970) in Rome. 2000-2003 member of the Community Krefeld Küunstler (GKK).   2002/2005 – Winners for Young Art – KUBOSHOW in Herne. August 2004 – taking up work in the permanent collection of the State Museum Tivat – Montenegro. Personal web

Ivan Mijatovic Netherlands, Huizen. Born in Zenica Bosnia-Hercegovina in 1966. Living in the Netherlands since 1994 and has the Dutch nationality.

Raquel Minetti Argentina, Santa Fe.Born in Elisa,  the province of Santa Fe, Argentina, in 1957. Superior Teaching in Visual Arts, specializing in sculpture at the School of Visual Arts Prof. JohnMantovani Santa Fe. Arte.Subsecretaría Fellowship Course in Theory of Culture of the Province of Santa Fe.

Cristina Misiunas Argentina, Cordoba. born in the city of Comodoro Rivadavia, on January 7, 1952. He began painting in 1961. It lies in the city of Cordoba in 1968.He graduated in 2002 from the School of Fine Arts “Dr. Figueroa Alcorta” with the title of Expert and Professor of Fine Arts.In 2005, at the same Provincial School, he graduated as Senior Technical and Senior Lecturer inDrawing and Painting. Personal web

Tanja Mohler Germany, Kaiserslautern. Tanja Mohler (born Lindner), Born 06 05 1963, Dresden (D).Raised in Radebeul, Saxony, who live since 1994 in Kaiserslautern, Germany. 1994 Am I moved to Kaiserslautern and have six children raised in 2002 in glass fusing course in high Speyer acquiredfurther studies on stained-glass panels and glass painting autodidact.Worked for three years for domestic use and developed the 3D painting

Juan Luis Molero Spain, Madrid. Born in Cordoba (1970) . “Working with all kinds of materials, but with iron and wood I identify most of all. I always make unique pieces, although the series on atopic I find very attractive as a means of research. Art is representative of its time … What happens isthat “my time” might differ from the of other artists. With the sculpture I have the impression of being able to connect the real world with the imaginary, …” videos / Personal web

Vincenzo Montella Italy, Naples. Vincenzo Montella was born in Benevento, Italy the 7/14/1952 and lives in Naples where works as psychiatrist. He is graduated in Medicine and Philosophy and specialist in psychiatry and family psychotherapyHe is artist, poet and photographer. Web

Ezequiel Montero Swinnen Argentina, Caba. Visual artist. Born in Santa Rosa, La Pampa in1983.Vive, studies and works in Buenos Aires. He is interested in exploring different media: installation, drawing, painting, photography, video. He has exhibited his work in museums andgalleries in New York, Germany, Panama, Spain and Argentina. Personal web

Nella Montfoort Netherlands, Amsterdam. Nella Montfoort, born in Dordrecht in The Netherlands 1948. Lives and works in Amsterdam since 1979.Training: Academy for Industrial Design and Fine Arts, Eindhoven Education completed at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, s’-Hertogenbosch 1975. During her studies she received The Royal Award for the Free Arts of Painting 1974. There are regularly exhibitions of her work in The Netherlands and abroad.Personal web

Renate Moran Austria, Linz.Born in Murau / Styria, Austria. Schools in Murau, Graz and Innsbruck, different teachers, among others the painter and graphic artist Prof.A.M. Wirth Vienna,and the sculptor A.Feuerstein, Franks D. Lithography at Prof.Alfred Billy, School of Art Linz. Course-based training for art educator in the 80 years. Freelancing in adult education for drawing and painting and lithography since 1978. 1982 audit by the Federal Ministry of Education and the Arts, and consequently the work as a freelance artist. 1995 Award of Künstlerpunze for work in precious metals by the Republic of Austria. Since 1974, continuous exhibitions at home and abroad. Personal web

Ortansa Moraru Canada (Romania), Toronto. Born in 1968 in Romania, maiden name: Ortansa Ilie, Married name: Ortansa Moraru. Lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Personal web

Manuel Moreno Spain, Malaga. videos / Perosnal web

Mati Moreno Spain, Malaga. Born in Alemeria, Spain. Personal web

Ricardo Motilla Moreno Mexico, Leon Guanajuato. He was born on December 10, 1951 in SanLuis Potosi, SLP, Mexico. Make career in architecture from the University of Guanajuato. From 1970 to date he is a cartoonist, painter and self-taught sculptor. Personal web

Mako Moya Peru,Lima. Born in 1983, in Lima, Peru. 2000/2006 National School of Fine Arts of Peru, Academic training as a professional artist, specialized in painting. 2000/2004 National School of Fine Arts of Peru, specialized in drawing. videos and Blog

Nout Muller Netherlands, Roermond. 1976 – 1979 Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, andArchitectural design. 1980 – 1982 Free Academy of Photography, Utrecht

Guillermo Munro USA (Mexico), Chicago.

Artists N

Keiichi Nakamura Japan, Tokyo. 1960 born in Japan (Aichi-Ken). 1978-82 Tanka (Japanese traditional Poem) zine “Stesu” publishing. 1982 Graduated from Hokkaido University

Beatriz di Nápoli Argentina, Santa Rosa, La Pampa. studied at the Provincial Institute of Fine Arts in the city of Santa Rosa (La Pampa), there obtained the degree of Master of Visual ArtsProvincial. Then he perfected for 2 years and earned the title of Professor of Arts in Visual Arts.

Javier Navarta Spain, Torre delMar. Fine Arts Degree, Director of the School of Art Axarquia (Costa del Sol, Spain) He teaches art workshops both in Andalusia and Castilla la Mancha.(Spain) . Collaboration grant at the International Museum of Electrography (MIDE) in Cuenca city. (Spain). As an artist, is showing his works in exhibitions both individual and collective international howws, since 1978. He has received awards including the 1st European Prize for Painting in 1993. Founder and president of the International Group of Contemporary Art “Entopía”, registered as an association through the Andalusian.

Florence Neal USA, Brooklyn, New York. Florence Neal, printmaker, sculptor, painter, curator and graphic designer, has exhibited her work in local, national and international venues including: Hermit Symposium, Plasy, Czech Republic; L5 Kunstinitiatief, Roermond, Holland; BIS Kulturzentrum, Mönchengladbach, Germany; Hanalei Gallery, Hawaii; The North Dakota Museum of Art; National Ornamental Metal Museum, Memphis, TN; and White Columns, New York. Florence’s current work focuses on prints, drawings and installations. Web

Rogier van Neerven Germany (Netherlands), München. 1992-1994 VTA Amsterdam, 1994-1998 St. Joost Breda.

Sunny Neeter Netherlands, Amstelveen. Sunny Neeter, born in 1953 in Hengelo, Netherlands.
Lived from 1975 to 1987 in Ibiza, Hong Kong and Manila (Philippines), places each with a very specificculture and history. Personal web

Scott Neri Mexico, Guadalajara. Born in Guadalajara (1972). Study in Fine Arts (University of Guadalajara), Film and Video Art Center Audio Visual (CAAV) and screenwriting at the Center forWestern Actors and Authors (CAAO). He has illustrated several covers of books in independent publishing. It has the two books publicacisn editions moon (Rites) and Extraqas Entraqas 1997(1998). It has taken literary courses: Blanca Estela Ruiz, Qol lesn Plascencia, Luis OrtegaFernanado. He has made several CD Covers Art of Mexican gangs.Jobs in newspapers and advertising agenciesGuadalajara. He is currently Director General in Conspiracisn Take you (www.tomarte.com). and Art Director inEterUltra Studio. (www.eterultra.com). His teachers in pictorial formacisn: Carlos and Enrique Larracilla Monraz. With more than 20 exhibitions, nationally and internationally.

Artists O

Liesbeth Oldeman Netherlands, Leerdam.

Wim Oolders Netherlands, Den Haag. born June 13, 1952, Delft. Dutch artist and qualifiedgoldsmith. Education: Schoonhoven – 1973 – 1977. Personal web

Georg Opdenberg Germany, Krefeld. Georg Opdenberg, born in 1950 in Krefeld, Germany.1967-70 apprenticed to a land surveyor. surveying engineering degree in food. 1972-75 studied engineering in surveying food. 1979-81 School of Art in W. Zaiser 1987 Prize of the city of Krefeld to design a memorial foreign workers since 1989 Objects based on astronomical and geodetic instruments and marking of the first reconstructing 999 Lives Krefeld’s city walls with iron plates in the pavement of the 2000 Award Rhineland Taler and worked as a surveyor in Krefeld. Personal web

Robert Orihuela Peru, Lima. Born in 1977, Lima, Peru. Graduated from the specialty of PaintingSuperior National School of Fine Arts of Peru (1999 – 2005) (First Place: Gold Medal) Artistic Drawing: Superior School of Fine Arts of Peru (1999-2004).  Blog

Synnove Oyen Norway, Bergen. Born 10-11-1974. Student at the National college of art and design, dep. of textile (master-studies), Bergen, Noorway.

Artists P

Paffard Keating-Clay Great Brittain (Spain), Mijas. Born near Stonehenge in England, Keatinge-Clay grew up in the Wiltshire village of Teffont. He received his education from the Architectural Association in London, dual majoring in Architecture and Structural Engineering. He graduated in 1949. He began his professional career while in school at the London office of architect Erno Goldfinger.  for the occasion as a fascinating artist, in many disciplines, such a sculpture, installations, and drawings. For the Din A4 collection he granted two charcoal drawings.

Mario Palma Cobos Spain, Malaga. Born 13/07/1953, Malaga, Spain. Web

Yamilé Pardo Menéndez Cuba, Havana. Elementary School of Fine Arts, 1981. Graduatedfrom the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro, 2001. Sculpture professor at the Academy of Fine ArtsSan Alejandro. Web

Ramón Paredes Spain, Malaga. Born in Madrid, 1952. Studies and background: 1982 graduate of the Official School of Ceramics in Madrid. Between 1982 and 1987 he participated in various courses among which are those made with the potters A. Vivas en Barcelona, Byron Temple in Granada and Angel Garraza en Sangüesa, Navarra (Spain). Since then he has combined his activity as a ceramist with engraving and painting.

Pedro Pastrana Spain, Malaga. Born: 27 de Octubre de 1965, en Jaén. 1990. Obtained a degree in the Faculty of Fine Arts “Alonso Cano” from Granada.
Angelo Pastorello Brasil Brazil (São Paulo) Angelo Pastorello, Brazilian Photographer for more than 25 years produces essays sets,advertising and copyright works, is responsible for processing your photos, the revelation to the enlargements on photographic paper. Adding a striking feature in the copyright work. Collaborates with several magazines, photographing fashion editorials and behavior,portraits and reportage, has several solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions tb in Brazil and abroad.

Ludwig Pauli Germany, Berlin. Born: 22 08 1949 in Görwihl, Baden-Württhemberg Marital status: Widowed, since 1989; 2 daughters. Nationality: German

Hilda Paz  Argentina, Buenos Aires. Hilda Paz Levozan born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Study at the School of Fine Arts “Carlos Morel” from Quilmes, where she serves working as a teacher ofengraving and Painting.

Antonio Peché Spain, Malaga. Born in Malaga. It is Technician in Plastic Arts and Design schoolof Art in San Telmo, (Málaga). Perfect for four years engraving techniques at the workshop Gravurain Malaga and the Municipal Workshop in Fuengirola, Málaga. Personal web

Titi Pedroche Spain, Malaga. Titi Pedroche, about the artist: “…Since my first encounter with painting in 1975, my main concern was to arrange the colors and spaces that came up on a cardboard surface ….. Today I let it flow, its course to matter and color.. , I care about organizing spaces and colors,(…) but in a more extensive way… “. Training: as part of her artistic training the following workshops are included, in which we learn the different techniques of printing: the printmaking workshop led by Hernandez Pijuán and by Misu Miura. Web

Jo Peeters Netherlands, Helmond.

Javier Peinado Spain, Malaga. Born in 1976. university degree in Fine Arts. solo and group exhibitions in Málaga, Córdoba, Sevilla, Madrid and Maastricht. He has murals in villages in the province of Málaga and the Dominican Republic. Winner of several prices: painting outdoors, first prize in the “Art in Malaga 2005 contest, sponsored by El Corte English, and the first prize in 2007Nomads.

Elisa Perea Hernández USA (Mexico), New York. Born in Mexico (Nogales Sonora,1979- ). B.S. in Communications by the University of Sonora, Hermosillo Sonora Mexico (2004). Manager of the cultural fund for the children “Alas y Raices” Cultural Institute of Guanajuato, Mexico (2005-2006). Intern at Media Noche Gallery (2006-2007) NY, NY. (USA). Video Personal web

Angel Perez Pardo Spain, Madrid. Born in Madrid in 1951, autodidact. 1975, received the award of the Popular painting Ateneo de Torrejón, which was repeated in 1977 premier. After ward he followed a path that has been through many styles currently being framed in abstract expressionism and materialism.

Ángel Pérez Argentina, Gral. Roca Rio Negro. He was born on 07/08/1951 in San Isidro.Buenos. Aires. Ttraining: Patagonian Institute of Arts: Teaching Degree in Sculpture and Painting. He worked as a teacher in secondary art-schools and workshops. Blog

Magdiel Perez Mexico, San Miguel de Allende, Gto. Studied drawing and painting in the INBA workshops in Orizaba, Veracruz and in Mexico City, as well as engraving in San Miguel de Allende y Barcelona, Spain.He has participated since 1993 in collective exhibits in Mexico City, Leon, Querétaro, Aguscalientes and abroad in Bonn, Leverkussen and Nüremberg in Germany and in Portland and Houston in USA.In 1994 he had his first individual exhibit at Centro Cultural “El Nigromante” – INBA in San Miguel de Allende. Up to today he has had sixteen individual exhibits in León, Irapuato, Querétaro, México City and San Miguel de Allende and in Barcelona, Spain. Blog

Vivienne Peters  Australia (Great Brittain), Naunton Crescent. Born in Bristol, England. Dip Fine Art, Claremont School of Art, Perth, Western Australia, 1984.Lecturer in Painting and Drawing (Part Time) North and Central Metropolitan Colleges of Art, Perth 1986 – 1993. Moved to Spain in 1994, returned to Australia in 2004

Carlota Petrolini Argentina, Buenos Aires. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Carlota Petrolinistudies at the National School of Fine Arts to graduate from the “Manuel Belgrano” in 1958 and “Prilidiano Pueyrredón” in 1964. In 2008 she participated in the program for Latin American Pottery(Sino-Latin American Ceramic Art Exchange Program) in Beijing, China. The work done is in theFule International Ceramic Art Museums in the country. videos

Ilse Petry-Ambrosius Germany, Meerbusch. 1957-61 Studies at the State Art School Mainz, state exam Graphic Design. 1961-63 graphic designer in an advertising agency amerikanischjen in Frankfurt / M. 1963 studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, specializing in painting.1964-74 independcent work at ZDF.

Inge Pfeiffer Spain (Germany), Badajoz. 1953-1959 studies at the academy of fine arts, colonycourses: painting, engraving, etching, lithography. 1954-1959 Individual painting classes with painteremil flecken.1954 arts course summer salzburg, austria with painter Oskar Kokoschka. 1959 study tour of art, 1962 Italia. Partner association of artists Westfalen Nordrhein Westfalen, since 1974 a member of the working group “WASSERBURG art community”, 1982 to 1996 lives and works in asia(textile design), since 1996 living in Spain, since 1999 member of Aplama, Malaga

Graciela Pierangeli Argentina, Buenos Aires. Graciela Pierangeli born in Reefs, Province of Buenos Aires, lives and works in Buenos Aires. He began studying Visual Arts in the studio ofProfessor Marcelo Lo Pinto. Since the beginning of its formation expresses interest in the theory andhistory of art, philosophy and psychoanalysis. These discourses crossing his paintings more or lessindirectly. He studied in the workshops of Oscar Smoje, Luis Felipe Noé and Eduardo Medici. She studied Bachelor of Arts in the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UBA .He exhibited on several occasions, his last solo show at Standard Bank Foundation, 2007.

Will Pluijm Netherlands, Den Bosch. Foundation Doklens. De Gruyter Factory, Veemarktkade 8, Hal C28. ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. Training: Academy of Art and Design in 1990, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL). Personal web

Manuel Azaro Poelstra Netherlands, Leusden. Born in 1995, Huis ter Heide. In process of learning and experimenting with techniques such as charcoal, his urge to develop his personel artist lenguage is remarkable and outstanding. Regarding his age, his profesionel achievements are surprising. He has exhibited in group shows, W-A.F.P.I.A.A.P., International Project of World Wide Artists For Peace, with “Hello installation” / ”Merhabba Installation” Instanbul, Turkey, and also with the “Wall For Peace” Bucarest, Romania. Also he participated in the international “Mail Art Exhibition”, theme “Today and tomorrow”, drawings, Bad Aibling in Germany. Furthermore he has been part of the installatin “Altar para Fonthor”, realized by Artists of “Terra dell’Arte”, in memory of the Brazilian artist Fonthor de Luca, with the object “From Here to Eternity”, on the occasion of “Los días de los Muertes”, Tijuana in Mexico. Personal Web

Ruth van de Pol Netherlands, Megen. Born 18-09-1954. 1985 LO. signs, ’s Hertogenbosch diploma
1993 University of NSW: Teacher Secondary Education Nijmegen diploma. 1995 Academy of Fine Arts, Tilburg diploma. Personal web

Javier Ponce Spain, Malaga. Javier Ponce, Born in 1953 in Melilla, (Spanish overseas territory in North Africa). 1969-1973. He studied painting procedures at the School of Visual Arts and Crafts in Barcelona. 1972 – 1974. Costume designer, independent theater group Estess, Robe, Barcelona. 1975. Costume designer Contemporary Ballet Barcelona. Since 1976, alternating work as a painter, sculptor and ceramist. Since 2006 he is the director of the Contemporary Art Exhibition Hall of the College of Dentists of Malaga.2008. Secretary of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors of Malaga. Collections: his works we can find is in the collections of the Spanish Red Cross. Malaga, in Kia Motors, Bremen (Germany), Unigest – Unicaja. Madrid, Unicaja, Málaga and in the collections of Miguel Angel Berral and Asunción Mesa.

Gustavo Posadas Mexico, León, Guanajuato. He began his art studies at an early age and self-taught, with people within the industry surrounding himself with musicians painters and sculptors . Studying parallel Bachelor of Industrial Design. -1977-2007 Began his professional artistic activity in the city of Aguascalientes. Continues Queretaro City , then worked for many years in Mexico City In this way, over time his Work wins important spaces in galleries and museums and also art collectors . Having participated in group shows and solo exhibitions at galleries, cultural centers, Cultural , Museums Universities and International

Héctor Prats Francés Spain, Alcoy (Alicante). Born in Alcoy, Prov. Alicante, España, 1987. 2011Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos in Valencia. 2008 2009 Erasmus Scholarship at the AAAD, Prague (Academy of art, architecture and design). Flickr

Zake Prelvukaj Kosovo, Pristina. Zake Prelvukaj, born in 1963, Martinaj, Plavë, (Former) Yugoslavia. She graduated in1990 in Prishtina Faculty of arts in the section of Figurative Art -.Painting, attending the classes of professor Muslim Mulliqi. Continuing the education in the year 1997 she graduates her Master Degree at the class of Professor Muslim Mulliqi. From the year 1993 she works as a professor in the Prishtina Faculty of Art. Zake Prelvukaj has also been engaged as an art critic and authorial writing on various issues on art. Some of her exhibitions are held and made in open environment in large areas, with different expressions, she has also has been involved in public art, creating many large murals.Currently she works as professor in the Prishtina Faculty of Arts. She lives and works in Prishtina – Kosovo.

Monique Prévoo Netherlands, Maastricht. 1977-1983 City Academy of Applied Arts, sculpture department Maastricht;  Academy of Visual Art Schools Vredeman de Vries, monumental, Department Leeuwarden. 1989-1990 Post-graduate C.P.D.B. Sittard (teaching degree two-and three-dimensional design). 1993-1994 Post-graduate Euromarketing Valkenburg, Consultantspecializing in European affairs.

Katja Prewozny Germany, Dusseldorf. Born 22-2-1969 in Dusseldorf. Studying 5 years design atFachhochschule Niederrhein, Krefeld, Germany. Since 1993 working independently.

Eva Priller Germany, Passau. German studies in art education professor at the University of Passau Lankes, then at the University of Munich with Professor Daucher. 1990 Master’s degree in art education, art history and linguistics 1990-93. Teaching at the University of Munich Department of Art Education (Ceramics). since 1990 Freelance artist with exhibitions at home and abroad. Since 1998, studio and gallery in Passau, since 2000, teaching private students. Web

Juan Manuel Prol Argentina

Lihue Pumilla Argentina, Santa Rosa, La Pampa. Born: July 26, 1973.1989 founded with PaulCarlasare the theater group “Serenito Deyovani” until 1994. Produced several musicians and streetinterventions. Some works: “The Dreamer”, “The delicate art of making poison”, “Dog Barking Live”, “Turn to rodado24 General Pico”, “The escape of the paralytic.”.1997 Encouragement AwardSculpture Lounge. (La Pampa). 1998 Encouragement Award Sculpture Lounge. (LaPampa).Sample “The green smoke rotting oranges.” With artists and Leila Gonzalez Mariela Cordova. Museum ofArts. (Santa Rosa. La Pampa). 1999 Scholarship improvement “Presidency of the Nation”, by Raúl FernándezOlivi.videos and  Blog

Artists Q

Judit Quecuti Spain, Alcorcón (Madrid). Video / Blog

Emilio Quintana Argentina

Artists R

Jasko Racic Germany (Bosnia Herzegovina), Schwalmtal. 2005 5 Day of Art in Schwalmtal -studio show in the studio LIK with Hungarian artists Hunor Petö / Budapest.2005 Old Castle Erkelenz- Community exhibition

Ernesto Ramirez Kofla Spain (Colombia), Madrid.  Born in Colombia. Photoshopólogo, practical designer and videographer. Colombian multidisciplinary artist model 70. videos Personalweb

Lici Ramírez Ramírez Peru, Lima. Born in 1982, lima, Peru. Blog

Lourdes Ramírez Spain, Malaga. About the Artist: “In recent years I have had the privilege of working sculpture workshop Alicia Tafur, in Bogotá, drawing and oil painting with Henry Finkelstein in New York City, and engraving, aquatint, monotype and linoleum with Richard Pantell, also in New York. Knowledge and deepening in other expressive tools have opened new avenues of exploration and facilitated new vehicles of expression. However, today, the color remains blank canvas-in whatever form-letter to write my stories in the fastest, clear and precise: each work is an underscore, a story that counting, designed, tested, played and metabolized”. Personal web

Javier Ramos Cuche Peru, Lima. Born in 1982, en Lima. Graduate of the National School of Fine Arts of Peru. His works belong to a line of artistic movement called “steampunk” whose maincharacteristic used as labor camp science fiction, that feared by humans for its uncertainty, develops the man-machine relationship.Blog

Luella Ramsay Spain (USA), Mijas.  Born in Sioux City, Iowa, (USA) in 1926, died on August 16th, 2008 in Mijas, Spain. She studied art at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C. from 1946 till 1949, and in Mexico City, where she lived for some years. She taught at American military bases in Germany and at the American College of Switzerland in Leysin before settling in Mijas in 1972, where she has been teaching at the Art Centre until her retirement. Blog

Karel Reckers Belgium, Hasselt. Born in Hasselt 29 december 1964. Followed in the Municipal Academy of Fine Arts in Hasselt. 1980-1988 Painting Workshop, conducted Fr.Schoofs andj.jacobs.1988-1992 Free-graph (etching, lithographs, linocuts, silk screen), directed by LucOversteegen. Member of art ring SAKOURA.  Blog

Marianne Reinertz Maaz Germany, Viersen. Born in 1948 in Viersen. 1968-71 studied educational sciences and art.1971-76 worked as an art teacher.1976 exit from the education service, the start of freelance work as a painter, teaching in adult education (including painting courses at the VHS).Since 1983, membership in various artists’ organizations.1991 Art Prize of the BBK Dusseldorffor a 12-piece self-portrait

Paul Reker Netherlands, Eindhoven. Followed the Industrial Design Academy in Eindhoven andgraduated from the University of Tilburg, Autonomous Direction: Spatial design. Web

Jorge Restrepo Colombia, Cali. Born in Cali, Colombia, 1961.Studied drawing and painting techniques at the Art Academy of the San Ignacio School, in Medellin, Colombia, with master Gabriel Duque S.J. Paints since 1971. Begins to exhibit in 2002. His work has been collected in different countries like Argentina, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Moldova, Nicaragua, Rumania, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, Taiwan and USA. Jorge has undergrad studies as agronomist, and post grad studies in Public Administration (MPA, Harvard University) and other degrees. Personal web

Fritz Reutemann Germany, Lindau. Born 2/21/47 in Lindau, Germany. Social workers, writers
1973 – 1976 Studies of social work in Monchengladbach.Early poems at age 20. First publications in 1972 inanthologies and literary journals, lectures in various broadcasting corporations.

Juan Manuel Reyes Spain, Mijas, Malaga. 1976 Born in Mijas, Málaga, Spain.1993/89 Artistic ceramiques in School of Plastical Arts and Design, San Telmo, Málaga.1999 Ceramique project with other Málaga artists.Follows course of engravings, Fuengirola, Málaga.Starts painting in the studio of Pedro Escalona, Mijas Costa, Málaga. Personal web

René Reynders Netherlands, Maastricht. Born in 1953 in Herten, Netherlands
Lives and works in Maastricht.Education :1974-1980: City Academy of Applied Arts, Departmentmonumental design, Maastricht.1980-1982: Jan van Eyck Academy, Painting Department, Maastricht.

Ted Reynolds Spain, Fuengirola (Málaga). Born in 1929 in Huddersfield, Yorkshire (UK) First drawings were of horse-drawn milk floats about 6 years old… 1940 Almondbury Grammar School, Huddersfield; then The Salt High School, Shipley, Yorkshire. 1947 National Service. Personal clerk to Field Marshal Montgomery, Dover House, Whitehall. 1949 Sheffield College of Art for five years: National Diploma in Painting, 1953 Obtains good grounding in draughtsmanship from Eric Jones. Two major artists, Jack Smith and Derek Greaves were just graduating from Sheffield and a close friend at Sheffield was John Hoyland, now the leading British abstract painter of today. Since 1983 resident in Fuengirola, Spain

Ivana Režek Croatia, Zagreb. Born May 4th, 1982, in Zagreb, Croatia. I graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb (department of Graphic Design) in the year 2000. Since then, I have worked on various projects, from illustrating children’s and poetry books to designing CD covers. My main motifs come from science-fiction, fantasy and pop-surrealism. I often explore mythologies and old legends, and a lot of my works are very detailed and illustration-like. I like to experiment with different artistic styles and techniques, from classical painting and drawing to digital art, mixed media and photography. videos

Isabelle Ribot Brasil (born in France in 1961).For many years now, she lives and works in Brazil and she has become a Brazilian plastic artist, influenced by this colorful and amazing country.Isabelle discovered Brazil for the first time in 1986 and this country became a real source of inspiration. When she starting visiting the city of São Paulo, same city became the starting point of her creative universe. In 2001 she decided to leave France and live permanently in São Paulo. After many travels to Brasil between 1986 until 2000, Isabelle decided  in the year 2000 to emigrate  from Europe to Brasil . She lives and works permanently in São Paulo. She has had many international exhibitions all over the world, a.o. in Paris, Bejing, The Netherlands, U.S.A., Mexico and Brasil

Christine A. Ritchie USA, Michigan. 1991 Marymount Manhattan College, New York, NY.1991 Secondary Education Program.1978 Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY.1978 MFA PainUng & Printmaking.1976 Pratt lnstitute, Brooklyn, NY.1976 BFA Painting, with Honors.1997 Saginaw Valley University I Education.1997-Present University of Tennessee I Photography.1997-Present Macomb Community Collegel Ceramics

Marta Rivero Argentina, Santa Rosa, La Pampa. Jorgelina Marta Rivero was born in the city ofLa Plata, capital of Buenos Aires, Argentina.Studies: She graduated from the Faculty of Architectureand Urbanism of the National University of La Plata and the College of Fine Arts, National University of La Plata.She has received contributions from numerous artists, including Jorge González Perrin.

Simón Rodes Spain (Argentina), Madrid. Date and place of birth: 04/02/1980 – Rosario,Argentina. I was born in 1980 in Rosario (Argentina). I have been interested in painting, writing, sculpture, video and the intervening space. Developing these arts individually and collectively.”Feeling things with a sense overloaded atmosphere,., After all, art is just that You take almost anything and is filled with all the sense you want to give the whole staff absolutely and completely arbitrary as mighthave all mystery and enigma possessing ” videos and Blog

Maykel Rodríguez Ricardo Cuba, Havana. Degree in Biochemistry. Currently ongoing studiessculpture at the School of Fine Arts “San Alejandro”.2003 Hall Small Format “Fayad Jamis”(Collateral to the VIII Biennial of Havana). Gallery L. Havana. 2003 Hall “Boada.” Mention. MunicipalGallery “Fernando Boada”. Havana. 2003 Hall “SOS”. Award. Gallery “Americo Cruz”. HavanaProvince. 2004 Hall Small Format “Fayad Jamis.” Gallery L. Havana.
2004 Lounge “13 de Marzo”. Mention. Gallery L. Havana. 2005 Scholarship “Antonia Eiríz” sponsored “HermanosSaiz” Association (under management). EXIT 2006. Group exhibition. Gaia House. Havana.

Jef Roeselers Netherlands, Utrecht. lives and works in Utrecht in the Netherlands. The most striking elements in Roeselers’s sculptural volumes are the clear contours and the flat top or front surfaces. All of his works are totally designed and constructed and are partially based on the relationships between natural forms and architectural space. In his drawings, flat shapes in often lucid colors are the principal elements of spatial compositions, where as the sculptures both take and make space. Roeselers realized sizeable site specific works in several Dutch towns and is regularly active as a guest curator of art projects for different institutions.Personal web

Sonia Román Tineo Spain, Malaga. Born in Malaga 1962. Academic Background: 1 English Philology.Course of ceramics. From 2003 to 2007 at the Centro Cultural Pablo Picasso.

Michael Romanos Greece, Athens. Visual artist, museologist, art and costumes historian as well as a curator of contemporary art events. He is artistic director of the Athens Fine Arts Festival. Studies:He studied painting, costume design and art history in major schools in Greece and museums at the Cultural Center of the City of Athens. Some of his instructors were the famous artists, such as Michael Veloudakis and Fiorevantes Bakounis. Personal web

Verónica Romero Spain, Malaga. Verónica Romero, Spanish painter,from 2010 till 2013 institutional affairs  coordinator of the Project Din A4, specialised in aesthetic theory and contemporary art at university. She trained in her native city, Málaga in Andalusia, and began developing her own work in 1990. She has had solo exhibitions in Madrid at the Galería Orfila, Roermond, with L5 in the “Hoek”, Stedelijk Museum, Holland, Museum MIDAC, Tolentino in Italy as well as numerous shows in Málaga itself at Cajamar’s exhibition rooms, the Medical Association (Colegio Oficial de Médicos), the Surveyors’ Association (Colegio Oficial de Aparejadores), the Cultural Section of Corte Inglés (Ámbito Cultural C.I.), the University’s Halls of Residence and the Málaga Foundation (Fundación Málaga) amongst many others. Her work has also been shown in Mijas at Las Lagunas and Antequera at the Casa Museo Colarte. Most recently (2011) she had an individual show in the municipal exhibition room of the Archivo Municipal, in Malaga.videos / Personal web.

Marcel Roncken Netherlands, Sittard. Born 20th April 1967 in Roermond. 1984-1985 Royal Academy of Art and Design, ‘s-Hertogenbosch.1986-1988 AKI Enschede.

Marco Roos Germany (Netherlands), Cologne. Born in 1966 Amsterdam. 1986 Werkbeurs W.V.C. 1989 Werkbeurs W.V.C. 1990 Ateliers ‘63 Haarlem.

Bernardo Roquero Ballesteros Spain, Malaga. Born in Málaga en 1950. He studied at theSchool of St. Elizabeth of Hungary (Sevilla) between 1968 and 1973. Bachelor of Fine Arts,specializing in painting from the University of Sevilla in 1973. Professor, School of Art and Design inMálaga since 1974. Professor in opposition in 1977. It is dedicated to poster between 1977 and 1980.

Fernando de la Rosa Spain, Malaga. Fernando de la Rosa, born in 1964 in Archidona (province of Malaga) Spain.Bachelor of Fine Arts – painting, from the University of Seville in 1987. Professor of Drawing. Case studies in printmaking and ceramics in Malaga and Huéscar (Granada), respectively. DEA and doctoral courses at the University of Malaga (2005/08). Personal web

Ingrid Rosas Mexico, León Guanajuato. Born in 1967. 2007 Watercolour Edina Sagert, Centro Cultural ACCORDarte, León Gto. 2006 Mixed media Ernst Kraft, León Guanajuato, México. 2006 Water colour Edina Sagert, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.2006 Alternative drawing by Randy Walz León, Guanajuato, México.2004 Spiritual approach to art by Nina Wisnisky San Miguel de Allende, México. Personal web

Judith Rebecca Rosema Netherlands, Den Bosch. Judith Rebecca Rosema born 1977 in Sprang-Capelle, Netherlands.Education: 1995-2000 Academy of Art and Design, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Direction: painting, drawing, graphics. 2010 Course “from idea to product” Kunstbalie, Tilburg,Netherlands. Personal web

Elke Rott Germany, Passau. Born in 1970, lives and works in Passau. Personal web

Dámaso Ruano Spain, (Morocco), Malaga. Damaso Ruano was born in Tetuan, Morocco in 1938. He studied in Madrid until 1958, year in which he returns to Tetouan, where his first exhibition in 1962. There was a drawing teacher and director of the Spanish Cultural Mission. Installed in 1969 in Malaga, and from 1970 began to participate in exhibitions in Spain and Europe. By this time start using collage using pieces of torn paper. Later tended to explore space and geometry. He has also worked engraving. Currently living in Málaga. PDF and  Wikipedia

Paula Rubio Chile, Santiago. born in 1964. Lives and works in Santiago de Chile.
studies.1984 – 1988 Studied Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Chile. 1990 Gets his degree with distinction.

Maria José Ruiz Villodres Spain, Malaga. 2002.-Colectiva.”Nómadas”.Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta.Diputación de Málaga.2003.-Colectiva.”El Inmueble”.Las edades del Óxido.Diputación de Málaga. 003.-Ier Premio Mujer Pintora Ciudad de Málaga.Ayuntamiento de Málaga. 2004.-Colectiva.3 Pintoras.Centro Cultural Provincial .Diputación de Málaga.

Anna Maria Rung Netherlands, Den Haag. Born 6 april 1954, Amsterdam. Training: Schoonhoven, 1973-1977.

Juna Ryang Germany (South Korea), Düsseldorf. born in 1969 in Seoul / Korea
1998-2002 sculpture studies at the Art Academy in Dusseldorf, first in the sculpture class of Prof. Christian Megert. Since S / S 2002 in the class of Prof. Daniel Buren.Since 1998, studying philosophy, Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany.Living and working in Düsseldorf, Germany. Exhibits internationally.

Artists S

Miran Šabić Croatia, Samobor. Was born on 17th December 1986 in Brežice, Slovenia.Currently attending PhD in painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in class of Proffesor A. Rašić. Graduated MA at Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Graphics, in class of prof. F. Paro. Graduated from School for Applied Art and Design, Department of Graphics. He is member of HDLU (Croatian Association of Artists), ULUS (Samobor Association of Artists), and a member of „Association of Ilirian Dragon“ Executive Board. Personal web

Rita Sacco Italia, Lesina. “The interest is directed to a personal journey through a part by finding that patterns of shapes and lines that become interwoven paths to take (rita sacco).” 2nd prize in the painting section 1 competitionmaze.

Francesco Sacripanti Germany (Italia), Passau. born in Rome in 1953 and lives in Passau since 1987. Since 5 years he works as an independent artist and he has participated in several group shows exhibitions.During this period of intensive work he not only has managed to develop its own language in his paintings, which are far from reality and in which the coloring appears in the foreground, but he has also created a very personal technique, the “Plastificazione”, in which the acrylics reflect a luminosity similar to photography.

Humberto Salgueiros Fernández Cuba, Havana. Born August 24, 1985 in Cuba. Training:
Nat Academy Of Fine Arts San Alejandro in Havana.Course: 2000-2004. Graduated: Technical and Vocational.

Julia Alicia Salinas Sánchez Peru, Lima. Born in 1973, Yanahuara, Arequipa, Peru.Specialty Plastic Artist in Painting at the Fine Arts National School Peru. Complement studies UNMSM and UPC (Bachelor of Arts and Education). I have also attended courses in Cultural Management and the Critical Analysis of Contemporary Art (Diana Guerra, Guillermo Cortez, Miguel Lopez, H. Rodríguez, Cesar Ramos, Augusto Del Valle, A. Bonino).  Web

Luis Angel Augusto Salinas Argentina, Tucumán. Date of Birth: 24/03/1981.Main courses and workshops:2003 Wood Carving, Institute of American Art and Regional, SM de Tucumán,2004Face and Portrait Spoken, Secretary of University Extension UNT, S. m. Tucumán.2005 2ndAssistant Space research and reflection on issues of art-art research topics from Tucumán, Faculty of Arts Institute of Aesthetic Studies, UNT, 2006 ouvinte office to Digital Painting, UFSM, Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil / Art in the Age, Instituto Miguel Lillo, SM de Tucumán. 2008 Wood: creative strategies, and Regional Institute of American Art, Tucumán.

Denys San Jorge Rodriguez Cuba, Havana. Visual Artist, works as an illustrator in the newspaper “El Habanero” and Habaname Magazine. Studies: 2000 – 2004-National Academy of Fine Arts, San Alejandro. Web

Francisco Sánchez Gil Spain, Marbella, Malaga. born in 1956 Marbella. Malaga, Spain(Spain). Training: Class taught crafts and polychrome in the Albarizas Neighborhood Association(Marbella). Web

Alicia Sánchez Serrano Spain, Churriana, Malaga. 1971 Born in Granada on September 28. 1986 Since ’86 lives in Malaga. videos

David Sancho Spain, Malaga. 1996 Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Sevilla.Technicalassistant in graphic design.1993,1994, 1995 Completion of three courses in landscape under the direction of Antonio Zarco, a professor at the University of Madrid, Priego de Córdoba.1993Completion of a course under the direction of B Cortijo Paco, Paco MissHo Miura and Gordillo.Seville.1996 Completion of a course in painting and art materials under the direction of Victor Chacon and Concha Hermosilla, Ciudad Real in September. Personal web

Cristina Sandor Mexico (Romania). Born 15th of December 1978, Arad, Romania.Studies – 1997-2002 Faculty of Visual Art, University of West Timisoara, section of graphics.2002 -2003 Postgraduate Studies, University of West Timisoara section of graphics, from 2002 curator of decorative art at the Art Museum Arad. In present she lives and works in Mexico.Blog

Shanitta Sant Miksch Austria (Turkey) (Armenia), Linz. Born and raised in Istanbul, the Armenian painter Schanitta Sant Miksch, began to work as a way of expressing her inner self. She studied painting with Prof. Christine Salerie in Istanbul, where she also held her first exhibitions. Her work has been shown in single and group presentations, both abroad and in Austria, where she has lived since the 1980s. With an affinity to Cézanne and the brilliant colours of the Marmara Sea, Schanitta Sant Miksch communicates a warm and vivid feeling for life, capturing moments and situations that counter the increasing coldness of society. Through her art, she touches people and confronts them with their own emotions. (Source: Brian Dorsey). Personal web

Rubén Sassano Argentina, Buenos Aires. He was born in 1960 in Argentina. He studied at theSchool of Fine Arts “Manuel Belgrano” in Buenos Aires and then Georgina Styled with teachers, Osvaldo Attila, and Rubén Hernán Dompé Locaso. He was President of the Association of Friends of the National Museum of Engraving. He teaches “Cut” and “Print” in the “Rogelio Yrurtia” School of Fine Arts. Personal web

Yvonne Savelkoul Netherlands, Roermond. Born: 1951 Arnhem, Netherlands. Training: 1980-1985 ABK Maastricht.

Rianne Schaaf Netherlands, Eindhoven. Industrial Design Academy in Eindhoven andgraduated from the University of Tilburg, Autonomous Direction: Monumental and Signs. Web

Rubén Oscar Schaap Argentina, Santa Rosa, La Pampa. Born in 1973 in Santa Rosa, La Pampa province, Argentina. Reside in this place 36 years ago (La Pampa means treeless area, desert plain, raw winds, African Skies, caldenes cacti and thistles ruzos …). “… I’m pseudo self, my concerns with orbiting literature, communication and especially” Cinema “

Uwe Schloen Germany, Hohendorf. Uwe Schloen was born in 1958 in Lower Saxony, Germany and studied sculpture and painting in Hamburg. Since 1983 he has worked as an independent artist and is a traveler. He presents himself internationally with installations and photographic series. He gained fame with the “Bunkerdorf “ in the Giardino di Daniel Spoerri in Seggiano and “Gölm”, the lead village in Merscheid / Luxembourg. Around the same time he developed the extensive work of the section “Transsiliconia “. He lives and works currently in Hohendorf, Germany. video / Personal web

Eva Schmidt Germany, Passau. Eva Schmidt. In 1961, she has been accepted as a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia. For personal reasons this year she changened to the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters at the University JPS Presov (eastern Slovakia) where she studied Fine Arts and Russian. Since 1968 she works as a cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer at various newspapers and publishers of Bratislava and Budapest. During the years she made hundreds of cartoons and illustrations. Numerous exhibitions in Bratislava, in southern Slovakia and Budapest. She receives a state grant as a draftsman in 1973 and 1974 in Bratislava. In 1985 he was expelled from the Association of Plastic Arts and her valid international journalist permit was suspended for having married a man from West Germany. Loses the right to work as an artist and journalist. In 1986 she moved with his family to Germany. Working in painting, cartooning and drawing. Since then she shows in national and international exhibitions. Web

Klaus Schmitt Germany, Mönchengladbach. 1 955 born in Korschenbroich. High School in 1973in Mönchengladbach. 1973-76 Studies at the RWTH in Aachen Education, kath.Theologie, art (Prof.Joachim Bandau). 1977-83 studied at the Art Academy Dusseldorf master student of Prof.Günther Uecker. Personal web

Verena Schönhofer Germany, Passau. Born 1980 in Rotthalmuenster.1997-1999Fachoberschule Straubing, training design direction.1999-2004 Graphic Design at the Fachhochschule Augsburg, Diploma.2004 debutant promotion of the Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts (in collaboration with the BBK Lower Bavaria and the Cultural Department of the City of Passau).2005 internship at Columbus Art Foundation in Ravensburg, asupport framework for Contemporary Art.2006-2007 opening entlichkeitsarbeit Museum of Modern ArtPassau.Since 2007 Artistic independend active in Passau. Personal web

Nicole Schoonenberg Netherlands, Roermond. Born: 29-06-1979.Till 1997, several courses on the CK.1995-1997 poster designs Vinegar Factory, Roermond.1997-2001 Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht, monumental(painting and graphics) department. 1999 PATH project in Suburb St Jakob, Roermond. 2000, exhibition “Far anddisentanglement” in cafe Zoya, Roermond. Together with Chantal Le Doux. 2001 exhibition at the headquarters of DSM, Heerlen.

Ine Schröder Netherlands, Maastricht. City Academy Maastricht (completed in 1977).  Jan van Eyck AcademyMaastricht (1979)

Céline Schroeder Netherlands, Wijlre. Born in 1980, Kerkrade, Netherlands. Personal web

Antje Seemann Germany, Aachen. 1967 Born in Brunswick.1987-88 Free Art School in Stuttgart.1988-89 State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart.1988-95 HBK Braunschweig, studying liberal arts at Roland Dörfler, Bernd Minnich and Ursula Sax.1995 master student Art price of the art circle Marbach.1997, 1998 working grants the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg for the printing workshop in SchIoß.2003 Grant Künstlergut Prösitz in Leipzig.

Juan Antonio Segovia Spain, anta Cruz de Tenerife. Born 10/27/1949 in Vélez Málaga. Small,marching with their parents Barcelona, There, after his studies, started high school and is involved inschool poetry events. His father is accompanied by all the art exhibitions held in Barcelona, as well as demonstrations which at that time were held during the Floral Games, where his father won deserved awards. Meetings with artists, critics and poets, Juan Antonio awaken some concerns that years laterwould give their fruit. Return to Málaga in September 1968, and the booklet of their primiciales verses and recentliterary prose. There also initial drawings. A reversal occurs in your life. Walk to Santa Cruz de Tenerife and there,so conducive atmosphere for dreaming and creating, alternating poetry and painting with his profession ofinsurance agent.

Francisco Selva López Spain, (Morocco), Malaga. Born in Larache (Morocco) in 1940. Lives and works in Málaga, Spain.

Fattou Kande Senghor Senegal, Dakar.

Liliana Sepiurka Argentina, Buenos Aires. Born in Argentina el 14/06/1959. College Educationand ongoing: Course curriculum supplementation. for teachers. Awarding Institution: NationalInstitute of Art-IUNA Year: 2002.Degree: Professor of Visual Arts with a concentration insculpture.University Extension Seminar-SEU.Awarding Institution: National Institute of Art-IUNA Year: 2006.

Ludmila Serra Spain (Venezuala), Malaga. Born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela on April 28, 1973, lives in Malaga since 1996. Begins to realize her artistic trajectory from 1996 that is dedicated toperforming hand-painted design and the world of design and advertising shirts. videos

Robert Sestok USA, Detroit, Michigan. Contemporary artist, sculptor and painter, and since the 1960’s a leader in the Detroit Cass Corridor Art Movement. 1965 Seaholm High School, Birmingham, MI.1965-1969 College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI.1968 and 1970 Haystack School of Crafts, Stonington, Deer Isle, ME.1970 Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI.1971 Pilchuck Summer Glass Blowing Workshop, Stanwood, WA. Personal web

Miroslav Setka  Bosnia and Herzegovina. 1995 Born in Citluk. 1978 Graduated Art Academy in Sarajevo. 1990 became the member of Painters Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 2003 started postgraduate studies in Sarajevo

Zahal Shahor Morocco. Zahal Shahor, (Colline Sarah Henry ) born in 1980, is a young self-taught artist living between Paris, France, and Essaouira, Morocco. It is there but also Istanbul and Granada where she familiarized with the Geometrical Art, also called Muslim Art, where the perfection of geometric technique of abstraction is expressed, which we can find on the surface of the frescoes where motives go on towards infinity, on bass-relief, on gates and fountains, on furniture or just daily objects. Personal web

Ingrid Simons Netherlands, Eindhoven. Born 7 Mei 1976 te Eindhoven. 1995-1999 Academy ofArt and Design, Den Bosch – diploma. Study fine art, painting, drawing and graphics. Specializationpainting and drawing. Thesis Title: “The most beautiful flowers grow on the edge of the abyss.”. Atreatise on the search for balance between “realism” and “abstraction” by examining the struggle between image and paint. Rated very good. 1994-1995 Open University, Heerlen. Field of study: Biology. Specialization populations and behavior – certificate. Personal web

Ángeles Sioli Spain, Malaga. Born in Málaga, has a degree in Biological Sciences from theUniversity of Granada. He studied engraving for four years, first in the workshop “Gravura” Malaga, directed by artist Paco Aguilar, and then in the municipal home workshop culture of Fuengirola, led by artist and professor José M ª Córdoba . He is also a graduate in Fine Arts from the University ofGranada and Master in Museology. videos

Richard Skelton USA, Michigan. 1968 Western Michigan University, graduate instructor and 1969-70 Offered teaching fellowship Bowling Green University. 1970 to present totally self supported by income recieved directly from Art shows and gallery Exhibitions, commissions, royalities from reproductions and work leased by major prop houses in L.A. for use in films and TV, lectures, demonstrations and artists in residencies. All my work is a reflection of my connection with the organic universe, the imagery is drawn from all the cultural and archetypal human expressions, past present and future, then placed in clay.

Ana Sladetić Croatia, Samobor. She was born on 4th September 1985 in Vukovar, Croatia.She is currently at postgraduate doctoral studies at Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia.Graduated 2009 from the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Graphics, direction of applied graphics in class of prof. Z. Tišljar. She exhibits from 2004 and since then has been awarded several times for her works. Personal web

Kitty Sliepen Netherlands, Roermond. graphics training, Graphic experience, Pattern designs

Joke Smeulders Netherlands, Helmond. Born: 6 March 1949, in Nuenen. Education: Academy of Fine Arts in Tilburg (1989-1994). Specialization: autonomic pattern-design. Lives and works in Helmond, Netherlands. Video / web

Hans-Jürgen Söffker Germany, Düsseldorf. WS 91-WS 2000 Studies of construction. July 2000-July 2002 training as media designer, specializing in design / print. Worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer since 2004.

Betina Sor Argentina, Buenos Aires. Born in Buenos Aires in 1963. Lives and works in BuenosAires, Argentina. Studies and Degrees:Was received at the School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredónwith the title of National Teacher of Sculpture. He studied sculpture with Marta de Palma, Leo Vinci,Ramón Castejón teachers and training in Art History with Prof. Barbara Bustamante. In 2004 he made his degree thesis and obtained his degree Bachelor of Visual Arts Sculpture orientation inNational College of Arts (IUNA). Personal web

Marija Sordan Servia, Beograd. Mary Sordan born in 1949.  Studied painting in Belgrade with Professor Sergej Jovanovic. Since 1986 she works as an independent artist.

Andrea Daniela Sosa Argentina, Santa. Rosa, La Pampa. Pace and date of birth: Victorica, La Pampa, Argentina, on May 13, 1972. Professor of Arts in Visual Arts

Adolfo Soto Santarem Spain, Malaga. Born in Córdoba in 1951. Reside in Málaga since 1963. Web
Françoise Soupel France, Lamontgie. Born 21-09-1960.

Shirley van Sprew Netherlands, Roermond. Born 1978 1996-2000: Teacher Training Drawing2nd degree, Fontys Hogeschool Sittard. 2000-2002: Teacher Training Drawing (Art Education) 1st grade, Zuyd University, Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht. Personal web

Vlado Stjepić Slovenia, (Bosnia Herzegovina), Ljubljana. 1958 Born in Kosci, Bosnia-Herzegovina, currently living in Ljubljana, Slovenia.1973–78 Studied at the Sarajevo School of Applied Arts.1978–82 Studied at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts (Slovenia) in the Department of Painting.1982–84 Postgraduate study in painting at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts.1985– Status as a freelance artist.1987 State scholarship through the “Moša Pijade” Fund for a study trip to Spain.1999 Prize at the 1st International Biennial of New Watercolour in Kleinsassen, Germany.2006 Grand prix at the 7th Slovenian Biennial of Town Kranj, Slovenia.2007 Prize at the 7th Watercolour Biennial in Zrenjanin, Serbia. Personal web

Kim Streur Netherlands, Amstedam. Hogeschool Utrecht Visual Arts 1988 – 1993 Cum Laude

Annerose Strijland Netherlands, Enter. Anne Rose Strijland works with passion for paper, books and texts. Her themes often works out as a serial development especially in drawings and graphics. She is inspired by thecycles of nature and the materials they encounter while they used to shape. Their ideas and emotions.

Inge Suijkerbuijk Netherlands, Geleen. Born in 1974 in Spaubeek. Training courses: 1991 – 1995 Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht, diploma in 1995. Tehatex signs. 1995 – 1996 Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, diploma in 1996. Direction: chart.

Jaromir Svozilik Norway, (Czech Republic ), Oslo. Jaromir Svozilik, born in Prostejov, Czech Republic on 4. November 1951. Lived in Sweden since 1974, moved to Oslo, Norway in 1991.Member of the association of Norwegian Visual Artists.At the moment he works with different graphic suites at Edvard Munch’s studio in Oslo. Training: Graphic Art Studio with Prof. Staffan Kihlgren, Falun, Sweden. Guest Teacher, Art Academy, University of Umeå, Sweden. videos Personal web

Artists T

Artur Tajber Poland. Born: 5th January 1953 in Stalinogród (now Katowice), Poland. Education: Secondary education at the Liceum Plastyczne (a state grammar school specializing in art), Krakow. Commenced a course of study at the College for Psychiatric Nursing at Kobierzyn, Krakow, but left to enrol in the Faculty of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture at the PWSSP (State College for the Fine Arts), Wroclaw in 1972, and transferred in 1973 to Krakow, to the Faculty of Painting in the Academy of Fine Arts, where he completed his diploma course (M.F.A. – awarded a distinction) in Professor Adam Marczynski studio,1978. Any media or discipline divisions do not restrict his art. Interested in conceptual design and the theory of art. Since 1974 he has been exhibiting and presenting his works in Poland and abroad.

Hernán Talavera Spain , La Roda (Albacete). videos / Personal web

Anne-Bé Talirz Austria (Netherlands), Schwarzenberg am Böhmerwald. Born in 1953, Hengelo, The Netherlands. Education:1973 – 1975 Graphic Design, 1975 – 1978 General Philosophy, 1992 – 1993 Rietveld Akademie, Amsterdam, 1993 – 1997 Vrije Akademie Beeldende Kunst, specialized in graphic arts. Personal web

Fernando Tejada Argentina, Cordoba. Painting, watercolor and drawing, Autodidact

Manuela Tello Spain, Barcelona. Graduated Procedures Murals by Escola D’Applied Arts “Llotja” (1987-1989). Studies of the School B of Arts and Crafts (1989-1991). Seminar in Art History-University of Barcelona (1990-1992). Working in the studio perfecting various techniques different painters. Blog

Louise van Terheijden Netherlands, Tilburg. 1954 Born in Ens, Noordoostpolder. 1977 – 1982Den Bosch Academy of Art and Design: Painting. 1973 – 1977 Tilburg Academy of Visual Education. Personal web

Mona Thiel Germany, Passau. Born: 1946 in Asch (Sudetenland). Professional and artistic career: 1960-1963 apprenticeship as a visual merchandiser. 1963-1968 visual merchandiser. 1980-1994freelance visual merchandiser. 1995 freelance artist in the field of graphic arts, painting, creative arts, masks, costumes, props. Since my youth Autodidact in the picturesque and creative sector. Personal web

Majo Tissone Argentina, Buenos Aires. Bachelor of Visual Arts, she teaches in the Visual ArtsIUNA dpto.de in Proyectual OTAV Chairs and Drawing. Blog

Sergio Toledo Aburto México, Tecate, Baja California. Born in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico in 1979, where he currently lives and works. Throughout his life he has been involved in various processes of handling printing techniques, as this is the family business. He has participated in over twenty group exhibitions in the states of Baja California, Morelos and Mexico City. He has dabbled insculpture, graphics, engraving, painting, paper making and performance. Among his teachers areÁlvaro Blancarte, Antonio Nava, Salvador Magana, Gabriel Macotela, Eugene Walsh and Alfredo Mereles. He has also participated in various workshops and instruction collaborated in creating monumental sculptures in Mexico Cityand in Tecate, Baja California.

Philippe Tonnard Belgium, Gent. video

Steini Torsson Netherlands (Iceland), Rottterdam. The Dutch art institute ART,EZ Enschede the Netherlands ‘96-’98, Master of Fine Arts diploma. Lahti Institute of Fine Arts Lahti Finland ‘93-’94 special project, NORD grant. Akureyri Schol of Visual Art Akureyri Iceland ‘69-’93 diploma Painting. Personal web

Hans Peter Trampert Germany, Hückelhoven – Millich. Born in 1952 in Hetzerath NRW (D). Growing up in a mining family 52/70. An electrician in the coal mining 66/69. Seemann (German Navy) Travel in north polar seas 70/74. Electrician in the coal mining 74/78. High voltage fitter (travelin Arab. Countries) 78/00. Web

TRILLIZOS TORRES PACHECO Mexico, Tijuana. Born in Nayarit, Mexico in 1996 and reside in Tijuana since 1996. Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California. They have had individual and collective exhibitions at the local, state, national, and international level (Baja California, Chihuahua, Mexico City, Mexico; California, USA; Marche, Italy; Leusden, The Netherlands). They made an artistic residency at the Museum MAC House Leusden, in The Netherlands (2018), where they also gave two workshops at Jans Pakhuys (Amersfoort) and Multimedia Station Hilversum. Besides, they made an artistic stay at the MIDAC Museum in Marche, Italy (2017). They were awarded the first and second place by the international and popular jury at the International Festival of Digital Art (Italy, 2017). Site 

Artists U

Daniel Ubertone Spain, Malaga. Born in 1951, Argentina. Graphic Design: Faculty of Arts and Design, National University of Cuyo. Mendoza. Argentina. Training in Fine Arts in seminars and faculty. Courses and Workshops in Photography and Film this power. Higher Diploma in Advertising and Journalism: Circle of Leadership Development Personal – CI.DE.DIP. Mendoza, Argentina. Currenly living and working in Malaga (E)

Chus Uriarte Spain, Torremolinos (Malaga). 1945, April 6. María Jesús Sebastian Uriarte, was born in Vizcaya, Bilbao.(Spain) and died in 2008 in Torremolinos. 1963-66 studied drawing with Salinas and Lorenzo Joseph Solis in Bilbao (Spain). 1966 art scholarship with teachers Fisac (Architect), Faraldo (Art Critic), Areán (Director of the Spanish Museum Contemporary Art, Madrid), Jose Hierro (famous Spanish poet), Castro Arin (Critical Art Newspaper Information). 1967-69 Fine Arts and Zöllner König in Munich (Germany) . Clinical Psychologist videos Personal web

Natalia Urrutia Argentina, Santa Rosa, La Pampa. born on 2/12/79 in Santa Rosa, La Pampa,Argentina. Bachelor of Visual Arts – National University Institute of Art Prilidiano Pueyrredón.Approved materials: OTAV Drawing I, Painting I OTAV, History of Visual Arts I 2003. Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Nicolás Uslé Argentina, Buenos Aires. Born in 01-07-1988. 2003/2005. Courses in anatomy, live model, airbrushing. 2005/2008. Rizoma Workshop. prof. Violeta Cincioni / Luis Terán. 2008. CBC-Graphic Design. FADU-UBA. 2009/2010. IUNA Visual. Headquarters ‘Quinquela’ La Boca.

Artists V

Maria Valencia Mexico, León Guanajuato. Was born in Gualdjara, Jal. on July 10th, 1955.
Studied arts at the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving “La Esmeralda”1 978-1983 and scenery at the University Theatr Centre (CUT) Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, UNAM 1984-1987. Nowadays teaches Arts at the Iboamerican University at Leon, Gto.

Bart Vandevijvere Belgium, Kortrijk. Born in 1961 in Belgium. 1977 – 1979 Painting, Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten, Kortrijk (B).1980 – 1984 Painting, Hoger Instituut voor Beeldende Kunsten St. – Lucas, Gent (B). Personal web

Ricardo Alipio Vargas Mantilla Colombia, Bucaramanga. Alipio Vargas Ricardo Mantilla, born in 1954, Colombia. Honors in his studies in the Department of Artistic Culture of Santander in the years 1976-1977, performs two solo exhibitions Chamber of Commerce, Society of Engineers and a collective in New Teacher, Biblioteca Luis Angel range travels to Paris, France, 1980, as a studentguest at the Atelier de Michel Charpentier and Atelier Claude Viseaux, 1981, two workshopssculpture famous Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, meets Spain and Italy in the summer of 81, attends the copper engraving workshop of Guillermo Silva Santamaria in the City of Málaga, Spain and Colombiareturning to Paris, he was invited to the Special Registration Escola Massana, Barcelona, 1989, has participated in several National and International Meetings. Personal web

Teté Vargas-Machuca Spain, Malaga. The artist was born in Malaga in 1949 and performsstudios at the School of Arts and Crafts in the capital. Performs work recorded in Gravura workshopand edit some folders with other painters. Also makes a woodcarving course at the School of Art and Design of San Telmo, and produced some works in ceramics. Since 1969 he has participated innumerous exhibitions, individual and collective, in galleries Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona, Gijón, Oviedo, Cadiz, Granada, Huelva, Paris, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne. He has received diversios awards, which highlightthe City of Las Palmas, Bienal de Marbella, Vázquez Díaz de Huelva, Port au Prince. Collaborate with illustrations inmagazines, posters and book covers some like: Papers Poetry Jarazmin, The Chameleon, Coastline, Málaga Book Fair and Silver Bridge. Currently performing work with recycled materials.

Ariel Armando Vega Ripoll Argentina, Cordoba. Born in 1979, Argentina. 1989 study drawing with Chicha Fleider. 2000 Studio drawing humorous Modern School. 2002 Seminar Studyperspective Juan C Jachymiak. 2010 Studies of the Human Body and Paint. Da Vinci School, Barcelona, Spain.

Martín Vega Argentina.

Cuauhtemoc Velazquez Mexico, León Guanajuato. Studies Architecture at the University of Guanajuato, Gto. México. Diploma in Visual Arts at the State Cultural Institute in Guanajuato, México. Scholarship Holder of the same Institute, edition 2002. Member of the Mexican Society of Watercolour since 1997 with many honorific mentions by the National Watercolour School.Cuahutémoc Velázquez demonstrates at his work a great domain in composition and technique. He owns the precise color with luminous zones that center the attention like a first step to lead us to the whole. His landscapes are intense, full of amazing emotions of nature itself. With a mystic and changing nature away from the still a monotonous, his landscapes shows us an intense melancholy that sprouts from the force of mystery. (luciano sánchez arenas.)

Bart Verburg Netherlands, Arnhem. Born August 12, 1960. 1978 1983 Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem. web

Marjan Verhaeghe Belgium, Wachtebeke. Theoretical education: history of art. contemporary art. Practical education: sculpture. Personal web

Frank Verhoeven Netherlands, Rotterdam. Royal Academy of Art and Design in Den Bosch1983 – 1988. The paper is the exhibition space for the drawing. The format is landscape, narrative, linear or A4 (shown here). The linking of stimuli (points) made me realise that analytically a line consists of countless points. These points can be split up, creating an organic semi-line.To a large extent, the visual language has moved to the computer screen, on which a line is made up of pixels. Dividing one pixel into nine pixels makes a semi-line visually possible.

Helma Veugen Netherlands, Eindhoven. Born in Ospel, Province of Limburg, Netherlands. Education: 1971-1975 School of Graphics, Eindhoven and 1977-1982 Royal Academy of Arts and Design `s-Hertogenbosch. ‘De Groote Peel’, which is near her hometown, is the “Leitmotiv” in most of her work. (De Groote Peel is a National Park in the Southeast of the Netherlands on the border between the provinces of Limburg and North Brabant).Her ‘De Peel Works’ are semi abstract, generally on paper or canvas with paint, Indian ink, watercolor, pencils and mixed techniques. Personal web

Yudit Vidal Faife Cuba, Trinidad. Yudit Vidal Faife , Cuban artist, born in 1979. In Santa Clara. Cuba. Settled later in Trinidad, (Cuba) since 1986. Professional Graduate School of Arts: Oscar Fernandez Morera. in the fields of painting, graphic design and watercolor techniques. Trinidad 1998. belonging to the Asociación Hermanos Saiz (AHS). Bachelor of Fine Arts, the profile of Restoration and Conservation of property. ISA. Havana. 2008. Named as Universal Peace Ambassador by the Circle of Ambassadors of Peace in Switzerland / France. December 2010. Her work has been exhibited in international galleries from countries like Holland, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Italy, Ecuador, France and recognized by institutions such as the Solidarity Committee Luxembourg -Cuba, the Ambassadors Circle Universal La Paz, which gave her the title of Universal Peace Ambassador, last December 2010. videos / Blog Personal web

Miguel Vílchez Peru, Lima. Miguel Vilchez Garces Graphic designer and visual artist, born in 1980 in Lima, Peru. National School of Fine Arts (2004 – 2009) Professional Artist.Business Comp. (2008-2009) Advertising Graphic Design Multimedia. Blog

José Villanueva Spain, Malaga. 1957 Born in Melilla. Lives and works in Málaga, Spain. Industrial Master. Delineation Rama. Graphic Designer. Art Director. Personal web

Bernard Visser Netherlands, Weert. Visual artist, illustrator and cartoonist Bernard Fisher was born in The Hague in 1949. He studied at Utrecht in 1971 as a teacher and went to Curacao to start teaching at a government school. He traveled through South and Central America and had his first exhibition in the Antilles.After returning to the Netherlands he studied art education at the Academy and the Jan vanEyck Academy in Maastricht. From the graph (etching), he developed the technique for its current matter paintings. Personal web

Miranda Vissers Netherlands, Eindhoven. Born in the Hague. 009 Specialisation Monumental Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Arendonk , (Belgium), with honours.2007 Monumental Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Arendonk , (Belgium), with honours 2006 -2009 Workshops with various artists. videos

Nancy Viza Peru, Lima. Stephanie Nancy Viza Bayonne, born in Lima, Peru. Graduated in painting at the National School of Fine Arts of Peru in 2004. Diploma in Education for the Arts in agreement with the University Ricardo Palma. Bachelor of Arts degree Post Unit of the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences of San Marcos University. She has developed significant part of his working career in education, leading the workshop on Creativity and Visual Basics at the Pre School of Fine Arts since 2006, as well as at the International Institute of Fashion Design Chio Lecca. Today she operates as a teacher in various prestigious institutions such as CIBERTEC. Blog

Johan Vossen Netherlands, Weert. Born: Weert, The Netherlands, 1962. videos

Valdeta Vuciterna Kosovo, (Macedonia) Pristina. Born 1970 Gostivar, Macedonia. Lives and works in Home Prishtina, Kosova. Web

Artists W

Armand Wachelder  Netherlands,Maastricht.1996-1998 Hogeschool vd. Kunsten Utrecht. 1998-1999 Hochschule der Kunste Berlijn. 2001-2003 Academie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht. Personal web

Ruth Wagemann Germany, Wachtendonk. Since 1991 I am involved in the exchange of artists with the cities Orsay, F, and Cambridgeshire, UK. I conducted international workshops for the city of Kempen. 1995/96 I organized workshops in traditional ink painting in China. In 1996 I went there a 6-wochige educational journey and held in Shanghai a lecture. On this trip I also wrote poetry. I enabled 4 Chinese artists exhibitions in Germany and the Netherlands.

Paulina Webb Argentina, Buenos Aires. Born in Buenos. Aires. Graduated from the Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón National School and the College of Fine Arts Ernesto Carcova Nation, receiving the titles of Professor and Senior Lecturer National Sculpture respectively. She has taken on the combined expertise IUNA Artistic Languages. He teaches in different institutions of the province of Buenos Aires, and the IUNA (based Visual Arts) Personal web

Rainer Weingärtner Germany, Düsseldorf. Rainer Weingartner, born in 1937 in Iserlohn, Germany. Lives and works in Düsseldorf and Apricale (Liguria, Italy). 1958-63 graphic studies at the Folkwang School of Design, Essen
1983 H2 Starts his free artistic work after 18 years of art direction.1987 Sculpture Award in the 8th “Satire in the Arts” Biennial, Gabrovo, Bulgaria. 1989 Visiting stay in Sofia and Gabrovo, Bulgaria. 1991/96 Artist in residence in EinHod / Israel, exchange program with the City of Düsseldorf, Germany. 1993/97/99 Artist in residence with artist from Düsseldorf, Cité Internale des Arts, Paris. 2006/2007 ‘Fotokunst aus 60 Jahren – Kunst aus NRW unterwegs’, itinerant exhibition of the art collection of North Rhine Westphalia, Kornelimünster. Personal web

Gabi Welters Germany, Cologne. 1960 Born in Aachen.1980-85 Athletic Director.1986-93 Studied sculpture and object design at the FH Aachen, Department of Design. Since 93 Freischaffend. Lives in Cologne.

Wimmer Wilkenloh Germany, Hamburg. Born in 1948 in Itzehoe. Training for Reprophotographers. Longer journey through Central Asia. 1976 studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg. 1984 working as a freelance artist, journalist and filmmaker. 1986-2006 produced a political assembly collage work.1997 Board of Inter Art Gallery feat. 1999 freelance producer for thesatirical magazine Extra III. 2003 start writing as a writer regional thrillers. 2009 worked as a independent artist and author of crime novels in Hamburg. Personal web

Johanna Willemsen Netherlands, Roemond. Johanna Willemsen’s paintings represent an attempt to demonstrate that the world (“Umwelt”) which surrounds us not only appears to us as a totality of already structured meaning, in which the things possess a clearly defined name and function. By stripping the things of their unambiguousness – ‘the interference’ that accompanies their being named – and to till these out of their everyday context, she allows them to escape from the ‘ gravity’ of this context, thereby giving them the appearance of hovering in indetermined space.videos

Rita Wilmesmeier Germany, Mönchengladbach. 1952 Born in Fretter, Sauerland. Lives and works inMönchengladbach. 1971 – 1975 studies at the FHS f r design Dusseldorf / Munster.      1975 – 1979 EducationalHogschule Münster. 1986 – 1990 Bilhauerische work. 1990 – 1994 State Art Academy Dusseldorf, with ProfessorSiegfried Cremer.1994 – now an independent artist.

Jack Wilms Netherlands, Panningen. City Academy for Applied Arts in Maastricht 1976 – 1981. Graphic Design/ Advertising Design.

Wolfgang Wimhöfer Germany, Düsseldorf. 1948 born in Lippstadt.1965 GCSE, change toDusseldorf. Colour-intensive apprenticeship at Bayer Leverkusen.1968 Landeskriminalamt NW (color lab). 1970 Studied painting under the influence of Pop Art and the professors Beuys and Kuhna. 1971School of Engineering Center Jülich. Experiments in various money-making branches.Study tours of painting to Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Algeria. 1981 independent artist, painter. 1991studios in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Personal web

Sabine Windeln Germany, Erkelenz. 1954 Oldenburg. 1983-1986 Art studies at the GermanInstitute for Distance Learning in Tübingen. Since 1980 active as an artist. Organizer of art exhibitionssince 1994. Since 2001 teaching as an art lecturer at the Senior Academy in Mönchengladbach.

Marco Wit Netherlands, Roemond. Marco Wit grew up in Veldhoven, Netherlands, where he graduated from the MTS for advertising and presentation in the direction of 3-D design. Between ’94 and ’98, he has studied Plastic Design (image carving) at the Art Academy Maastricht. Since ’97 he has lived in Roermond, Netherlands, where he works in the Municipal Museum, Roermond, next to his artistic career.His work consists of 2-D images, but more over of 3-D objects, considering that what should be expressed determines what form is best suited for this. As a result, the work is very diverse in appearance. All objects get their tight finishing off.Often the modern complex world serves as an inspiration, and particularly the role of the conflict in this. Symbols and objects from the world of war, whether in or out of context, on an enlarged or a reduced scale, are used in order to create a new view on the world.

Artists X/Y

YounHee Yan Germany (South Korea), Berlin. Born 1977 in Seoul, Korea. Educated at the Dan-Kook University in Korea first, she moved to the USA in 1999 and received the Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Parsons School of Design in 2005. Since then, Miss Yang resides in Berlin, Germany, and is working as an active artist. The repertoire of the young artist includes besides painting also installation and video-art. Through her work, she is actively supporting socially weak groups in our societies and is also supporting several social projects in Berlin. Personal web  Jea Yun Lee (See: Lee)

Artists Z

Christian Zeitler Germany, Passau. Christian Zeitler, born in1960 in Landshut, Bavaria, Germany.
1985 Sculptor test for hard stone, Wunsiedel. Since 1986 freelance sculptor 1989 Founding member of the group “g-lock” Since 1994 Initiator and curator of prints – Symposium “3 / 3”. Exchanges with the Universities of Passau and Plzen (CZ). Since 1998 Board Member of BBK (Federal Association of Artists) ndbay. Since 1996, jury, and at times board member the dg (German Society for Christian Art), Gallery at the finke street, Munich. Zeitler is a member of the Kunstverein Passau, Innviertler Artist Guild, reed, o-Austrian. F. christl society. Jewish cooperation, Straubing / Landshut, and the Association involved in promoting museum mod. Art, Foundation Woerlen, Passau.

Marion Zimmermann Germany, Hamburg. Born in Lübeck, Germany, in 1961. After school and study in the home town, living in Hamburg. Since 1988 working as an architect and painter. 1995-1996 study at the art school of the German artist Karin Witte. Since 1996 Influenced of several journeys to New York City in 2001 Found members of the artist community “Künstlerhaus Eimsbuettel eV” Since 2002 Member of the “National Association of Artists” Germany. Since June 2003 Owner of the Marziart Gallery and ArtSchool, meeting point for international artists. Personal web